Chapter One (Prologue) of His Little Sister

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It was three days after she was born when she was left on her aunt's doorstep. For the first year of her life she was told that her parents didn't want her. That they had more important things to worry about. That she deserved less then the meager meals that she received, and the tiny cupboard under the stairs. She believed them. A few months after her first birthday her brother was left in the same spot she was, with a lightening bolt scar on his forehead. Her brother was Harry Potter. And she was his little sister, Faith Lynn Potter. When her brother arrived he was put in the cupboard under the stairs with her. When he cried she crawled over to him and comforted him as much as she could. But after awhile he didn't cry as much, he was beginning to realize that his parents weren't coming back. That he was stuck in this hellhole with her. At age three and a half their uncle started beating them. Being the caring child she was, she told her uncle she would take Harry's punishment for him. Uncle Vernon agreed knowing how close they were, knowing that no matter what, Harry would hear his sister's cries of pain.

At age five they were given chores around the house. Difficult chores, even for those many years older than them. And they were expected to finish them before nightfall. Faith was assigned cooking every meal, even though when she stood on the chair she was only tall enough to just see over the top of the stove. As well as to dust, mop, vacuum, and sweep the entire house and still have time left to wash the dishes, every day. Harry was assigned the outdoor chores. Such as weeding the garden, watering the plants, polishing and washing the car, cleaning the windows, and mowing the lawn. If at the end of the day there were any imperfections, no matter if they were imagined, Faith was beaten even more severely than normal. And Harry was forced to watch. As they got older Harry became very protective of his sister. He was forced to watch her be physically hurt every night. He didn't want her hurt emotionally as well. It would be more than he could bear. So when he started kindergarten he never said a word about her. But when he got home he found most of his chores completed for him. He would get to work and help his sister finish hers. Then they were locked into the cupboard with only the spiders, one bare light bulb, and a thin mat with two thin blankets. And every night, he would teach his sister everything he learned that day. In two days Faith could read simple words. Aunt Petunia, no matter how mean she said it, always said that Faith was clever. After a few years Faith was told to do Dudley's homework. Everyday Dudley came home with a bright red circled A on his papers. For that the Dursley's gave the twins an extra blanket. That was the last sign of their generosity.

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