Dear Readers,

First of all, it's 4 A.M., so any insanity that may be contained in this letter is not my fault.

It came to my attention (more than once) when I originally wrote this piece that my definition of a vaccination was wrong. Since finishing, I've wanted to do some rewrites to make this story a bit more medically correct.

Eight months later, and I've finally done it!

PURE BLOOD REVISIONS ARE HERE. The revisions are located in chapters 25-27, 29-30. I think (cut me some slack, I did stay up half the night doing this for you guys). I wrote "revisions" at the bottom if I revised that chapter. Please let me know if they make sense. I've stayed up pretty late working on them, and I'm afraid I may have entered that parallel universe where you're so tired that everything you say only makes sense to you…

The basic plot is the same. The cure is a bit different now, and I think it warrants a re-read since VERY SOON (as in, maybe during the next week) I will be posting…(drumroll)…the beginning of the sequel!

It hit me during the middle of class the other day. Three hour lectures tend to make my mind wander, and then bam! I knew exactly what I wanted to write. I have started to write it, but only by hand. It will take me a few days to straighten everything out, but hopefully you'll be seeing the first few chapters soon.

I hope you're as excited as I am. :D

Thank you for reading (and re-reading, I suppose).



P.S. And for any fans of "The Game"…yes, the update has taken a ridiculously long time. It may have to wait awhile longer, depending on how much time I devote to this sequel. I'm hitting a creative spurt, however, and I think there will be an update by the end of November.

P.P.S. After you re-read this story, go read "The Game!"