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Tsuzuki looked down at the photograph in his hand. It was a picture of a thirteen year old boy with wheat blonde hair and priecing emerald eyes. His eyes showed a strange strenght, yet also held a sense of sadness. Above the photo was the name Hisoka Kurosaki.

Tsuzuki looked up at the angel infront of him. "What am I to do this time?" he asked.

Tatsumi sighed. He never liked to assign Tsuzuki to these kinds of cases. But Tsuzuki was an angel, and as one he had certain responsibilities. All the angels had different jobs which included guarding people. 'But still I wish there was someone else to handle this one.' Tatsumi thought to himself.

"There is an incident that will occur in this boy's future. You must make sure it happens." Tatsumi said.

Tsuzuki knew Tatsumi better than that. The man was leaving out a very important detail, what was he trying to ensure happens. "What kind of incident?" Tsuzuki asked suspiciously.

Tatsumi visibly tensed for a moment before regaining his composure. Now Tsuzuki knew it had to be bad for Tatsumi to react like that.

"He will be raped and cursed." Tatsumi said sadly.

Tsuzuki froze. He was shocked repulsed. How could anyone expect him to try and ensure a future like that. He looked down at the photo of the boy. The boy was so young why did he have to have a future like that?

"Why?" the question escaped Tsuzuki's mouth. He was still trying to suppress the bile that continued to rise.

Tatsumi looked away. It wasn't as if he liked this situation either. "You know how things are Tsuzuki. It's destined to happen. The rest of this boy's life depends on this happening." Tatsumi said.

"If it's destined then why do you need me?"Tsuzuki said bitterly.

"Because there is only one time that this will happen and it has been forseen that you are there when it does. That is why you must go. His future depends on it." Tatsumi replied.

"What future! How can someone do that to a boy! I can't do this Tatsumi-san, I can't..." Tsuzuki said.

"You have to. It's not desision. You have to go to Earth and make sure that this happens."

"But Tatsumi..."

"No buts. I'm granting you permission to interact with the boy, so long as you don't reveal his future to him. Understand?"

"Yes..." Tsuzuki reluctantly agreed, it's not as if he had any choice in the matter.

"I suggest you take some time to read over his file. It'll provide you with some helpful insight." Tatsumi said.

"Yes..." Tsuzuki replied.

"You may leave Tsuzuki. I expect a report in a few days." Tatsumi said, going back to his paperwork.

"When?" Tsuzuki whispered, so softly Tatsumi questioned if Tsuzuki had said anything at all.

"What?" he asked.

"When?" Tsuzuki said a little louder.

Tatsumi sighed once again. "One month. In one month, when the moon is blood-red."

-End Prologue-

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