For Life

Jacob/O.C. FanFiction.

Chapter One

I hate Mondays. The fact that the world had become a lot more complicated in my life his past year, and the fact that my hours of sleep have become so few and far between, Mondays had recently become my new definition of hell. But, when my alarm clock struck, showing that it was already 6:30, I flipped off of my bed.

It wasn't difficult, seeing as I was already half off my bed, still wearing what little clothes I had left from last night. I stretched my arms, cracking my back as I felt the tops of my hands brush against the ceiling. I groaned, slouched, and stalked my way into the kitchen.

Billy was still asleep, and I could hear his snoring echo through the house. I was kind of jealous, I would give almost anything right now to just take a few hours off, sleep at 10 and wake up at 9. But, I had school and…other responsibilities. I started a pot of coffee and then sulked back into my room to get dressed.

The days had all started to suck since around March, and I knew exactly why, I knew who was to blame for my abundance of suck-ness. I snarled to myself as I pulled the stained, white t-shirt over my head. The Cullens, those bastards, why couldn't the filthy bloodsuckers just leave Forks-and her-in peace? I could help Bella through whatever the Cullens would do when they left, I did it before.

Her… I shook my head, keeping my mind from wandering as I fastened my pants and walked out into the bathroom. I splashed cool water and shivered as it turned to steam instantly on my unusually warm skin. I had gotten really good at keeping my mind off of her. After all, she had basically decided that the bloodsuckers were more important to her than I was, so I could ignore her with no remorse.

At least, no logical remorse; but emotions and logic really didn't mix.

I poured myself a cup of hot, black coffee and gulped it down before glancing at the clock;6:50. I had just enough time to finish my breakfast and run out the door to make it to school on time, though I really didn't need to. I tossed my backpack-virtually empty as it was- into the passengers seat of my Rabbit and started the engine.

I really do hate Mondays.


School was becoming more of a chore than a necessity. I wasn't learning anything in my classes-at least, not anything I could use in my future- and it always seemed like no one would care if I just dropped out. That kind of irked me, if I had wanted to drop out before I started running with Same, then I would have heard an earful from Billy, the Elders, and just about everyone else in La Push, but now that I was one of Sam Uley's "protectors," I could do no wrong. It was more than a little annoying. But, it had its perks.

For instance, the necessity of homework became a thing of the past. I hadn't done a single worksheet this entire year and every time, my teachers would just smile and tell me that I was probably busy with the protectors, doing good and justice and some crap, and that I wouldn't have to make it up-they would just excuse it. That's the way it was for all of the protectors.

But, coming to school was still something highly necessary-not for my education, for my sanity. After all, it was one of the few times when my 'brothers' and I could sit together, laugh, and talk without worrying that some little leech would try to off us. Well, it wasn't really the only place, but it felt safer than most—Not that we couldn't handle a little leech.

I slid into my seat, pulling out pointless pieces of paper so I could feign interest in my Advanced Calculus class, as Quil, Embry, and Paul took up the seats around me. We all didn't do shit in this class-or any class- and yet we were allowed to sit in the back of each class and chatter away about nothing, earning A's. But, today was a test that we didn't have to take, but we had to be quiet for, so I was for fifty minute of boredom.

I decided to sleep. I laid my head on my desk, using my warm arms as a pillow as I closed my eyes, the open window allowing a cool breeze to waft in over the room.

That's when I smelled it. It was potent, and soft, almost like the scent of our own, but something…lighter. Something better. I slowly opened my eyes, looking over at Quil and Embry, who looked at me the same way. So they noticed too? Paul was dead asleep and I doubted if a smell-no mater how gorgeous it was- could wake him. I caught eyes with Embry, and we smirked. So, we were leaving? Fun, fun. I kicked Paul's desk, who glared up at me, but when he caught a whiff of the sweet scent, he stood swiftly, his face melting into a look of content.

We weren't given any trouble as we walked away from the building to my car at 8:15 in the morning on a Monday. There were definite perks to being a protector.


"What do you think it was?" asked Embry, his head half-hanging out of the side of my car, his nostrils flared trying to get a good whiff of what it was again. We drove to our usual spot, the clearing just beyond the ridge at the edge of the forest.

"I don't know," said Quil, "but it sure was swee-eet." He closed his eyes, smirking to himself as he leaned against the back seat next to Paul, who was dead silent.

"Do you think we should get Sam?" I asked, pulling my Rabbit to a stop. For some reason, I didn't even want the boys here. It was like I wanted whatever emitted that scent for me and me alone, and I was pretty sure by the awkward glances they each gave one another that they all felt the same way. Why? We had no idea. But in our line of life, trusting animal instincts normally resulted in the best.

"Naw," said Quil and Embry simultaneously. I laughed. They were all thinking the same thing I was; the less people, the smaller then competition. We climbed out of the car as we faced the woods, each sniffing the air a little. No one could trace the scent again. So, we should make the best of it.

"Ok," I said, "let's make this a race." The guys all smiled, even Paul, who seemed a bit under the weather, managed a grin. "First one to find it, keeps it." They each hooted individually, facing separate directions into the woods. We stood silent for a moment, waiting for my cue; my game, my rules.

"Aw, c'mon!" said Embry, who was bouncing on his heels, obviously eager to get the race started, "I'll let you guys visit it once and a while once I win it!"

"You don't even know what 'it' is, asshole," said Quil mock angrily. I laughed.

"Whoever finds it first, send out a holler so we can all figure this out," I said. They all crouched, facing their individual directions, each smiling. "And no morphing." They each grunted in acknowledgement. But, now, even I was getting itchy to go. "Alright, ready?" I crouched low to the ground, a runner's starting position. I held a moment, watching my brother's twitch before I decided to start this contest. "GO!"

We each ran off in a blur.


I ran through the forest, dodging trees and attempting to follow my nose without morphing. It was hard, but this was a friendly contest, no need to let it get out of hand by morphing. With a deep inhale, I caught the scent again, thanking my nostrils for taking in such a beautiful smell. It was close, really close-I moved like lightning.

I heard a howl from the direction I was going, but it was an unfamiliar one; not from a regular wolf or one of my brothers. It was a softer sound, a weaker sound. It was a more frightened sound, almost like begging for help. Then, another scent flared into my nostrils-a vampire. I let out a low growl before realizing that the two scents, and the how, were all coming from the same place; but the judge of the wind and my position, it all came from about a quarter a mile north of me.

I shot off like a bullet, and within seconds, I found my source.

She was a large wolf, smaller than I and my brothers, but for a regular wolf, she was huge. Her fur was pure white, and, as she stood, I could see how young she was. Her paw were still large, like a puppy's, and the shine in her coat showed she was healthy and probably full of energy. She stood, crouched low, a small growl wash coming from her as she stared into the bush ahead of her, her ears pinned to her head and her tail pushed between her legs.

That's when I remembered the other scent. I followed her gaze to the bush as a pale woman, with blood eyes and black hair, her face splattered with blood, emerged from the greenery. This wolf was...hunting? The woman snarled at the wolf with a sadistic grin.

"C'mere, little wolfette," she said, her accent from the north. The white wolf pushed herself to the ground, when it all made sense. This wolf wasn't hunting, she was being hunted. The white wolf tilted her head back, letting out the moaning, begging howl I had heard earlier. It was too much to bear. I tore off my clothes as I shivered to morph, lunging between the smaller wolf and the vampire, my voice changing from real shouts to a low, angry growl. I felt my brothers' thoughts and I called for them.

They were here near instantaneously, surrounding the small wolf protectively before launching in to attack the vampire. The battle didn't last long.

I calmly shifted back, turning to look on the white wolf, possibly to pet its fur and calm it. But, as I turned, I felt my eyes widen and my jaw drop.

There, sitting, crouched in the same position the wolf had been, was a small girl. She was only a year younger than I, if she was younger at all, with smooth, pale skin, short, dark hair and piercing blue orbs for eyes. She was staring at me, her slanted eyes wide as she gaped at my named body, her arms shaking. I couldn't tell if it was from fear or relief.

"Whoaaaa," said Embry as he shifted back, moving in behind me. He sniffed the air, and moved closer to the girl. She snarled and backed herself into a tree, showing her teeth to him. Embry laughed and sniffed the air around her. Her face was a mixture of confusion and possibly…revulsion as Embry moved away, looking over at me with a half-hearted grin. "Dude, you win." I blinked.

"What?" I asked, looking at him confused. Embry pointed at her, grinning his stupid sideways grin.

"The race, you found it," he said, holding his arm, motioning to her. "It's yours." I blinked, then blushed a little and punched Embry in the arm just as Paul and Quil walked up.

"She's not an it!" I said, Embry laughed.

"Ok, ok, you found her, feel better?" A little. But, I was still kind of confused. I looked over at Paul and Quil, who were each gaping at the girl –woman? Female – with a mixture of confusion, and obvious defeat.

"What should we do with her?" asked Quil after a moment. I looked back down at the girl, then crouched near her. She was still pressed against the tree. What would we do with her? We'd take her back where she came from.

"Hey…" I said, reaching my hand out to her in a friendly gesture. She blinked, and sniffed my hand lightly, wrapping her arms around her body as she sat upright. "What's your name?" I asked. No response. I rolled my eyes, "C'mon, just say your name…." She blinked up at me. Great, she can't talk.

"I don't think she talks, man," said Embry, who came up behind me again. She gaped at him, and then I realized we were all still very naked. I stood, rubbing the back of my neck.

"I think…" I said, looking down at her, "I think we need Sam." Embry laughed.

"Yeah, but first we need clothes," said Embry, moments before he rushed back to my car.


The girl was strange to have in close proximity. I realized this as I drove, shirtless, to Emily and Sam's place. Next to me, huddle in my shirt-and nothing else- was the girl. She had yet to speak, but came with us easily once I had tried to explain that Sam was our Alpha. Her eyes were scanning the horizon as she huddled to the door of my front seat, almost like she was trying to find a place, or maybe, a person.

I sighed as I pulled into Sam's driveway. This would be…odd to explain. The boys climbed out of the back of my car, and I was out of the car and at the door before I realized that she was still in the car. She was staring out the window at the horizon still. I sighed, then walked back, my hands shoved deep in the pocket of my jeans, playing with my keys. Her eyes caught mine through the glass, and one small hand pressed itself against the window, her blue eyes confused. Then it registered; she couldn't talk, how did I expect her to work a car door?

I smiled in what I desperately hoped was a comforting manner before I pulled up on the door handle. When the door swung open, I held my hand out to her. She sniffed it before jumping from the Rabbit, landing inches in front of me. She was so small, even smaller than…her. Her size was another reason we needed to get her to Sam, is she was one of us, shouldn't she be…bigger? Stronger? A bit more…intimidating?

I wasn't complaining, though, she was…cute, in a childish way. She was around a foot and a half shorter than I was, at my massive six foot five, she only barely reached my chest. My huge, stained, white t-shirt was like a gown on her, the sleeves dangling to her forearms and the bottom hitting her knees. She was slim all around, slim shoulders and hips and a waist that was almost the same width as the rest of her body, and she was pretty much flat, but she was still cute in her own way. And she smelled delicious.

She must have noticed my scanning over her because she tilted her head to the side, her blue eyes sparkling in confusion at me. I caught myself and looked over at the door where Emily was watching us, waving us inside. I guess the boys already told her and Sam what was going on.

"Come on inside," I said, motioning towards the house and starting to walk again. I could smell the home made pancakes waiting to be devoured. I looked back, and she was standing by my car, looking off at the horizon and nibbling on her bottom lip. I grumbled. She was cute, but she was, apparently, dense as anything. I walked back over to her and wrapped my fingers around her arm and dragging her in to the house. She snarled as I dragged her, then it became sort of a struggle.

A struggle that I easily won, and that she loudly defended against; by the time I got her through the threshold, she was growling at her full potential and I was probably growling in return. We were greeted by Emily's horrified glare.

"Jacob!" she said, walking over to us. I rolled my eyes and shut the door behind us just as Emily struck my hand that was grasping the girl's arm, "Let her go, she's our guest, not an animal!" I rolled my eyes, leaning against the door, rubbing the hand Emily had struck. It didn't hurt, but it was the principle of the thing. "Oh, come here dear, let me get you out of that disgusting t-shirt," said Emily cheerfully.

"Hey, that's my favorite shirt!" I complained as Emily dragged the girl, in almost the same fashion I had, to her bedroom. I rolled my eyes and shoved my hands into my pockets before sulking into the kitchen. I was greeted by four jealous stares.

Each of the boys were positioned around the kitchen. Jared, who I assumed had been here, was sitting, pajama-clad, in one of the chairs in front of the table full of food. Paul was sitting on the counter, his arms crossed over his chest haughtily. Quil and Embry were the only ones not exceedingly jealous of me. They both sat at more chairs at the table.

"So, you won," said Paul bitterly. I grabbed a pancake off the table, pushed it into my mouth, and leaned against the refrigerator.

"So, I did," I said calmly after swallowing my pancake. This was such a strange sensation that was coursing through me, settling in a strange place in the pit of my stomach. I could see the bitterness in my brother's eyes, and it made me furious and contented at the same time. A deep, terrifying feeling was pulling me toward the edge of rage at each and every one of them. I felt a strong, warm hand clasp down on my shoulder as Sam stared down at me, a reassuring smile on his face. I felt the anger melt.

"So, boys," said Sam, sitting down at the last empty seat at the table. He calmly made himself a plate of Emily's delicious food, and the other's took turns each making a plate. "It seems," he said as he gently sliced the pancake on his plate into sections, "that we may have a new addition to the pack." We were all silent for a moment before Emily walked in, the other girl tagging behind her in an awkward looking blue sundress. From the looks of it, the dress was too big for her, but it was better than my shirt. I had to stop from laughing to myself as the blue spaghetti straps fell off her thin shoulders.

She looked around the room before straightening her back and pushing her shoulders back. It seemed like she was trying to look…intimidating? I snickered to myself, was she really trying to intimidate a room full of large male werewolves? I was the tallest and she barely made it to my chest.

"So," said Sam calmly, though I could see the amusement with her actions in his eyes as well, "what's your name?" he asked, flinging his arm around the back of the chair to face her. She looked around the room anxiously, her gaze landing on me, as if she was asking for my permission. After her stare deepened and it was silent for a few more moments, I nodded lightly. She nodded and looked back at Sam.

"…I don't have one," she said slowly, as if she hadn't spoken in a while. My eyes widened. She could speak? And she could speak English? I rested my face in the palm of my hand-I must have looked like an idiot earlier when I thought she couldn't talk.

"How old are you?" Sam demanded, a little confused by her answer. To be honest, I was confused too. How could she not have a name?

"Um...I don't really know…" she said, her posture slouching out more. Her voice held a small, shaking tremor to it. She was terrified and I could smell it on her. Sam quirked his brow and straightened his back. She was uncomfortable, and it was contagious.

"Where are you from?" asked Sam, being very patient with her. It wasn't easy for him, but I understood why he would want to try and be patient. She was scared out of her wits, and it would take a while for her to calm down. She looked up, her face lit a little.

"Oh, the snow lands," she said proudly. I blinked, snow lands? That could mean anywhere from here to the North Pole (or, at least, northern Greenland). But, something didn't make sense. How could she not know the answers to these simple questions.

"Who were you with?" I asked, ignoring the fact that Sam was obviously leading this interrogation. I felt him glance over at me, and could tell he was glaring, but my eyes stayed glued to the heart-shaped face of our new…something.

"My pack," she said, her brow arched as if she were explaining this to a child. I blinked.

"There are more, I mean, more like you?" asked Embry, his eyes lit with anticipation. They girl stared at him blankly.

"More shifters?" she asked, everyone in the room, even Jared, Quil and Paul, nodded. "No…I was the only shifter in my pack." Pure and utter confusion washed over me. Then, like a slap in the face, it hit me.

"Were you with…a wild pack of wolves?" I asked, knowing how strange it must sound. But her eyes lightened as her face softened into a small smile.

"Of course," she said, "Who should I have been with? They raised me…" I stared. So did Paul and Quil. Sam laughed. Jared sighed. Embry moaned, probably because there were no other females coming to rescue her.

The girl just looked over us, her brow arched in confusion. I think she was trying to gauge our reactions; wolves probably didn't gape slack-jawed at her very often. I slid down the refrigerator until I was sitting on the ground, my knees arched up where my elbows rested.

"Do you want us to take you home?" asked a voice from the back. Paul was speaking, which was odd, because he hadn't been in a very chatty mood all day. The girl looked up at him, then her eyes saddened.

"I no longer have a home…" she said, before letting her gaze fall to me. Why did she keep looking at me with those sad eyes. I sighed.

"Well, if you don't have a home, we're going to have to keep you," I said, running a hand through my black hair. This day had gone completely differently than I had first anticipated. Sam leaned back in his chair, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Jacob, why is it that only you bring in strays?" I knew who he was referring to, and my eyes hardened as I glared at him. "But, you're right. We can't just abandon her or anything, so, like I said, we have a new addition."

"What are we gonna call her?" asked Quil, who was sitting on the floor across the room from me. The room was silent in thought, each of us evaluating our favorite names, and even just some random ones.

"How about Lupée?" asked Embry, who was now standing, leaning against the sink. Everyone wrinkled their noses. That name didn't fit her at all.

"Uh, why don't we just call her 'Female'" said Jared impatiently. Quil punched him in the arm. After all, this was her name; she should have a nice one. There were a few more moments of silence before I spoke up.

"What about Luna?" I asked. Her eyes lit up at that suggestion, sparkling like blue sapphires in the light. Everyone looked at each other, then at her, as she was staring at me hopefully. I guess she liked the name. Sam smiled, and stood, clasping a hand on my shoulder.

"Luna it is," he said, before moving past Luna into the living room.

"Hey, where is she gonna stay?" I asked. Embry laughed, and I glared at him.

"You won remember?" he said, I quirked my brow. "She's yours." I gaped.

"You can't be serious…" I said. The other's just laughed before joining Sam in the living room. Quil clapped me on the shoulder fondly.

"They were your rules," he said before walking into the other room, where Sam had turned on the TV. I sunk my head into my hands.

I hate Mondays.

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