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I guess I'm kinda digging up all the stories I wrote but never posted… But technically, this one isn't really a story… just Lindsay's thoughts. Each paragraph is her with a different person, I'm sure you'll be able to tell who.

Quite outdated, really… Spoilers from Heroes… And I actually wrote this on a spare piece of paper during my finals, English paper… (I think the invigilators thought I was desperately writing my essay with only 3 minutes to go when I was actually scribbling this… lol)


I couldn't help but stare at your face when we heard the news,
It was an expression of determination like no other.
I have never seen anyone with this much resolve,
To catch the one that did the wrong.
No other victim got this very face from you,
Not even a fellow Marine.
What makes her so special?
What makes her worth it?
I couldn't help but wonder,
Would your face be the same
if it was me?

I couldn't help but notice,
You were processing evidence so carefully.
You dug up textbooks, made drawings both on paper and computer…
You were probably trying to find something, anything, to suggest this skull wasn't hers.
You were working so hard.
I couldn't help but ask, "How well do you know her?" seeing that you were working in the morgue most of the time.
Maybe you could give me an unbiased answer.
You replied softly, "Well enough to know that if it was one of us, she'll never sleep til' she caught our killer,"
And I nodded.
I couldn't help but wonder,
Would she ever lose any sleep,
if it was me?

We searched for evidence in the car where she was burned.
I felt obliged to say, "I wish I could have met her," even though I wasn't sure if I really did.
"You would have liked her," you replied.
I highly doubt it.
What is wrong with me?
Where did that thought come from?
I'm turning into an evil, heartless monster.
And yet, I couldn't help but wonder,
Do you like me too?
Or am I just a mere filling, of no importance,
For the void she left behind?

My heart wrenched in pain,
As I heard you talk of how you tried to date her, and how she said you were out of her league.
I laughed along with the rest
But inside I felt like crying.
Did you notice I chose to sit beside you?
Or were you too preoccupied with thinking about her?
You might tease me about being from the country.
You might carry me in your arms.
You might make jokes about marrying me.
You might call me Montana.
But I couldn't help but realize,
You'll never love me as much as you love her.