Reflections in Blue: Chapter one " Where do I go from here? "

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In a cold silent hour, long before dawn, the empty bed woke her. Her hand reached to her left, confirming her suspicions, and making her heart sink.

" Please. . .not again. . "

She turned to her left and slid out from under the blankets. Her feet touched the cold floor, and a shiver ran through her. The long walk to the bathroom, down a hallway lined with rare art, and carpet that felt to her touch like it hadn't been vacuumed since she'd last been in the house.

Finding the antique oaken door ajar, she saw her husband with a pale white bottle of pills in his left hand. He was fumbling with the cap when her face appeared in the mirror, and he froze.

She tried to speak softly.

" Love, put it down. "

The bottle hit the sink with a clack, and his back hunched over as if under a great weight.

" I'm sorry Yui. . . I wasn't strong enough . . "

She didn't speak, she just walked to him, and put her arms around him. He began sobbing like a child in her embrace.

" I'm sorry, so sorry. . . "

She led him by the hand, back to the bed room. In a half hour, and with the help of just two of the pills from the bottle he was fast asleep. Leaving Yui alone in the large empty house.

She looked down at her sleeping husband, the man she'd called a monster with the first breath of her new life.

" Will you ever be able to hold me again when I cry, love? "

The sun peeked through the window, and she put her head in her hands.

" Another night gone. "

She made her way to the dresser by the bed side, with its ornate carvings, and began to dress herself. Most of the clothing was meant to fit a grown woman, and hung lose on her like a girl dressing in her mothers cloths. As she worked the bottle of pills caught her eye, and she looked at the floor,

No, not now.

She sat in the cold dark room, with only her husbands breathing for company. As she gave up hope of finding something that fit, she began to cut off a pair of sweatpants that been a tight fit to her reckoning, that now fit well enough with the wast band pulled tight. A pair of old tennis shoes, and pullover hoodie in place of a real shirt or bra would make do until she did some shopping.

Today, I get some clothes. NERV will wait for me to get something to wear. I've been wearing scrubs for a month now.

Leaving the house behind she began jogging in the direction of down town, a black unmarked car following close enough to make her feel uncomfortable.

After everything I made, they can't afford to trust me can they?

Shinji woke slowly on a lazy weekend morning.

" . . . Mmmmm Auska. . . "

His relationship with the red haired girl had gotten, more complicated in the last few weeks, but he still had trouble getting used to sleeping with out her next to him.


Shinji rolled out of bed, and saw Asuka clasping a sheet over her half naked body.

" I . . Umm Sorry I . . . "

Shinji's voice trailed off as he spotted his pen-pen shaped alarm clock, on his dresser in his room.

" You. . . "

She dropped the sheet revealing only a bright red bra, and leaned forward.

" Is that an entry plug in your shorts, or are you just glad to see me? "

" . . .bitch. . "

Shinji left the room, as she rolled onto her back, and filled the apartment with laughter.


Rolling to her left across the futon onto the floor and onto a pair of feet. Misato looked down on her

with an angry look on her face.

" What do you think you're doing? "

She smiled, as she sat up.

" Having fun. Nothings on TV. "

The older woman looked her in the eye, and spoke.

" New rule, no one wears less clothing then me, understand? "

Asuka pouted.

" What's the matter, don't like me playing with your toys? "

Misato looked the girl in the eye as she spoke.

" Why are you punishing him? "

" I told you, nothings on TV. "

" Asuka, did any of the boys pull your hair when you where a kid? "

" Yea, gave him a black eye. "

" Did you ever talk to him again? "

" . . . "

" Asuka, the good guys are hard to find, try not to punish them for doing the right thing. "

Yui leaned up against a store front, catching her breath.

I haven't been jogging in years. It feels good, even without a bra. When was the last time I went?

All the problems of the last month came back to her, as she remembered.

I haven't been jogging since I tripped and hurt my kneecap. Gendo carried me all the way home. . . .

. . how did it come to this, Love?

After a long moment with no answer, she entered the store, and began looking around.

Think about something else Yui, like how you're going to find clothing if you don't know your size, or what do you say if the girl at the counter asks if that's your father's name on the credit card.

Oh. . . back to it again. . . .

Turning her attention back to shopping, she tried to pick things off the shelf that looked like they'd fit.

This is strange, people really dress like this?

Yui settled on a few pairs of jeans and T-shirts she though looked alright.

Maybe I should ask the girl at the counter what she thinks my bra size is? As much as it unsettles me I do look like I'd need help with that.

Looking over her shoulder she saw not a girl, but a young man looking at her from behind the counter, with un-natural red eyes.

" No, it can't be. "

Must be contacts, I'll just try a few on. I don't feel right asking a guy for underwear advice.

Heading back to the fitting room, she began to sort out the clothing that fit from the clothing that didn't, as red eyes watched on.

Somewhere in the dark, Seele ponders the outcome of an unseen war.

The Russian speaks in an angry but controlled tone of voice.

" Their are other choices, but we focus on this one for a reason. "

The British man said in a reserved tone of voice, as the Russian spoke in kind.

" I'm forced to agree. "

Keel sat back and watched the sharks circle.

It is to be expected, I removed the Frenchman knowing he was not my would be assassin, now the remaining dissenters would hand his recently vacant seat to a viper. That or they simply wish to annoy me with his presence. By all rights, they should have voted in Sohryu with ease, but now I have this pig to deal with. Knowing my fellows as I do, they must want me dead strongly to bring in an outsider. This one is either very smart, or very stupid. Best to find out now.

The Senator approached the table un-summoned, and took the only empty seat.

" Gentleman. "

Keel looked down on the upstart, and spoke.

" You have not yet been offered a seat at this table, Mr Wingate. "

Wingate smiled as he spoke.

" A formality I'm sure. "

Keels dull blue visor locked on to Wingates eyes.

" It is not formality, Sir."

Senator Wingate removed a small disk shaped object from his jacket, and tossed it onto the table.

In a moment a light grew from the disk and an image of a near complete Unit Four in its cage.

" What follows is the removal of the refurbished S2 core, you where kind enough to provides us with, and the instillation of a completed functional Solenoid of our own. It's been tested, and it works. I'll be waiting for your formal approval. "

As he turned to go, Keel remembered the Frenchman, and for once missed the fool. Once he cleared the room, the men at the table where shocked to see him smile.

" Call the Major, tell her we know the probable location of Dr. Akagi. "

I watch her, and she doesn't see. The one everyone loves, Yui Ikari.

Yui sorts though the clothing on the rack, not noticing how close she is being watched.

Why are so many taken with her? Why move heaven and earth just to be with her? Am I any different then they are, watching her like I am?

Eyes fix on Yui as she walks past, to the fitting room, not even noticing she's being followed. Peeking in though a crack in the door, red eyes watch Yui undress.

Is it just this, when there are so many more just as fair? Is there something about her that drives men mad, and makes them go to war with god for her touch?

Behind her a slimy toned voice enters her ear.

" Perfect isn't she Rei? "

Rei stepped back from the dressing room door, and turned to meet him.

" Kaworu. . . "

He smiled that smile of his, and her skin crawled.

" Not, her. "

" I am an agent of God, my fate is fixed. Before my time is done, I want to know a woman touched by an agent of god. "

Rei spoke in her usual flat tone of voice.

" If there was a God, we would not exist. "

His AT field expanded with a thought, and Rei was flung back into the door cracking it down the middle.

Yui let out a scream as the door came at her with a crash, and an unearthly glow filled the room. A thick burning smell filled her lungs as the far wall was lit ablaze.

" Aaaaaa! "

Rei stood looking at the burnt hole in the wall. Kaworu was gone, but she could hear him running down the alley. For a long moment there was nothing but silence, until a Section Two agent entered the room.

" Doctor Ikari, status? "

Rei spoke in a labored voice, as Yui stood wearing only a black bra, and a stunned look.

" Unharmed. "

" The other? "

Forgetting her lack of pants for a second Yui's resolve gave way and she screamed.

"If he's not on the ground, maybe he went through that hole you idiot! "

The agent turned and walked out of the room without further comment.

Yui stood their for a moment shacking, until Rei finally took one step forward.

" Rei . . wait . . . please . . . "

Rei stood there in the wrecked hallway, as Yui put her arms around her, and just shook.

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