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Irena: Well here it is and for anyone who doesn't know who Kohaku is the character from my first fanfiction Shouken Shounin. She and Haku were kinda bonded together they can see, hear, feel, ect. everything the other is. For more info read my story. For anyone who has read my story this has some spoilers on what happens later in the story but I'm not saying what. Now go forth and read…

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It's Just A Dream

Chapter 1- A Coma?

Kohaku laid in her warm bed clinging to the last remnants of sleep when suddenly there was a loud bang on the front door.

'Go away,' she thought covering her head with the pillow. 'I don't have a mission today. It's my day off.'

The banging continued and soon Kohaku couldn't stand it. She threw off the covers and stormed to the door still in her long t-shirt and hair a mess.

She threw opened the door and shouted, "What?!"

Needless to say she was not a morning person. Standing outside the door was one of the Fifth Hokage's messengers. She than regretted shouting at him because he was just following the Hokage's orders and that he probably had an important message to deliver.

"Lord Hokage requires your presents. She says that it is urgent," the ninja said comely.

"Alright," Kohaku said wearily. "Tell her I'll be there in fifteen."

Kohaku shut the door and got dressed quickly wearing her normal cloths. Her blue shirt that was just a cloth that made her tattoo visible which said "Haku of the Village Hidden in the Mist". She wore her green-gray camouflage colored pants and she slipped her black gloves on; they were figureless and had a melt plate on the back. Her Hitai-ate tied across her forehead and her blonde hair tied up in its usual bun with her black hair hang down. She placed her kunai pouch on her right leg and slipped her backpack on as she rushed out the door.

'Good, should arrive just in time,' she thought at she entered the Hokage's tower.

Kohaku headed for Tsunade's office. Not bothering to knock she stormed into the room to find the Hokage in her chair behind the desk.

"Right on time," Tsunade said gesturing her to take a seat. "I have received a letter from Suna. There has been an incident. Gaara is in a coma right now. He is in stable condition at the moment, but their not sure when he'll wake up."

Kohaku's heart nearly stopped she felt like it was about to be ripped out. Kohaku and Gaara had been seeing each other for a long time, since the Chunin exam. Kohaku was now sixteen and very much in love with him. He became the Kazekage and had also fallen in love with her, which surprised everyone because most thought that he couldn't love or that he would kill anyone who tried to get that close to him. Gaara had lost the One Tailed Raccoon that he was a vessel to. The organization Akatsuki had removed the Raccoon killing him, but he was brought back to life by Chiyo-baasama. His personality had changed when he lost the demon. He had become more kind and respectful. Kohaku wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. So hearing that the man she loved was in a coma and they were not sure when or if he would wake up scared her shitless.

"What happened? How did this happen?" Kohaku asked as a hundred questions entered her mind.

"I'm not sure. I was not given the details, but they did say that they might have a way to bring him out of the coma," Tsunade replied.

"How?" Kohaku asked practically jumping out of the chair.

"It is a procedure in which a person enters another unconscious mind. They want you to be the person to do this," Tsunade explained.

"I'll do it!" Kohaku said imminently.

"Kohaku, you must know that this procedure is very dangerous. It could kill you," Tsunade said.

"Even if it did as long as Gaara's okay it doesn't mater to me. I can't lose him," Kohaku said the last part softly.

"Alright then, you are to go to Suna and perform the procedure. You are to return once the Kazekage has completely recovered. This is a B-ranked mission," Tsunade ordered. "You are to leave imminently."

"Yes, ma'am," Kohaku replied heading for the door but she turned around once she got there. "Thank you, Tsunade-sama."

Tsunade smiled as she watched Kohaku leave the room and head directly for the gates. Kohaku left the village and headed for Suna at full speed. Even at the rate she was going it would take her at least a day and a half to get there. Kohaku used this time to think. She didn't stop not bothering for a rest and she knew the faster she got there the sooner Gaara would recover. Kohaku's thoughts kept drifting to the first time he told her he loved her.

-Flash Back-

Kohaku raced in the direction that Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro had headed. Gaara had been hurt badly in the fight with Naruto and she had to make sure he was okay. She also wanted to give Gaara's sensei, Baki, a piece of her mind. After all it was his fault for making Gaara fight. Kohaku caught up to them. Kohaku had remembered to grab the first aid kit so she could patch him up once she got there. She raced up to them and went besides Gaara.

"What are you doing here? What do you want?" Baki asked nervously.

Kohaku started to bandage Gaara's wounds, "Well, first off I want to get Gaara cleaned up."

"And second?" Baki asked watching her confused.

"And second…" Kohaku stood up and swung a punch at him which he dodged.

"What was that for?" Baki asked confused.

"I want to give you a piece of my mind! How dare you make Gaara fight!! He didn't want to but he did anyways because he was forced!!! He was hurt badly and you're to blame!!! You bastard!!!" Kohaku shouted furious.

"What are you talking about? Gaara's orders where to run," Baki said in self-defense.

"Gaara," Kohaku turned and looked at him. "How could you fight?! You just got hurt and you didn't even have to fight! Also you had to go and fight Onii-chan!! You should have just left!!! What if you had been hurt worse or killed?!" Kohaku then stopped yelling. "Sorry, I shouldn't have yelled. I was just upset that you got hurt."

"Its fine," Gaara replied.

"Thanks," Kohaku said walking up to him and giving him a kiss on the his forehead on his Ai, love, tattoo. "Stay safe, okay? I'll see you around."

Temari, Kankuro, and Baki were just shocked. One for the fact that she kissed him and two for the fact he didn't kill her. Kohaku started to walk off when Gaara grabbed her on the arm. She turned to face him when he pulled her into a kiss. Her arms moved around his neck pulling him deeper into the kiss. Kohaku then pulled away and started to walk back toward the village, a smile on her face.

"Kohaku," Gaara said and she turned to face him. "I love you."

Kohaku was shocked and happy. Those were the three words that she always wanted to hear but never thought she would.

"He's got to be lying. Gaara doesn't understand love it confuses him," Baki said confused and very shocked.

"I didn't, but Kohaku taught me," Gaara replied.

"So that's were you have been going off to for the month in between the preliminary and the third exam," Kankuro said figuring it out. "And we all thought you were going to kill someone but you were just having a relationship with her."

Kohaku walked over and pulled Gaara into a hug eyes watering, "I love you too. Now and forever."

Gaara wrapped his arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder. They stood there for a moment before Kohaku let go of him and headed back to the village. She turned around to look at him one last time because she didn't know when she would see him again. Kohaku smiled and could have sworn that Gaara smiled too.

-End Flash Back-

Once Gaara became the Kazekage he started requesting her anytime he required a ninja from Konoha. Kohaku never refused because any opportunity to see him was fine with her.

She had been traveling nonstop now for a day and a half when she could finally see Suna. She approached the gate and saw two ninja guarding it. She walked right past them and they didn't try to stop her due to the fact that they knew her so well. After all they knew it was only a matter of time before she would marry Gaara. Kohaku headed straight for the hospital not wasting a second.

She rushed to the front counter and asked the lady there, "I'm here to see Gaara. Which room is he in?"

"I'm sorry, but no one is to see him," the lady replied.

"But I was sent here from Konoha. They said they needed me to help Gaara," Kohaku said trying to convince her.

"I'm sorry but…" she was cut off by Temari. "It's alright. She was sent from Konoha to help us. Kohaku come with me."

Kohaku walked next to Temari who led her down the halls to a room. Two guard where out side the door.

She was about to open the door but stopped, "This might be a little shocking seeing him like this."

She opened the door and stepped a side for Kohaku to enter. Kohaku walked in and saw Gaara lying on the bed hooked up to machines. Kohaku rushed to his side and grabbed his hand.

"Gaara," she whispered as a tear dripped down her face. "What happened?"

Temari walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder comforting, "He was in a fight and the ninja used some sort of jutsu on him. He's been like this ever since."

"Where is the ninja who did this to him?" Kohaku said anger in her voice.

"Gaara was able to kill him before her fell into the coma," Temari said sympathetically.

Kohaku looked up at Temari and remembered why she was there, "The scroll said that I could bring him out of the coma by entering his mind."

"Yes," Temari said taking her hand off her shoulder. "We'll connect you to his mind. You'll be in the same world that he's in, but there are risks. If you're hurt in his mind then you're hurt out here. So if you die in there you'll die out here."

"It doesn't matter as long as I can save him," Kohaku said brushing some of his hair out of his face.

"Alright. I need you to bring another bed in here," Temari ordered the guards.

They nodded and one left. A few minutes later the ninja came back with a nurse. They brought the cot in and set it up next to Gaara's.

"Kohaku change into this," Temari said holding out a gown.

Kohaku nodded and she changed handing her cloths and gear to Temari.

The doctor walked in and said, "Alright, let's get started. Did Temari tell you all the risks involved?"

"Yes," Kohaku replied.

"Good. Get on the bed and we'll get started," she said and Kohaku got on the bed and laid back.

Temari walked up to Kohaku and said, "Kohaku, I'm not sure what reality Gaara's living in right now so be careful."

"Don't worry I'll bring Gaara back," Kohaku replied.

"I know you will," Temari said smiling.

"Lets begin," the doctor said and she stepped in between the too beds.

She preformed hand signs and place one hand on Gaara's forehead and the other on Kohaku's. She felt her eyelids grow heavy and then she shut them.


The tatoo is 白 on top of the symbole for the Village Hidden in the Mist.

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