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Chapter 1: Troubles about birthday presents.



Piles upon piles of that white fluff lay just inches away from the window, freshly fallen from the cloudy skies above. Stretching out a gloved hand, Natsuki grabbed some of that pristine substance, watching as it melted from the warmth of her hand and stained the glove with a wet patch. Moments later, transparent crystals began to harden on the glove as miniscule flakes of snow froze once again from its liquid form.

Frowning slightly even as she was lost in her own thoughts, the sapphire-haired girl absentmindedly reached out for more snow to play with. She pouted slightly, albeit unconsciously, when the ideal gift for Shizuru's birthday kept avoiding her probing thoughts slyly – an action just like the older girl herself if she were here beside her now.

Shizuru could have anything… if she wanted it of course… What can I give her for her birthday? I can't give her packets of different flavored tea anymore; I'd given her almost every flavor that exists in this world for every birthday since she was 14! Besides… she's now my… Argh! Why must people celebrate their birthdays?? A week isn't enough!

Natsuki withdrew her hand from the cold, but instead, pressed her head against the smooth wall and tried a few trial hits in an attempt to gain knock some ideas into her head. However, all she managed to achieve was to give herself a red and sore spot on the forehead instead of new 'birthday notions'. Flipping through her mental library, she tried searching for hints to the perfect gift from the day-to-day interactions with Shizuru.

An unexpected knock sounded on the wooden door that interlinked both rooms and Natsuki composed herself to the cool-headed Gakuenchou. "I'm coming," she replied casually just as she strode to the door and opened it. Although the younger woman had predicted the possibility of Shizuru's appearance at the door moments the action itself, the unforeseen image of the scantily-dressed Kyoto woman leaning seductively on the doorway made her heart do a sudden back flip. Feeling a definite rise in temperature as her cheeks stained crimson with colour, she was dead sure that this heat did not source from the fireplace but from the sight that greeted her.

Of course, the close proximity of a yard – or maybe just half of that… or even lesser – did nothing to still the rapid pounding of muscle against chest bone.

"Na-tsu-ki," she uttered softly, stressing on every single syllable of Natsuki's name in that rich tone of hers. "Are you planning to sleep anytime soon?" Shizuru stepped closer, playfully stroking her fingers against the sides of the woman before her.

Still blushing madly, she tried to answer the question, "Shizuru… I–" however, maple eyes closed in as succulent lips stake claim on the Principal's before Natsuki could form a proper reply. "Shizuru… It's not proper…" she murmured against her lips even as she was being ravaged. Pulling reluctantly away from the heated contact but staying within the warm embrace they shared, the Gakuenchou of Garderobe peered upwards to the taller woman, seeking forgiveness for the refusal with her puppy eyes.

It was obvious that something else had caught the eye of Shizuru Viola in that one instant of silent exchange as a spark of mischief lit up in her eyes. Even if it was partially masked by the blush previously, a certain sign still stood out in neon on Natsuki's forehead.

Drawing herself out of the warm embrace with a little regret the chestnut-haired beauty schemed revenge against Natsuki's sense of propriety. "Ara… Natsuki, what naughty things have you been doing before I knocked? Your forehead's all red. Oh my, and is that a hickey I see on your neck?" Feigning shock, Shizuru continued her teasing, hiding her silent mirth in the serious tone she took on as she addressed the confused woman. "Natsuki, did you hide someone in your room? Are you cheating on me?"

With one hand rubbing her head on the sore spot from the little 'banging' and other touching her neck fervently as she checked herself, she answered Shizuru in a flustered manner. "Huh?! What hickey? Where? What? I'm not cheating on you!" Seeing a single drop of tear escaping from glistening eyes, the normally calm Principal panicked, not knowing that the tear was one of glee. "Shizuru… I'm not! There's no one hiding here!" Awkwardly, the shaken girl wrapped her arms around her lover, trying to convince her that the situation wasn't what she thought it was. She soon realized that the older woman was freezing from the cold of winter with the lack of clothes – and she clung firmly onto her.

Natsuki looks sooo cute when she's panicking… Hoho. Now's my chance.

In one fluid motion, Shizuru led the unsuspecting girl to the nearest bed, keeping their arms entwined in each other's. Leaning slightly on Natsuki, the two women tumbled into the queen size bed from the imbalance of weight. Burgundy eyes pored into emerald ones as their bodies pressed tightly together, the mood instantly shifting from playfulness to wanton sin. Before the prim and reserved Gakuenchou could say anything in protest, she found moist lips suckling on her dainty neck as Shizuru closed in upon her. Forest eyes closed in pleasure as a moan emitted from her, serving as a source of fuel to the older woman. Licking on her sensitive neck seconds later, a hickey could be distinguishably seen on the pale area.

In the motion of removing Natsuki's gloves and cloak, she whispered sensually into her ear, "I was just teasing you, Natsuki… but now… I'd marked you as mine." Puffing out warm air onto her vulnerable face, she continued hypnotically, "And you'll always be mine…" Carmine eyes widened slightly as Natsuki suddenly flipped over, locking the Kyoto woman under her.

"Shizuru…" she growled like a hungry wolf, "you talk too much."

The present can wait.

Surprised by the sudden show of passion but recovering quickly, Shizuru replied coyly, "Ara? Gakuenchou is so eager to have me. Just like a big bad wolf."

Locking their lips together in an attempt to cut out the talking, Natsuki's hands brushed feather-light touches over the exposed skin before cupping her breast, earning herself an approving moan. The heated caress renewed as she pulled away for a breath of air. Looking down at the tousled woman before her, she couldn't help but plant a chaste kiss on her face.

You're so beautiful… Shizuru…

"I want you, Natsuki. Only you. Make love to me," she commanded. Relaxing as her features softened into one of love, she continued, "I love you…"

"I love you too. My precious one…"


Tick… Tock… Tick… Tock…

Rubbing at her furrowed brows, Gakuenchou of Garderobe cursed at the massive amount of paperwork piled up neatly on her desk. Most of them were applications for the new Coral Otome positions while the rest were background information about recent issues which had to be addressed in the council meeting scheduled for tomorrow that she had to look through. Giving a dejected sigh, she proceeded with the tiring tasks as she sat down in the plush chair. Nevertheless, the comfort that the plush provided did little to ease her frustration at the sight of piles upon piles of administrative work.

Soon after, the Principal's sharp nose caught a whiff of tea in the air before Shizuru came into the office. Welcoming the presence of the tea lady, Natsuki looked up from her work and stared longingly at the brown liquid.


"That's the flavor for today, Natsuki."

Handing a cup of the revitalizing tea to the tired Principal, Shizuru poured some of the steaming tea for herself as well.

"Arigato, Shizuru."

Settling down on the chair opposite of Natsuki, the older woman watched as her lover took a careless sip of the hot liquid as she continued her work. Smiling amusedly at the cute reaction of the younger woman as she scalded her tongue, she chided her playfully, "Ara, ara. Gakuenchou, you should take more care when drinking hot tea. Here, I'll blow off the heat for you." Slyly, she brought the cup to her face and blew on it, watching as the upwards rise of steam wavered in the wind.

Choking slightly at the unexpected action, Natsuki blushed a little at such treatment. Snatching the cup back from Shizuru, she replied indignantly, "I can do that myself, Shizuru. You continue drinking your tea." At the sight of the disgruntled look on Natsuki's face, a genuine smile directed at Natsuki broke out of its usual chains as it graced the Kyoto lady's face. Noting that little smile on Shizuru's face from the corner of her eyes, the dark-haired woman distinctly felt better as she returned to her task at hand. The Principal took another sip from the Oolong tea as she stole another look at the lady before her, choking on it for the second time as she recalled the date today.

Shit! Her birthday is in two days time and I don't even know what to get for her yet! I'm so dead… so dead… and I still have mountains of work to do, not to mention the day-long meeting tomorrow! When can I get the time to go to town and get her something?

"Natsuki? Are you alright?"

"Yea… I'm fine. I'm fine…"

I'd better clear this fast before I really end up giving her nothing for her birthday… or maybe I could take her on a date on her birthday! I wouldn't need to get her a gift if I bring her on a date! That's it! I'll do just that.

"Uh… Shizuru?" she started, turning pink at the mental images of going on a date with the soon-to-be birthday girl. "You free on Tuesday?"

"Tuesday?" What is Natsuki thinking about now…?


"Why do you ask, Natsuki?"

"Erm… could I… couldIbringyoutoadateonthatday?" she blurted her question out quickly. Far too quickly, actually.

"Huh?" Did she just say date? Hoho… what is she planning in that mind of hers?

Just say it! Where did all your bravery go, Natsuki?

"Well… if you're free, could I bring you on a date that day?"

Bringing her hand up to the chin, she pretended to ponder her request seriously, all the while enjoying the anxious look on the Principal's face.

"Ara… a date with only you and me? I never knew Natsuki was a romantic till today!"

As Natsuki grew steadily redder from blushing, the devious woman couldn't help but let a little giggle escape at the expense of tormenting Natsuki.

With a crimson face, the younger woman tried to gain back some dignity by taking the full brunt of the teasing by controlling her inner injury. Not fully understanding how the Kyoto woman had always managed to embarrass her someway or another – even when she's trying to be serious – Natsuki made an inward prayer. It's all or nothing now…

"So… Shizuru… is that a yes?" she asked as she leant forward towards the giggling girl. In a weak attempt to use her puppy eyes, she pouted slightly at the older girl, trying to bend the chestnut-haired woman to her will.

Maple eyes darkened slightly into burgundy at the innocent invitation as Shizuru abruptly pulled at Natsuki, crushing their lips together in the heat of the moment for a passionate kiss. Breaking away only after a long French kiss for air, she added, "This is the yes for your question."

With rosy cheeks from the kiss earlier, Natsuki thought that even the prospect of the workload in front of her could not still her elation from having no more need to get Shizuru a birthday present. With renewed vigour, she continued poring over the next document.

That relief was, however, short-lived with the next sentence uttered from Shizuru's lips.

"Hoho… Natsuki, I am looking forward to the birthday present this year. Say… I wonder what flavored tea it would be this time?"

Shizuru… must you do this to me????


Omake 1:

Cheating on Shizuru?

Shizuru: Natsuki? Is that a hickey I see on your neck? Are you cheating on me? Is that it? You don't love me anymore?

Natsuki: – twitch twitch – Shizuru… you're the one who put that hickey on me.

Shizuru: Ara? Did I now?

Natsuki: - uncontrollable twitching - Yea. You did. Now I have to wear that stupid-looking Pillar uniform to hide that hickey. Argh! Shizuru… I'm gonna get you for this someday.

Shizuru: Na-tsu-ki?

Natsuki: Yes?

Shizuru: Chuu (pounces onto Natsuki, latching her lips on another spot of her neck)

Natsuki: Nooo!!!!! No more hickeys!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (attempts to unlatch Shizuru)


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