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Author's Note – This is based on the bit in the book where Laurie proposes a trip to Washington to Jo, when he's frustrated with the grandfather...blah, blah, blah. Some of this beginning chapter is a bit paraphrased to get it where I want it...did that make sense? Anyway, here we go...


Jo frowned at Laurie. He was complaining about his grandfather again, ranting about how he should trust him more then he does and take him at his word. When he said something about running away to capture the old man's sympathy Jo felt the need to intervene.

"I dare say he'd miss you and that your departure would snap him to, but it would be very wicked to worry him," she told him firmly.

"I don't need your lecture, Madame Stern. Perhaps what I need most is a change of scenery for a bit..." he thought a moment before his eyes lit with a new idea. "Washington. I could pay a call on Brooke while I'm there, give Grandfather time to appreciate me more and think of all of the sights to see!"

"Sounds marvelous! You'd have such great fun, I wish that I could go with you," sighed Jo wistfully, letting her role of reason slip away in visions of dashing around the bed of the nation with her closest friend.

"Come on, then! Why not? Think of how surprised your father would be, what very good medicine you would bring him. I could go and fuss about with Brooke – I'd like to see his face when we walk in the door! It would be a glorious joke; let's it do it, Jo. We'll leave a letter saying we're alright, and sneak out under the cloak of darkness. I've got money enough for the both of us..."

Such an exciting proposal was hard to ignore, though her conscience was tugging her in two. Oh, what she would give to run about having such experiences, but duty weighed heavily upon her wild heart. Laurie sensed her hesitation, so he pushed forth the very way that he knew would get to her.

"Jo, aren't you always longing for some adventure? Well, think of how absolutely thrilling this would be? Wouldn't it be plummy to dart around our forefather's city? Can you really pass up such an invitation?" he coaxed in his most charming tongue.

His words were washing over her, basking her in the honey temptation. What would it really harm to have a bit of a romp with a family friend? She was going to visit her father, wasn't that respectable? He needed a healthy dose of cheer and wasn't she just the girl to give it?

"You will come, won't you?" Laurie asked tentatively, half afraid of her answer.

"I – I would like to, very much, but..." she began uncertainly.

His eyes widened with adrenaline, his spirits started to climb. "Then do it, Jo, do it; let's do it and not think too much on it!"

She studied him, her pulse beginning to thump madly. Could she really do it? Oh, how she wanted to...


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