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Gaara: I have no interests in pranks.

Naruto: But it will be SO fun! You need to liven up a little!

Kohaku: Childish.

Naruto: You're too much like Sasuke.

Kohaku: Am not! He hates you and I don't. Well actually he doesn't hate you. The reason why he and I are alike is that I grew up with him.

Naruto: Fine then, prove that you're different then him and do the prank with us.

Kohaku: Fine let's do it!

Naruto: Let's go!

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Chapter 3- Betrayal

"Gaara!" Kohaku shouted she ran and jumped to the building. "Gaara!"

She got in between Gaara and his attacker. The attacker was masked but had a Hitai-ate of Suna. A mask was covering his face as to not reveal his identity. The kunai were in the air not being held up by anything.

'How can he do that? I thought only the Aso clan could do that?' Kohaku thought confused.

Kohaku's Kekkei Genkei allowed her to move objects using chakra with her mind. She was the last of her clan.

"Gaara, stay behind me. I'll protect you," Kohaku said as she turned and showed him a smile.

"Kohaku," Gaara said looking at her.

The attacker shot the kunai at Kohaku and she used her Kekkei Genkei to send them back at him. She missed one and it just grazed her arm.

'Damn! I was being too careless!' Kohaku thought as she glanced at Gaara.

"Don't you dare try and touch him," Kohaku kicked him using an extra bust from her Kekkei Genkei and sent him flying into the wall.

He stood up shakily and asked, "Why are you protecting him?"

"Because I love him," Kohaku said raising her arms readying to attack.

'That voice, it sounds like…' Kohaku thought. 'What am I thinking it can't be him?'

"He does not know love and he cannot understand it," the attacker said in the familiar voice that confused her.

"Yes he does. More then you will ever know," Kohaku concentrated and sent him flying against the wall again.

The attacker was lying against the wall being held by Kohaku's Kekkei Genkei. Her hand was held out in front and then she gazed at the young red head behind her.

"Gaara stay back," Kohaku said walking up to the attacker slowly. "Who are you? Why attack him?"

"Kohaku," Gaara said staring at the attacker's finger which was bandaged up.

"Gaara, stay back," Kohaku repeated as she bent down next to the attacker.

Kohaku raised a shaky hand and took hold of the cloth covering the attackers face. She then pulled it off and a look of horror appeared on her face. Kohaku dropped the cloth and backed away.

"Yashamaru," Gaara said gripping the cloth over his heart with one hand and with his other his head.

Gaara started to cry the tears over flowed and his cries broke Kohaku's heart.

"Why?" Kohaku asked looking at Yashamaru anger in her voice. "Why?! Why would you do this to him?! I thought you cared about him?!"

"It was an order," Yashamaru muttered out. "I was ordered to kill him, by his father, the Kazekage."

"Father," Gaara said.

"Damn him! I told him not to, but he didn't listen," Kohaku said shaking her head. "How dare he try and harm him!"

"Father, why? Why me?" Gaara asked tears still flowing.

"You were born with the Shukaku of the Sand and then observed like a guinea pig, Gaara-sama," Yashamaru said blood dripping down his mouth. "But since you could not control the power of the living soul, Shukaku, and were unable to manipulate sand on your own your existence was deemed a danger to the village."

"'A danger to the village'? Gaara is not one and even if he was I would still not let anyone hurt him," Kohaku replied her hands clinched shaking.

"Are you Kohaku?" Yashamaru asked and Kohaku nodded. "Why are you doing this, protecting him?"

"Because I love him. You yourself said the love heals the wound of the heart. He healed my heart," Kohaku replied as she looked at Gaara and smiled wearily.

Gaara looked at Yashamaru and said, "You did this unwillingly because father ordered you to."

"No, that is not correct," Yashamaru replied. "It is true I received the order from Kazekage-sama, but I could've refused it if I had wished to. Gaara-sama, deep within my heart I hated you. You took the life of my beloved sister when you were born. I tried to love you by thinking of you as her treasured child, but I couldn't. My sister did not wish for your birth. She became this village's sacrifice and she died cursing this village. After that I carried a wound that could never heal. My sister gave you your name. 'This child's name is Gaara. An Asura that loves himself, love only yourself, and fight only for yourself. By doing so you can continue to exist.' Your name carries those wishes, but my sister did not give you the name because she cared for you or loved you. She gave you that name so that you could continue to exist because she hated and cursed this village as she died and she wanted her deep hatred to exist and remain to let other know it. You were not loved."

"You're wrong. He is loved. I love him," Kohaku replied pointing to herself.

"That does not matter now," Yashamaru said as he pulled his vest away to reveal explosive tags. "This is it. Please die." The tags lit on fire.

"Gaara!" Kohaku shouted as she grabbed him.

She used her body to shield him from the explosion. Yashamaru blew up and Kohaku closed her eyes. She opened them to revile that the sand had shielded both her and Gaara from the explosion. She held Gaara close to her body as he cried.

"Gaara," Kohaku said letting go to look at him.

He was crying, tears over flowed from his eyes and the sound was so sad. Gaara fell to the ground and the sand did as well. Gaara's hand scratched the ground that was covered in sand. His face buried in his arm.

"Gaara," Kohaku repeated and reached out to touch his shoulder.

Gaara looked up at her and then the sand rose off the ground. It hit his skin on the left side of his forehead and he screamed.

"Gaara!" Kohaku shouted shielding her face from the sand that came flying.

Once the sand stopped it left the mark Ai, love. Gaara stood up blood dripped down his face from the wound that appeared.

"Gaara," Kohaku said ripping cloth off her shirt. "You're bleeding."

Kohaku whipped up the blood that dripped down his cheek and then cleaned the wound. Gaara flinched from the pain as Kohaku whipped his face.

"That's what pain feels like," Kohaku said calmly. "Gaara, I love you. Yashamaru may not have, your mother may not have, and your father doesn't, but I do. I will stay with you and protect you. You healed the wound of my heart." Kohaku pulled the side of her shirt to reveal her tattoo. "This mark is my scar. It will not disappear and it will not fade away, just as yours will not." Kohaku touched his forehead and he flinched. "But I can make the pain go away. It will take time, but in the end the pain will go. Maybe not completely but at least you won't hurt so much."

Kohaku wrapped her arms around him and held him close. Tears rolled down her cheek and Gaara's arms moved up her back until they were hugging her. He barred his face in her should as she held him tightly. They stood like this for a minute before she pulled away. Gaara took his hand and whipped the fallen tears away.

"You aren't alone anymore," she said standing up. "Let's go home."

She held out her hand for him to take. Gaara nodded and took her hand. They walked away from the crater that was left from the explosion.

-Real World-

Kohaku opened her eyes to see white. She was looking at the white ceiling of the hospital. Kohaku looked to her right and saw Gaara staring at her. They were holding hands just like they were as they were walking away from Yashamaru. Kohaku smiled happy to see him awake.

"Hey," Gaara said.

"Hey," she replied.

"Thank god you two are awake," Temari said relived.

"How long were we out," Kohaku asked.

"Ten days since Kohaku went in and sixteen days since Gaara was first in the coma," Temari replied.

The doctor came in and checked on them. Doing the routine check ups to make sure nothing went wrong. They only injury was on her left arm from when she protected Gaara from Yashamaru. Once she bandaged up her arm and was satisfied that they were fine she left saying that they needed rest because they had over worked their minds.

"I'll let you guys get some rest," Temari said leaving them alone.

Kohaku and Gaara still held each others hands.

"Kohaku," Gaara said.

"Yes," she replied softly.

"Arigato," Gaara replied.

"For what?" she asked.

"For loving me," he replied.

"I should be thanking you for that," Kohaku said smiling.

"I love you," Gaara said softly.

"I love you more," Kohaku replied and smiled faintly her eyes feeling heavy.

Even though she had been in a coma for ten days she felt very tired and couldn't keep her eyes opened. Her eyes shut as she fell into a deep sleep.

Over the next week the doctor kept checking on Gaara just to make sure the jutsu's effects had worn off. Kohaku was now lying in Gaara's arms her head resting on his chest.

"You know you could have left four days ago," Gaara said his thumb rubbing her shoulder.

"I know but I love spending this time with you," Kohaku replied inhaling his sent.

"Yeah but this is a hospital. Who wants to stay in a hospital?" Gaara asked.

"I would suffer through the torments of living in a hospital to spend more time with you," Kohaku replied looking up into his green eyes.

Gaara leaned forward and kissed her pulling her body close. Kohaku deepened the kiss as her arms wrapped around his neck. Her mouth opened granting access to his awaiting tongue. Their tongues intertwined and his tongue then explored her mouth. Gaara slipped his hand up her shirt feeling the smoothness of her skin. His hand then coupled her breast and she moaned into the kiss. Her senses were going wild and Gaara then became hard. He then pulled his hand out from under her shirt and flipped her over so he was on top. He then gripped her shirt about to pull it off when the door to the room then opened to revile Temari. When she saw them Temari turned red.

"I'm so sorry!" Temari said covering her face.

"You could have knocked," Gaara said annoyed getting off of Kohaku.

"I know but you said you wanted this right away," Temari said walking over and placing a small velvet box on the bedside table.

"Arigato," Gaara said.

"No prob," Temari said rushing out of the room.

"I think she saw more then she can handle," Kohaku said giggling.

"Hospitals have no privacy," Gaara said annoyed.

"Well at least you get out of her the tomorrow," Kohaku said.

"That's still a day," Gaara replied stiffly.

"You can wait a days can't you? I promise to make it worth it," Kohaku replied seductively.

"No, I don't think I can," Gaara said pinning her down.

He kisses her down her collar while his hands moved up her shirt. Gaara kisses her lips as she moans into it. Kohaku arches her back as his kisses make their way down her chest.

Then in the corner of her eye Kohaku saw the box she knew what she was about to say would ruin the mood but she couldn't help it, "Gaara, what's that box?"

Gaara looked up at the box and then got off her. He reached out and picked up the box from the bed stand. He then sat behind her, her back against his bare chest while she sat in between his legs.

He looked at the small box which fit in the palm of his hand and said, "This?"

Gaara wrapped his arms around her so the box was in front. He opened the box to reveal a diamond engagement ring. It was white gold with a single diamond in the center. Kohaku's eyes grew wide at the sight of it.

"Will you marry me?" Gaara whispered in her ear.

"Yes, oh, yes Gaara," Kohaku replied tears in her eyes.

Gaara slipped the ring onto her right hand ring finger. She turned to face him and kissed him. Her arms wrapped around his neck hugging him tightly tears falling down her face.

"Congratulations!" Temari shouted running into the room and pulling them into a back breaking hug. "Took you two long enough! I mean it's been four years! You should have proposed to her at least a year ago."

Gaara just glared, he liked to take his time with things. Beside he knew that Kohaku would have waited forever for him. Though he would never make her wait that long.

"Leave him alone. Just be glade he did. Congrads," Kankuro said hugging Kohaku then Gaara.

"Thanks," Kohaku replied whipping the tears off her face and then a thought appeared in her mind. 'How long had they been watching.' "Um, I was wondering how long where you guys eavesdropping?"

Kankuro and Temari turned pink as a blushed formed on their faces. They turned away not looking at her or even Gaara.

"Guys?" Kohaku said nervously then her face turned bright red.

Gaara just shook his head realizing what they had just seen.

'Stupid hospitals with no privacy.'


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Kakashi: Naruto!!! -Kakashi appears behind us- Where the hell did you put my books?!

Naruto: Man Kakashi you stink! Naruto and the rest of use plug our noses

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