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Chapter 31: Brother, But Not By Blood

Ace was not Luffy's biological brother… sure there was the time Luffy stuffed crayon up his nose and he was there…

He was an orphan, that Luffy's grandfather took care of… but which it meant sent away to live with a bandit…

Luffy's grandfather was a terrible guardian, that's not getting into the stuff involving Luffy…

Ace came back to reality when he had to melt some more wax that was headed his way.

"You can't defeat me!" said Mr. 3.

"Are you denial?" asked Ace with a sweat drop.

"I am not in denial! I am an artistic genius." Said Mr. 3.

"Yeah… you're in denial…" mumbled Ace.

Mr. 3 gritted his teeth as the sane part of his brain decided to take a nap and let it all pay out on it's own.

Mr. 3 himself decided to create many swords and try to stab Ace.

However Ace just stood there knowing the swords would be able to hurt him.

For some reason he couldn't help but to think back to when he first met Luffy.


A young Luffy was being brought to the house by his grandfather Garp.

Garp was complaining that he shouldn't have left Luffy in that village.

Ace watched as he introduced to Luffy to their caretaker Dadan. Ace didn't know why but he felt like he knew Luffy…

He pushed down that feeling, and shot a spitball at him.

"Hey!" yelled Luffy, "Who are you?"

"That's Ace, he's three years older than you, from now on your living together." Said Garp.

(End of Flashback)

The swords hit him, but melted the second they touched.

"Seriously?" asked Ace.

Mr. 3 was still deluded…

"Just a set back." Said Mr. 3.

"Yeah… a set back…" sighed Ace with a sweat drop.

Mr. 3 made more of the wax swords…

Ace sweat dropped… he didn't know why but he continued to think about how he met Luffy.


Ace left the hut that was his home… Luffy was following him.

"Hey!" yelled Luffy, "I want to ask you something!"

Ace would have walked away, however something told him to stop.

He turned to Luffy, "What?" he asked.

"I wanted to know if we met before." Said Luffy, "Also want to be friends?"

"What?" asked Ace.

"Come on! Let's be friends." Said Luffy.

Ace continued to walk away, he kicked out a tree that got in Luffy's way, but Luffy continued on.

That was when they got to a bridge and Ace pushed him off… for some reason he got a vision in his mind of trying to kill a blonde kid.

He didn't know why but it really shook him… he watched as Luffy fell down.

He headed to his destination and met with his friend Sabo.

"Hey Ace, what's wrong?" asked Sabo.

"Garp brought over some kid to live with us." Said Ace.

"And?" asked Sabo.

"I don't know… I just… I knocked him off the bridge and I feel guilty." Said Ace.

Sabo stared at Ace, it just sound strange coming from him.

"How can you feel guilty?" asked Sabo, "He annoying you wasn't he?"

"Yeah…" sighed Ace.

They continued their plans of buying a pirate ship, and Ace did his best to push Luffy out his mind… even if for some strange bizarre reason he felt guilt.

(End of Flashback)

Once again the swords melted before they could pierce his body.

"You're cheating!" yelled Mr. 3.

"I told you! I ate the Flame Flame Fruit!" yelled Ace.

"Fine! I'll have to finish you!" yelled Mr. 3.

Ace watched as Mr. 3 created a large well... Mecha suit to fight Ace.

"Seriously?" asked Ace with a sweat drop.


For the past week Ace had been feeling guilty about Luffy, it also didn't help that he would always hear the bandits complaining about him.

Sabo was the only he could turn to, and Sabo was confused about the whole thing about his guilt involving Luffy.

Thankfully Luffy returned, bruised and battered but alive.

"What happened to you and were have you been?" asked Dadan.

"I was chased by wolvers in the gorge." Said Luffy.

Ace sighed, he was relived but he didn't know why…

That night he stared at Luffy, he didn't want to see the kid hurt but he didn't know why.

"Damn it…" muttered Ace, "What is it with you…"

(End of Flashback)

Ace look at the Mecha suit… Mr. 3 tried to punch him but Ace just melted it like it was nothing.

At this point in time the sane part of Mr. 3's brain realized, "Yeah… this is getting stupid…" and took back control.

"I give up!" yelled Mr. 3.

"It's about time!" yelled Ace.

Mr. 3 collapsed in what remained of his Mecha Suit.

Ace decided to just lay down for the time being.

He looked up to the sky.

"Ever since we were kids we had a bond… I didn't understand it…" he thought.


For days Ace when to go steal money and treasure but he always found ways to ditch Luffy, but in ways where Luffy wouldn't get hurt.

Then one day Luffy managed to find him with Sabo… as it turns he found about his stash and got kidnapped by a pirate…

Luffy refused to tell the pirates where it was and when the two young boys realized that Luffy would never blab they went to rescue him.

After that Ace learned the other reason why Luffy followed him, it wasn't just that Luffy felt connected to him somehow, but also Ace was the only he had due to the fact he hated Mountain Bandits and he couldn't return to the village.

From that day on, Luffy joined Ace and Sabo in whatever they did… and whatever strange bond they had strengthen and maybe they could get Sabo in somehow…

(End of Flashback)

Ace sighed… maybe he should go find the others… after all this wasn't done yet…

Meanwhile with Ginta and Mr. 5 the fight began…

"All right! Let's this started!" yelled Ginta.

But with Mr. 5's Seal who knew what was going to happen…

Next Time: Ginta and Mr. 5 fight, when Mr. 5 taps into his new seal who will over power who? Will Mr. 5 lose himself to Orochimaru's power? Find out next time!