It was rare when Professor Slughorn assigned partners for Potions class, so when he decided, on a whim, to make his students work in pairs he was not surprised to hear a collective groan.

"Oh, come now, don't be that way!" Slughorn sighed, picking a piece of parchment up off his desk. "Now let's see, I've my list here…Crabbe and Weasley…Parkinson and Potter…Bulstrode and Longbottom…Granger and Malfoy…"

Hermione Granger groaned. Of all people, Malfoy! True, he had been less horrible than usual throughout this year, but it was not from an apparent attempt to become better. He just looked too tired to care about old rivalries anymore.

Gathering her things, Hermione walked back to join Malfoy at his seat. As she set her bag and books on the floor beside her chair, she placed her piece of parchment with the carefully copied directions in front of both of them.

Malfoy said nothing, much to her surprise, simply got up to retrieve the ingredients they needed to complete the assignment. For a moment, Hermione was caught off guard; what had happened to the insults? The bags under his eyes stood out a mile away. He looked awful. Was he really so defeated that he couldn't even manage a verbal abuse? It wasn't something she enjoyed, but it was something that she had come to expect, and it was disconcerting to have those expectations go unfulfilled.

When he returned, he spoke very softly, almost in a whisper, that he would cut the asphodel root while she brought the water to a boil and separated the dragonfly wings. Hermione complied wordlessly, saying a quick charm to start a fire and then carefully making incisions down the middle of the wings.

Both partners worked mutely for a few minutes, each preoccupied with their task. The silence was interrupted, however, when Malfoy swore aloud. A few neighboring pairs turned back to give him a glare before throwing themselves into their work once again. Hermione turned to find her partner with his finger in his mouth and an unpleasant, pained expression on his face.

"Did you cut yourself?" she asked, putting aside her own work momentarily.

He nodded, pulling the offended digit from his mouth and showing her the cut. She winced; it wasn't a horrible wound, but it was deep enough that it would take quite a few moments to stop bleeding. She didn't like the sight of blood. It made her queasy. Shutting her eyes, Hermione asked him if he would like her to get Professor Slughorn.

Malfoy declined. "There's no need. It'll be fine in a few moments." He replied, his voice sounded as tired as he looked.

Opening her eyes slightly, Hermione found Draco staring at his finger, fascinated. The blood was oozing out slowly, welling at the point of appendage. She found herself captivated by the sight, as well, and the pair watched in awe as a single drop of red formed and fell onto the parchment below.

Concern for Draco disappeared as she realized that he'd allowed his blood to fall on part of the instructions. She leaned in close to the little red spot, watching it intently in hopes that it hadn't completely obstructed the amount of asphodel root necessary for the potion.

Her distress about the asphodel root quickly disappeared, however, when she realized something very strange was happening to the part of the parchment stained with Draco's pure blood.

It had turned blue.

Hermione blinked several times, hoping each time that she was going insane, that what was appearing before her eyes was not real. Her mouth fell open, gaping at the small speck, before she quickly had to close it. Bile was making its way up her throat.

She managed to hoarsely whisper, "I'm going to be sick," before bolting from the room.

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