Okay, contrary to my last story/one-shot, I've decided to do another long story. Since I don't exactly plan out my stories, I just go with the flow, I'm not sure how long it'll be. I'll stop it when I think it's enough. Kinda weird, huh? Well, anyways, Sesshomaru's my favorite character, but I wanted to have him being in another light than his normal one. A little more...emotional to say the least. Yes, he's completly out of character, but it's all for humors sake! You don't have to read it if you don't like it. In fact, everybody's out of character. That's just my style. If you've read any of my other stories, you'll know what I mean.

Oh, and one more thing. I kind of crossed times here. I wouldn't say it's feudal Japan, but neither is it completly present either. Like their clothes are both past and present/future. Not just clothes, though, technology too. If you don't have a problem with that, read it, like it, love it!

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Losing What You Got

"My son, look around you. Everthing you see here one day will be yours," Inutaisho told his son. "Me, Father?" Inutaisho gave Sesshomaru an annoyed look. "No, Inuyasha's. You don't deserve this." "But-but, I'm the oldest!" "And? That's old school, letting the eldest son have everything. And if I did, what would Inuyasha get?" "He'd get...um, I'd let him have..." "Shit! That's all he'd get is shit! So, to solve that problem, he gets everything. Whatever problems you may have with that you may direct them to that brick wall over there." And with that, Inutaisho put an arm around Inuyasha and led him back inside the castle.

Sesshomaru, seething, walked up to the brick wall and kicked it. A sharp stab of pain ran up from his toes and all through his leg. Getting angrier, he scratched the wall, but broke off all of his claws. "Come on now, what kind of man scratches?" Izayoi asked him as she too turned to follow her son and mate. "That's something I would do, but you..." And here she looked him up and down. "Well, maybe you would." The prince watched her walk away. Watch your back, bitch, he thought darkly before also going back to the castle, though he flew in his small bluish orb to get there.

As he walked into the living room, he could see his father and Inuyasha laughing it up and having a jolly ole good time. Without him. "And then-and then he said, that's not a monkey, that's my sister!" Inutaisho said between laughs and gasping for air. Inuyasha doubled over laughing at the joke. That used to be us, just me and father. Before that damn mutt and his mother came. And now, where's the father son time? Just because I've heard his stupid sister-looking like a monkey-joke a million times doesn't mean I don't want to hear it again.

He was about to turn away when Izayoi brushed past him and into the room. "Here you go, boys. I've made hot chocolate for both of you." Then, as if just noticing him, she said to Sesshomaru, "I think you're old enough to make your own." "Father's older than me, yet you made him some!" "I know you're not pouting! Get your old ass in there and make it yourself." Sesshomaru growled under his breath. I hope all of them choke to death. Or at least since dad's a full dog demon, he dies from having too much chocolate.

Sesshomaru decided that he didn't want the drink after all, or that is, until he saw Rin. "Rin, go make me some hot chocolate," he said while still walking past her. "But, I--" "Ah, who doesn't like a whiner?" The little girl sighed. "Santa." "That's right. Now go make me some hot chololate. And don't forget the marshmellows. The little ones, not the big ones. Oh, and make sure you skim the froth off the top. I don't want it to look like I got nut on my lips." Thankfully, due to her age, she didn't get that last part.

The former dog lord retreated to his room. Flopping down on the bed, he looked over to the poster on his wall. "Oh, Micheal, what should I do? Father's forgotten that I even exist. I bet you felt that same way too before, huh? I heard that that's why you went through all those plastic surgeries." Rin knocked and came in a moment later. "Lord-I mean, you're not a lord anymore, so, Sesshomaru, why are you talking to that poster of that man? People might think you're crazy."

The former lord glared at her while taking her cup. "Let them think what they want. And I'm not talking to a man, I'm talking to a woman." "With the name Micheal?" "Well, there's some boys with girl names like Whitney or Courtney. So, why can't a girl be called Micheal? And how do we know it's not Michelle?" Rin shook her head. "That's Micheal Jackson, famous pop star? But I'll leave you two at it." She left.

"Ignore her, Micheal, I mean, Michelle. She dosen't know anything." He got up from the bed and started sliding his fingers down the poster. "You're the only one who understands me. When I touch this 14x18 sheet of paper with your image on it, I feel as though we're one. I-I think I love you..." He started to push his lips to the poster when the door opened. Inutaisho looked at his son with shock and horror written on his face. "See, and you wonder why you ain't inheriting anything. What, you want to provide these lands with an heir from Micheal?

"Her name's Michelle!" Sesshomaru screamed at him. "You don't know anything!" "Oh, god, he's having a bitch fit on me!" Inutaisho said, rolling his eyes. Sesshomaru took off his boot and threw it at his father, who closed the door on it before it hit him. Sesshomaru pulled away from the wall and sat down at his computer. Typing, he sent an e-mail to somebody describing how he felt at the moment. A second later, he got a reply: "I don't give a fuck!!!" Sesshomaru frowned at the message, then typed, "Well, fuck you too, Jaken! I ought to take back that Razr I gave you for times like this. I thought you worshiped me even though that's against the bible. What happened?" "You're father came back and you lost power. Yeah, I know about Inuyasha being the one to get the lands after he dies (again), so you'll never have that kind of influence on people again! Mwahaha ha ha!!!" After Jaken sent that, he signed off.

"One day, I'm just going to go up to him and kick him like a football. I'm not even going to say anything to him, just, Blaow! And watch his green ass go flying and disappear in a wink in the distance like on Pokemon." He closed his eyes and concentrated on pushing down the emotions that he'd begun feeling ever since he met Rin. Damn human girl. What use is she anyways? Besides getting me hot chocolates...he thought, swishing the now cold beverage around. He gave a huge sigh and put it down, rolled over, and closed his eyes. His stress was like weights on his eyelids and he soon fell asleep.

So, there's the first chapter! I know, ya'll are probably thinking that Sesshomaru was acting pretty...femalish? But that's what makes it funny, right? Right?! Okay, I thought so! Naw, it's okay if you didn't think that was funny. Still, of course I want to hear your thoughts so please review!