Chocolate Chip Pancakes


Hello everybody! Hi Doctor Nick! (The Simpsons) This oneshot is part of a threesome that I started writing over Thanksgiving. While reading it, just keep in mind that I was extremely hyper when I wrote it. Eheh…

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Temari liked sex. She liked it a lot. This never posed much of a problem, (most of the guys she dated liked it too) until she fell for Shikamaru. Rhymed! XD!

Shikamaru was lazy. Very lazy. He liked to sleep, if you know what I mean.

At first, this didn't bother Temari at all. She enjoyed the challenge. But as the weeks passed, Temari began to feel that this approach was getting too troublesome (to use her boyfriend's favorite term) to continue.

She needed an 'easy button', a fail-safe way to get his pants off whenever she wanted.

Lucky for her, that's right about when Shika let it slip about the Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

It happened one morning after she had spent a rather busy night at his place. Temari was searching the fridge for orange juice when Shika came into the kitchen (wearing only his boxers) yawning. He sat down at the table and asked Temari innocently if she would make chocolate chip pancakes. She must have looked surprised at this odd request, because he went on the explain that his mom used to make them when he was little, and that he thought maybe he deserved something special after last night.

Temari rolled at the last comment, replying that she had done all of the work, but she made him breakfast anyway.

She also made a mental note of this new information for future use. She thought that maybe, just maybe, she had found her easy button. Shika was too lazy to cook himself breakfast, and if she offered it only rarely, he might be willing to do nearly anything to get her to cook for him.

She decided to test out her theory once sufficient time had passed (say, about a week).

Temari walked over to his place just after sunset, like she always did. She climbed in through his bedroom window, an easy feat for her. As always, he was lying awake in bed (by now he was used to this sort of thing).

He rolled his eyes, telling her that all she needed to do was ask and he'd leave his door unlocked.

She replied that she preferred it this way, and that maybe he could try climbing through her window for a change.

He simply yawned and turned out his bedside lamp. She hopped onto the mattress, pulling the covers off him, and sat on his stomach; straddling his waist with one leg on either side.

He muttered something along the lines of' 'come on Temari, I'm tired'.

She stuck out her tongue and retorted that he was always tired. He pushed her off and turned onto his side, then grumbled that she was so troublesome, but she could spend the night if she promised to behave.

She scowled.

His indifference was infuriating, but it was also one of the things (the many things) that she loved about him. It drove her crazy, but it also turned her on and made her work harder for the prize, so to speak.

She crawled closer and whispered in his ear that behaving is no fun.

"Besides," she added, "I'll make you breakfast if you play with me. I'll make you chocolate Chip Pancakes." She ran her tongue over his earlobe, nibbling playfully.

"Fine" he muttered before pulling her on top of himself and locking their lips in a deep kiss.

Temari's eyes widened and she felt her heart start to pound. Shika was never this passionate. Did he really like chocolate chip pancakes that much? She closed her eyes and gave herself over entirely to him.

In truth, Shikamaru didn't really like pancakes that much at all. He just asked her to make them because he liked watching her cook. But he had been doing some serious thinking lately; he really loved Temari, and he was afraid that if he didn't start returning her affections, he might lose her. That was defiantly something he didn't want, he wasn't even sure if he would be able to handle it. He figured losing a few nights of sleep a month was a small price to pay.

"OHMYGOD SHIKAMARU!!" she practically screamed. "I never knew you could do that with your hands!"

He grinned, panting slightly, and replied that a good shinobi never reveals all his secrets.

"Not that I'm not enjoying this," he continued, "but let's cut to the chase and get this over with." (After five minutes of heated foreplay, Shika was on top of Temari) he shifted position above her, and then roughly pushed his way inside her. Temari gasped, her fingers clutching the bed sheets until the wave of pain passed.

"You know, I really like being on top." Shikamaru muttered, before penetrating deeper, making her moan with pleasure. Her spine arched as their hips started moving in a rapid, passionate rhythm and he slid further inside her.

"Shikamaru!" she gasped as he finally released his hot seed within her, then he collapsed, limbs weak and tired.

"There." He panted. "Now will you let me sleep?"

"Yeah…" Temari was panting as well. "Thank you. That was…amazing."

Shikamaru was silent for a moment.



"You know, I've been thinking…"

"What else is new?"

"You practically live here anyway, do you wanna move in?"

Temari rolled onto her stomach to face him.

"Really? I'm not too troublesome?"

"You're not that troublesome."

"I'd love to Shikamaru!"

He smiled and pulled her closer for a goodnight kiss.

"And Temari?"


"I love you."

Yay! Super-yay! My 1st TemariXShikamaru fiction! )

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I am planning to write two more chapters (since this is a threesome), one where Shika proposes, and one where Temari gets pregnant.

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