Chapter Six: Rescue Me

I sat on the ground, the cool air floating over my body in an almost calming manner. I had been here, in front of the Cullen's home, for almost a half hour, and all I had heard was negotiating from inside. I hated that I couldn't defend my reason for being here, it was in direct violation with the treaty my people had put up, but I didn't care. I needed Luna, I needed her with me and I needed to make sure that she was alright. I rested my head in my hands and let out a deep breath, closing my tired eyes. I didn't have hearing as good as the Cullen's, but mine was good enough to hear the conversation inside the house.

All things considered, it was an oddly calm negotiation, seeing as I could almost taste the hate that was flowing towards me. It was eerie, to say the least, but I had to get through this. Every moment I sat and waited for them to finish negotiating was a moment that Luna got further and further from my protection; further and further from me.

"I'll help," I heard a calm, male voice say. I looked up, and realized the conversation was still taking place inside of the house.

"But, Carlisle-" said a soft, maternal voice, but she was cut off by the man again.

"Look, this isn't a matter of disliking him or not, what matters is that he needs our help, and if Edward is willing to help him, then I am as well," Good. I wouldn't have to worry if the leader of the Cullen clan was helping us, we would surely find her.

"I'll help too," said a voice I recognized as Alice's. I couldn't help but arch my brow, I would have thought that she hated me. "Don't look at me like that, Jasper, I'm helping Edward and Bella," ah. That explained it. They all wanted to help Edward and Bella; Edward because he was in debt and Bella because…well…who didn't want to help Bella?

"What the hell, I'll help too," said a strong, male voice. Four of them would help me, which means that there was almost no way we could fail. The door swung open and the four vampires walked out, followed by Bella. All of them glared at me, save the oldest looking one, whose eyes were calm and soft; I assumed it was Carlisle.

"Thank you," I said, trying to hide the obvious hate in my voice. I didn't mean to hate them, I really didn't, it was just something that came too naturally to ignore. Carlisle smiled and walked over to me, cautiously clapping his cold hand down on my shoulder. It was freezing, like burning ice and when he touched the warmth of my shoulder I was surprised that steam didn't erupt from the contact. He pulled his hand away, though his eyes showed that he wanted to flinch away more than anything.

The tall, broad man next to Edward scowled and shoved his hands into the pockets of his dirty jeans before speaking.

"Any idea where she might be?" he asked me. I looked up at him before looking away.

"No," I answered, inhaling deeply as the wind came from the north. I couldn't smell anything now but the scent of the vampires in front of me.

"Where did she live before you found her?" asked Bella, her eyes soft as she walked over to me, her heart shaped face smiling at me.

"North, she didn't exactly know where, with a wild pack," I answered. Alice arched her brow and the large man started to laugh.

"You're kidding, right? Jesus, we might as well be chasing a wild bitch," Edward's hand moved faster than my angry retort did, and before I could inhale to yell in anger, the larger man was on the ground.

"Shut up, Emmett," Edward said calmly before he looked at the night sky. He inhaled deeply before looking back at me. "She's headed north, and she's really far now, we might not be able to catch her on foot," he answered. I exhaled and looked at the ground, my hair falling into my face. Bella reached up and patted my arm reassuringly, but it did little to help.

"So, we can't get her?" I asked, my heart thudding in my chest. They each looked at each other before Emmett started laughing and hoisted himself off the ground without effort.

"Wow, you're dumb," he said, I glared at him. "We can't get her on foot," he reached into his pockets and pulled out a set of keys, jingling them in front of me. I arched my brow.

"You can't run faster than a car?" I asked, condescension in my voice. Even I could outrun a car.

"No, we can't run faster than a car that Edward is driving," he said, tossing the keys to Edward who caught them easily. Edward disappeared in almost an instant, and was back almost as soon, the black Vanquish screeching to a halt in front of me. "Besides, just because we can go that fast, doesn't mean you can, puppy." I snarled at him, he snarled back, the only thing stopping us from lunging at each other was Edward's feral, impatient growl.

"Bella, Black, you ride with me," Edward snapped. Bella and I walked around the other side of the car, my eyes still glued to the bear of a man. "Emmett and Carlisle, ride in Alice's new car, I think it can match the speed."

Within minutes we were speeding down the highway faster than I knew any car, or anything for that matter, could go.


The world blurred by as I tried to keep track of where we were; it didn't help. The only thing that was constant was the bright yellow car that matched our speed perfectly on the empty highway. The windows were cracked, and as we picked up the distance, I started to smell her more and more with every mile. My heart lifted a little when we crossed the Canadian border, and her scent almost overwhelmed the smell of gas, rubber and vampires in my direct vicinity. Bella, who was in the seat in front of me, had fallen asleep happily on Edward's shoulder, and he was maneuvering a vehicle driving at ungodly speeds with one hand; had this been any other situation, I probably would have shit myself.

For a moment, I wondered how they planned on staying together; Bella would grow old and die, just as all humans do, and Edward would keep living, if you could really call it life. He would be in the same boat as I if somehow, we couldn't reach Luna.

He was lucky, and I envied him for it. He had Bella, he had her completely in every sense of the word if he wanted, she would scour the Earth and Moon for him, and he knew it. He knew that no matter where he went or what he did, she would always be waiting for him. No, I wasn't jealous because of Bella, I was jealous because of love. But, at the same time, I felt sorry for him. He had to face the facts; love doesn't conquer all. Their worlds were so different, and one day, eighty years from now or less, Bella would wither away and Edward would be left alone. But, all things considered, the bastard really didn't know just how lucky he was.

I saw his eyes flick to mine in the rear-view mirror as he held my gaze before, as if to make a statement, he placed a soft kiss on Bella's hair.

"…I know how lucky I am, Black," he said after a few more moments of silence. I turned my eyes away from the mirror to stare out of the window. At least he was human enough to know that love like that didn't come around very often.

Suddenly, he slammed on the breaks. I lurched forwards, and Bella was shaken awake, as Edward pulled himself from the car with ease. I opened the door and jumped out.

"What, what's going on?" I asked. Edward lifted a hand to silence me.

"Smell the air, other than your female, what else do you smell?" he asked. I blinked and inhaled, then my eyes widened instantly. I had been so caught up in focusing on Luna's scent I had almost missed the ones surrounding it; Blood, and lots of it.

"What's happening?" asked Bella as she sleepily got out of the car.

"Stay in the car," Edward said harshly. He turned to the forest, and his eyes hardened as he stared into the darkness.

"What?" I asked, itching to run into the brush.

"Stay here, I'll go get her," he said, I grabbed his arm before snarling at him.

"I'll go get her," I growled. Edward snarled back.

"No, stay and protect Bella," he said.

"You stay and protect Bella, I need to save Luna," we stared at each other for a moment. I heard a loud engine screech and Alice's car skidded to a stop.

"We'll watch Bella, you two go," said Alice as she hopped out of her car, leaning against the Vanquish, her hands protectively around Bella's shoulder. Edward and I stared at each other; there was no time for arguing, no time for hate, all that mattered….

We took off in a shot, darting between trees, following the harsh scent of blood through the forest.

…all that mattered was keeping our loves safe.


We didn't need to run far, and soon we came to a halt behind a few trees, Cullen holding his hand out to keep me steady. I watched as, from behind bushes, a buff, intimidating man walked out, Luna being dragged behind him. If Cullen's cold hands weren't against my chest, I would have lunged at him. I felt myself snarl, and Cullen gave me a death glare.

Luna looked horrible, her snowy white skin was battered and bruised as he dragged her naked form across the empty space, before tossing her to the side of a bush and setting down next to her. Her breathing was labored, and her body and face were covered in scratches and bite marks.

She had been in a fight, and, from the looks of things, she had lost. I heard something rustle from the bushes, and two other men walked out. They smelled familiar, not in the sense that I had met them before, but in the sense that we were the same. I held back a growl; they were a pack. Silently nodded, and I realized that his ability would make life easier for sneaking up on them.

I planned in my mind, and he nodded along, whether it was because he thought it a good plan or because it would work was beyond me, but it would have to do.

"Hey, boyos, " came a call from one of the smaller males, his body was covered in nothing but tattered beige pants and his hair, long and black, fell over tanned skin. "Have we decided who gets her?"

"I say I should, because I'm the oldest," said the other one, as he sauntered over to Luna. He lifted his hands to graze across her thigh, and I felt myself growl angrily.

"That's why you shouldn't get her, asshole," said the man who spoke first, "She's young and virile, she needs a mate that matches her." My eyes widened, and I felt myself losing control.

Mate? Luna didn't need a mate, not a mate like these men. She needed someone to protect her, someone to love her, someone who would be there for her even if mating had nothing to do with it. Edward nodded at me, which I barely caught from the corner of my eyes as I transformed, ripping through the shards of my clothes as I lunged from our hiding spot at the men, tackling the one whose hand was on Luna as I snarled at him.

Luna didn't need them as a mate, she was mine.