After much delay, part 2.

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Mattias grumbled as he woke up. It had been a hard night drinking with old friends. He felt as if he had eaten a pile of sand and washed it down with an ashtray. He opened his eyes slowly, not wanting to let too much of the harsh morning light in too quickly. Instead of the siberian sun, he was greeted by a gun barrel inches from his face, and a scowling Jennifer Mui holding it.

"I was considering just leaving you here with this lot" she gestured at the bunks, each with a recently deceaced miltia member laying there, as if asleep.

Mattias was slightly taken aback, where the hell had she come from, last he saw her was when he left her near the smouldering wreck of the AN issued Scout.

"So kind of you not to kill me in my sleep I guess" yawned Mattias, the bodies nearby not phasing him the slightest. "Saved me the trouble of having to kill them myself, and now theres no witnessess of me getting drunk under the table by some kids playing soldier. So when do we leave?"

It was Jennifers turn to be shocked. Did he really not care that the men he was merrily drinking the night away with were now dead? She shrugged it off. It didnt really matter. When they got back to the AN base, she could send a special request to ExOps to be able to go it solo.

"The moment you douse this place in gasoline"she said, droping a gallon drum of fuel on his lap. Ill warm a Scout up, were heading back to the AN, we have enough intel to do an initial report."

Mattias glared, but it was too early in the morning to really give a damn what she said, to be honest all he wanted was for her to not talk so loud. And maybe some hash browns. Mattias' stomach churned at the thought, even the thought of food made him feel unwell.

Without argument, he stood up and began dumping fuel about the tents,

He chucked at lit rag as Jen drove them down the gravel track from the camp and promptly tried to catch a few more hours sleep in the passenger seat while he could.

"You seemed pretty buddy-buddy with those thugs last night" commented Mui. Looked like Mattias wouldnt be getting any sleep after all.

"I knew them from Afganistan" He said simply.

"Still, by the way you were talking last night, looking at the family photos and what not.."She trailed off.

"Purely business" He said simply again, then a light clicked on in his still addled brain. "How do you know what we were doing, or talking about?"

"I was there" It was her turn to give short answers.

Mattias shrugged and closed his eyes again. It was still too early for this sort of thinking, especially after sch a big night.

As the pig fell asleep, Jennifer pondered what she had overheard last night. Obviously this Sergeytov was well connected. And had access to serious money. Those mercanaries he had hired to train his militia didnt sound like the sort that comes cheap. Like some ex cambodian rebel or something. They were something else. They were good. Mui smiled, Were. But she was better. The mercs Sergeytov had hired were sloppy and undiciplined. In the same mold as Mattias she thought. It was no wonder Afganistan was such a shambles for the Russian Army. If they were sending men like that into combat like that, it was surprising they managed the small successes they did.

Lost in her own thought, Jennifer missed a turn for the AN base, and the Scout was running low on fuel. She muttered a silent curse. This is just what she didnt need. She kept driving as she fumbled about her jacket looking for her PDA. She managed to wrestle it from her pocket, and switched it to display a local map. She was in luck, there was a town a few klicks ahead and towns meant petrol stations. Well, it did where she was from. But in these backwater parts of nowhere, parhaps not.

The Scout rolled through the town, if it could be called that. It was little more than a general store with an attached service station and a stopped the Scout in front of one of the pumps. She got out to start pumping gas, when a man on the wrong side of middle age appeared in the doorway of the store brandishing a shotgun, yelling a stream of what Mui assumed to be curses. The commotion woke Mattias. Being awoken abruptly for the second time that day, his mood was even more foul. He climbed out of the passenger seat and made his way over to the man, who must of owned the store. Seeing the Swede approach, the mans tone got even more frantic, and he pointed the gun at Mattias. Unphased he grabbed it by the barrel, and rammed the wooden stock into the mans chest winding him. Ripping the gun from his hands, Mattias Nilsson, ventran of Afganistan and the Song Inititive, clubbed the old man over the back of the head with his own gun. A sickening crack went through the air and the man slumped to the ground, unconcious or dead, Jennifer didnt want to know. Mattias climbed back into the passenger seat and closed his eyes.

"Hurry up and do whatever your doing Jen, Im getting hungry".

The nerve of it all, this thug. This pig in a human body had the nerve to order her about even after assaulting, possibly murdering a civilian? She would remember to include this in her ExOps report. This was just too much. She silently put the fuel in the Scout, while the man sat slumped in the doorway of his own shop, blood dripping from his receeding hairline. She started the jeep and made for the AN base without a word.