Chapter Ten

Hey all, I know it's been forever so don't kill me if you were wanting me to update. I had severe writer's block and ended up coming up with a story of my own that I focused my attention on. And believe it or not I have writer's block and that now too. :/ Any way…I couldn't think of how I wanted the whole Harry sneaks out to get Hedwig thing and gets on the train and gets sorted and all that. So…I skipped to a part I did know what I wanted to do. So a little fill in, the sneak out thing worked and Harry saw some people walk through the barrier and followed cause you kinda got to be magical if you walk through walls and all. He found a compartment for himself and Ron never showed up nor did Draco or Hermione. The whole sorting thing is kinda the same but Harry doesn't feel the pain in his scar from starring at Snape…he was ignoring the staff table all together really…. (he was worried about Faith). So Harry doesn't really have any friends yet (he will though no worries!) and he doesn't really care, he wants to do the best he can so he can get Faith away from the Dursleys. At this point we're about a week into school and Harry is due to write a letter to Faith. Oh, and he was sorted into Gryffindor…

Harry slid the scarlet curtains hanging around his bed open slowly, trying not to make a sound. He almost had them open enough to slide out when one of the rings screeched. In reality it probably wasn't very loud, but in a room silent but for the soft even breathing of the other boys and the Weasly boy's muttering it sounded loud enough to wake the Slytherins that were rumored to 'nest' in the dungeons. So in accordance to what seems to be the natural reaction Harry froze and held his breath for a few moments to be sure it hadn't woken any of his roommates.

There weren't any noises except for the usual snoring so Harry slowly and more cautiously slid the curtains the rest of the way, not making a peep this time. Harry slid out of bed and his feet landed on the cushy rug that was beneath every bed to keep the students from going into shock from warm toasty limbs hitting ice cold stone floors every morning. The other boys had a pair of slippers just under their bed so they didn't have to step on the frigid floors, Harry didn't have any, the pair that Dudley had thrown out he decided to leave with Faith.

He maneuvered over to his trunk and popped it open enough to grab a piece of parchment and a pen he had stashed there before leaving the Dursleys. With that he let his trunk close with a soft thud and crept out the door. Harry paused at the bottom of the staircase and peeked his head out into the common room, checking to be sure no one was there. When he was sure the coast was clear he crossed what was probably the only carpeted room in the tower and with a pop noise he pushed open the portrait.

The hall past the doorway was dark, almost completely. Harry glanced behind him at the warm fire and carpeted floors before stepping into the hall and closing the portrait behind him.

There were no windows in this section of the seventh floor so the only light source was too far away to shed any decent light down his way. With another pause to let his eyes adjust and listen for any teachers on their rounds, he thought about what he would tell Faith. This place was supposed to be where he could learn how to defend his twin, but so far they had only learned the theory of everything. How could he tell her that after a whole week of classes he hadn't learned anything that could help her?

A week's time at the Dursley's could be the difference between life and death, and she was by herself now. He wasn't there to make sure she was okay. And in her life, he was the only one that cared if she survived or not.

This was also the place he was supposed to breakout from Dudley's reign of fear and make friends. So far people had only looked in awe at his forehead and asked him pointless questions.

Harry sighed and walked the final few steps to the end of the hall before peeking his head out and listening for a few moments, just to be sure, he couldn't afford to be in trouble. There wasn't any sound but for a faint breeze.

Harry watched the owl fly toward the moon, waiting till it only a small speck in the light before turning around. He closed his eyes and slowly sat down on the nasty floor. Every few seconds you could hear a faint splat, and the "splats" for days before made slight crunching noises as you walked over them. The absolute filth made him smile a bit, Aunt Petunia would probably keel over if she had seen this room. He wondered if it were a possibility of bringing her, just to see, hopefully it would work.

Harry leaned his head back against the cold uneven stone. With the wind blowing through the window ruffling his bangs his eyes shot open. He would spend every spare moment he had in the library, trying to find something to protect Faith. Who cared if he ever made friends, right? All everyone seemed to want him for was his scar, even some of his teachers. Though one seemed to hate him for it, Professor Snape, Potions Master. For that Harry respected him a bit and felt more trust towards him. That sort of treatment was familiar, and something of a comfort in this strange atmosphere.

"I wonder, could he help…No! Bad Harry! No one can know about Faith! I just need to get to the library and hit the books."

Another week passed before Harry got a reply from Faith. The letter arrived during dinner instead of during breakfast like everyone else's mail so the lone owl attacked a lot of attention; everyone wanted to know whom it was for. When Hedwig finally landed quite a few people around him looked curiously, trying to figure out why he was receiving a letter in the first place. After all none had come thus far, two weeks into the school year.

Harry untied the rolled up piece of paper and fed Hedwig a few pieces of chicken before sliding the paper under the table to read. He unrolled it slowly to hopefully make the people around bored enough to no longer care. When he got to the message a spike of fear went through him. The only word written on the page was "HELP", written in what looked like blood.

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