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Chapter 29: The Fight Begins!

Ms. Double Finger was thinking to herself about Orochimaru. She had heard rumors about him before. About what he has done in the past…

"This is a problem…" she muttered.

Ever since she joined Baroque Works… she realized how awful it was and wanted her life back. But being Ms. Double Finger made her too high ranking that she couldn't just wait.

"What's wrong?" asked Mr. 2 walking up to her.

'Please don't do that." Muttered Ms. Double Finger.

"Do what?" asked Mr. 2.

Ms. Double Finger blinked, "Never mind." She mumbled.

"You don't' want to work for Orochimaru, do you?" asked Mr. 2.

"No… I don't." said Ms. Double Finger, "But what else are we going to do?"

"You have a point." Said Mr. 2.

Dawn fast approached, soon the battle would be on.

With Baroque Works and Sound, they began their battle plans.

"So." Said Akumi, "Orochimaru and Ms. All Sunday won't be in this fight."

"Really?" asked Ms. Double Finger.

"It makes sense." Said Sayuri, "Akumi has always wanted to fight Tsunade."

"Wait!" said Ms. Valentines, "Who's not going to fight."

"I won't fight this one." Said Sayuri, "They won't take me seriously, so I will be the one sit this one out."

"That… makes sense." Said Ms. Valentines.

"Let's go." said Crocodile.

At the Palace, Luffy seemed to have almost completely healed.

"All right!" yelled Luffy, "Let's go!"

Tsunade grabbed him.

"I'm leading." Said Tsunade.

"Why?" asked Luffy.

"Because you are still injured." Said Tsunade.

"Fine…" muttered Luffy, knowing that it would be best not to argue her lest she punch him again.

"Let's just go." Said Zoro.

"Wait!" called out Mari, "Please come back."

"Don't worry, we will." Said Luffy.

They left the place to go to the desert.

The sun began to rise in the middle of the Sandora Desert. The two forces appeared.

"So you came?" asked Crocodile.

"Of course we came." Said Tsunade.

"Let get this started." Said Crocodile.

Crocodile grabbed Luffy and seemly teleported away.

Akumi appeared behind Tsunade and held a kunai to her throat.

"Let's get out fight started." Said Akumi.

Akumi caused the two to teleport away.

Mr. 5 picked his nose and sent it flying at them. However Ginta created a wall of san to block the attack.

"Looks like I found my opponent." Said Ginta.

Ginta grabbed him using sand and they disappeared.

That was Mr. 3 sent out a wave of wax at then but Ace used his fire powers to melt it.

"Looks like you mine." He said.

Just then Ms. Valentines jumped into the air and dropped down form the sky, everyone managed to dodge.

"I guess I should randomly grab someone then." Said Ms. Valentines.

She grabbed Kaya.

"I guess I should fight you." She said.

Kaya managed to pulled her away, surprising her.

There was an awkward silence after that.

"So…" said Kenta, "Does anyone mine if I fight a girl?"

"Oh yeah! I mind!" yelled Sanji.

"You don't count!" yelled Kenta.

"Why are you asking that?" asked Mr. 1.

"Just something I heard a whole back about one of the," said Kenta.

He charged towards Tashigi with his sword darn. Tashigi managed to block with her sword.

"I heard so much about your swordsmanship." Said Kenta.

Kenta ran off and Tashigi chased him.

"I guess we should choose the one." Said Minako.

"You're right." Said Satoshi adjusting his glasses.

Satoshi walked over to Kohza and punched him in the face, while Minako grabbed Vivi with her hair.

There was another awkward silence.

"So… I guess we should fight." Said Sanji.

"Okay." Said Ms Double Finger, "I get the girl."

Nami sweat dropped.

"We get the weird reindeer and the long nose guy." Said Ms. Merry Christmas.

"O…. k…" said Mr. 5.

"And I get Zoro." Said Mr. 1.

"Wait…" said Sanji.

They all left leaving Sanji to fight Mr. 2.

"Oh goodie were get to fight." Said Mr. 2.

"Joy…" muttered Sanji.

On a nearby sand dune, Ms All Sunday, Orochimaru and Sayuri watched.

"So Nico Robin, are you still feeling uncomfortable around me?" asked Orochimaru.

Ms. All Sunday glared at Orochimaru.

"What did you just call me?" asked Ms. All Sunday.

Orochimaru just laughed, "Please, I'm the leader of the only ninja village with ties to the World Government. Of course I know who you are"

"Please do not try to fight Lord Orochimaru." Said Sayuri, "If you try I will defeat you softly."

"Thank you Sayuri." Said Orochimaru.

Ms All Sunday looked at Orochimaru.

"I don't care about Pluton… it doesn't matter in the end." Said Orochimaru, "However I do enjoy the way you get the World Government in a fury."

Ms. All Sunday scowled.

"By the way, I know for a fact that Ponegliff is not what you're looking for." Said Orochimaru.

How do you know?" asked Ms. All Sunday.

That was when Sayuri injected her with something, that caused her to pass out.

"When did Akumi say she would she would regain consciousness?" asked Sayuri.

"5 days." Sad Orochimaru.

"Is this a wise idea?" asked Sayuri, "What if the reincarnations succeed?"

"I guess giving them one more alley won't hurt." Said Orochimaru.

"I don't understand." Said Sayuri, "Does it involve the World Government?"

Orochimaru smirked, "Why yes it does." He said.

Sayuri shrugged and deiced to do her small mission.

Meanwhile with Sanji he wasn't happy.

"Seriously? What do I have to fight you?" he asked.

"That was just the luck of the draw." Said Mr. 2.

Sanji face palmed when he said that.

"Either way." Said Mr. 2.

That was when he turned into Zoro.

"Let's see if you can hurt your friend." Said the Zoro disguised Mr. 2.

Sanji proceeded to kick him.

"Why did you do that?" he asked as he changed back, "He's your crew mate!"

"We don't get along." Said Sanji lighting a cigarette.

"Aren't you supposed have weird kinship when it came to reincarnation?" he asked.

"Sort of… but that doesn't mean we get along." Said Sanji.

The two got into fighting positions, Mr. 2 knew there had to be a weakness for Sanji. There just had to be…

An so they're fight would begin, unknown how it was going to turn out.

Next Time: Sanji faces off against Mr. 2 who finds out his weakness: Pretty girls! And it's its a good thing that Tsunade isn't' the only one he has from the crew. What will happen? Find out next time!