Written for Daimeryan Rei, my "big sister," on livejournal, because the Mahaado x Yami no Yuugi pairing is not appreciated as it should be.

Only Dreams
By Halys

There is a fine line between what is real and what is not when you are naught but a soul residing in the body of another. Yami no Yuugi often wondered where that line was, and how often his dreams (were they dreams? He never really slept) crossed over into reality. When his aibou conceded power of their shared body, it was easier for him to discern with only a touch or a pinch of his skin. He could feel the warmth of a Japanese sun on his cheeks. He could feel the smoothness of the cards in his hands. Yet, when battles were finished, and he slipped back into the darkness of his soul room, that line became murky.

Like now. Now, when two strong hands pushed him back into a soft layer of furs and linens that Yami no Yuugi had been sure had never existed in his soul room before. The hands seemed so familiar. Soft and gentle, yet hardened in areas by work and toil. Callused at the tips as if they had been burnt by power. Yami no Yuugi's eyes never saw anything but calm, brown eyes—or were they green?—that he knew. He swore he knew them from somewhere, but where?

Then, the line blurred further. A moist mouth covered his in a kiss and Yami no Yuugi couldn't resist pressing back, letting the other gently work his tongue into the Pharaoh's mouth. Those same hands began to slowly remove the clothing that had only been imagined for the sake of covering his metaphysical soul when it was already laid so bare in that room. Leather and buckles were magicked away until nothing remained.

Yami no Yuugi would shiver, confused by what was going on. He could be imagining the whole thing, and he believed so on several occasions. His mind—or the puzzle—had created these fantasies to fill the void that his aibou couldn't fill while still in the waking world. But when a strong thrust of the other filled him so completely, sending a shock of pain and pleasure up his spine, Yami no Yuugi knew it was all real. All too wonderfully real.

His and the other's bodies would rock against each other; a rhythm that seemed practiced and remembered from a time the Pharaoh's memory could not place. Brown hair—or was it purple?—covered Yami no Yuugi's vision, draping around him as lips pressed against his again.

A cry would then escape his mouth and there was a wetness between his legs. The thrusts quickened in pace until a final ensured that the other had found pleasure as well. Yami no Yuugi and the other shared a final kiss before he found himself alone again in his room, wondering once more if there were such things as dreams in a soul room.

Eventually, there would be a knock at the door, and his aibou would come to him, and then come for him. Yami no Yuugi pushed his "fantasies" to a corner of his room, locking them in the labyrinth of his soul because that was what they were. All just fantasies and dreams.

Weren't they?

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