Hey everybody!

So yeah, if I still have any readers reading this story, I've obviously got some heavy explaining to do for you guys.

I'll just tell you guys the same thing I told krp101:

"Aside from being busy with school and work, I really have sorta lost my passion for fanfic writing, mostly because I had to focus on many other things such as finding a more stable job and getting through school. Even when I had time, the drive to write just didn't come to me, either through writer's block or just not having the motivation. To be honest, I've never been that confident in my writing myself, so that could be a factor too.

All reasons aside, I know I should've at least given you and my other readers a personal update if not a story update, which I will do here very shortly. I am currently working a job that gives me a lot of down time, so I will use that to try and get back into fanfic writing."

Yup, that pretty much sums up where I've been. Again, I really apologize for keeping everyone wondering just where the hell I've gone and why my story isn't updating. I'm still currently trying to get back into fanfic writing, though that will be a bit difficult to do because I'll be starting up school again this week.

That said, I'm really gonna try to make an effort to at least get a new chapter up hopefully soon, for this story and my other one.

To anyone who is still waiting for this story, thank you so much for your patience. To those who've given up and got tired of waiting, I still thank you all for your patience and I hope you will all come back to read again once I get these stories back up.

Thanks again everyone,

Green Beast.