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"RJ! Please help me!" screamed Heather. RJ grabbed his golf club and ran towards Vincent, ready to swing. But the giant bear was too quick and, with a swift swipe of a paw, knocked RJ into a tree. The impact nearly killed him, and he was left too weak and powerless to do anything to save Heather from Vincent. With what little strength he had left, made an effort to stand. The effort was futile. He looked up at Vincent, while Vincent put on the most evil grin RJ had ever seen. "You know, RJ," said Vincent. "The whole plan for my revenge was to kill you, but I think I'd get more satisfaction watching you cry over losing her." RJ's eyes started filling up with tears. "Please Vincent," he begged. "I'll do anything! Take me if you want! Just let her go! Please!" Vincent paid no attention to RJ's cries for compromise. "It's too late for that RJ," said Vincent. "Much too late." Vincent proceeded to lower the terrified Heather into his mouth. RJ could only watch. "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

"AH!" RJ woke up, breathing harder than he'd ever breathed before. He frantically looked around for Vincent. No sign of him. Then he looked around everywhere else to look for Heather. His eyes finally settled on a tree branch where she was hanging from, sleeping. RJ let out a sigh of relief. "It was only a dream," he said. "It was only a dream." RJ got up from his sleeping spot and walked over to the lake. Once he got there, he got in. "After a dream like that, I need to cool down," he said. This dream, or more like nightmare, had been happening constantly. RJ couldn't understand why he kept on having the dream. It would always be the same: RJ would be fighting Vincent to save Heather, Vincent would beat him, then Vincent would eat Heather. RJ trembled at the thought. While Vincent scared him, the only thing about that dream that scared him even more was that it was Heather who was being killed. Why did it scare him even more? RJ had a little secret that only he knew and no one else did: He was in love with Heather, and the thought of losing her was even more painful than any death he would ever endure.

"Maybe I should just stop thinking about this," he said. "I'm hungry anyway, and it hurts my head when I got an empty belly." After saying that, RJ got out of the lake and walked out of the forest to the vending machine over by Vincent's old home. He put in 75 cents and clicked the buttons to get a bag of chips (I'm sure you can guess where this is going to go). "You've gotta be kidding me," said RJ. He tried climbing inside to grab it, but had no luck. Then he tried to break the glass with his golf club. Unfortunately, he ended up breaking it just like last time. Now RJ was getting angry. "Why doesn't this thing ever COOPERATE?!" Then he remembered how he got a bag of chips last time. "If a simple head smack worked last time, it could work this time," he said.

RJ leaned towards the machine and smacked it with his head hard enough to make the chips drop, or that was the plan at least. The snack still wouldn't budge. RJ tried again, and got the same result. Then he moved back a bit and charged it. Big mistake. RJ now had a huge bump on his head. Now he was beyond angry. "I can figure out a way to steal 20 pounds of food without getting caught, BUT I CAN'T FIGURE OUT A WAY TO GET A BAG OF CHIPS FROM A STUPID VENDING MACHINE?!" What RJ did next was probably really stupid on his part. He ran right for the door on the bottom and then found himself inside the machine, trapped in there. "Uh-oh," he said. "I really hate vending machines." "I didn't know they sold raccoon's in vending machines now," said a young female voice.

RJ looked through the vending machine glass and saw a young teenage opossum walk over to it. "Heh heh. Uh, hi Heather," said RJ. Now this was an embarrassing moment for RJ. Here he was, looking like a complete idiot just trying to get a snack. Right in front of the girl of his dreams. "Need some help, RJ?" she asked. "A little help would be nice," he said. RJ laid down on the ground so Heather could open the door. Once it was open, RJ crawled out. "Thanks," said RJ. "Don't mention it," said Heather.

"You wanna know something? I don't think this machine really likes me," said RJ. "Let me help," said Heather. "I don't know," said RJ. "I tried everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything." Heather walked over to the machine and gave it a good kick. The bag of chips dropped from it's place and fell to the bottom. RJ could only stare at Heather with wide eyes and an open mouth. "You can thank me later when we get back to the forest," she said. Heather started walking back. RJ chuckled a little bit. "Man, you gotta love that girl," he said. Then he reached into the machine, got his snack, and started for home. "Hey, Heather!" he called. "Wait for me!"

Here's chapter 1. This is my first OTH fic and my 2nd fic on FF. My other one is a Teen Titans fic which I haven't completed yet, so if it takes me a while to update this story (if you readers want me to) it's because I'm also working on that. Hope you enjoy this story. I'd like to give a special thanks to scuta5 and rjandheather for inspiring me to begin this fic. Thanx! Hope this story's a good one.