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Chapter One: Ningen/Hanyou Issues

Sesshomaru couldn't believe that Inuyasha had done this. Inuyasha had pulled some pretty nasty pranks before, but this one took the cake.

Not only had Inuyasha somehow convinced his girlfriend, Kagome, (a.k.a. the miko-bitch) to use a spell to turn Sesshomaru into a inu, well… a puppy actually.

But now, Inuyasha was leaving him at school, overnight, shut in his locker! Now that was low.

Sesshomaru wrapped in Inuyasha's coat growled at his half brother, who chuckled at Sesshomaru's plight. Admittedly they weren't the best of friends- they always got into fights and Sesshomaru always beat the crap out of him, but still…

Wasn't being turned into a inu bad enough?

Did Inuyasha have to leave him at school overnight? Stuffed into a locker?

Sesshomaru wanted blood, and lots of screaming. First Inuyasha would lose his tongue, then his genitals (The two most important things in his life), and then after that Sesshomaru would simply rip Inuyasha to pieces. Oh, it was the perfect fantasy.

Inuyasha was awkwardly holding Sesshomaru in front of the locker, trying to open it. Yes, Inuyasha being such a brainiac was in fact having trouble remembering the code to his own locker, he shifted Sesshomaru around uneasily.

This was Sesshomaru's chance. He deliberately sank his fangs into the hanyou's hand. Sesshomaru being youkai had a very nice set of fangs, even as a puppy. Satisfyingly, Inuyasha's blood spurted everywhere.

Inuyasha quickly dropped the puppy, who wiggled out of the coat and bolted up the hall, while the hanyou cradled his injured hand.

Sesshomaru had made his grand escape, and as a bonus he left the hanyou completely dumbfounded and in pain. He was almost at the entrance of the school, feeling very smug and not paying much attention, when he suddenly bumped into something hard.

Stupid brick wall…

Who the hell had put it there? Architects these days…

The dazed puppy sank down to the ground, he was feeling a little lightheaded and suddenly a ningen onna appeared. No two, and suddenly three, and the odd thing was they all looked alike.

Sesshomaru's world turned black and he collapsed his last thought being, 'Great, now I am at the mercy of ningens,'

Rin looked down at the puppy. The poor little thing, it had run right into the wall.

Was it blind not to have seen it? Or just a little careless…

Either way didn't matter, it had given her such a strange dizzy look out of those beautiful eyes. Yes, those beautiful eyes, it was so cute.

She picked it up; it hung in her arms limply. She put her hand on its chest; she could feel its fast breathing and even faster heartbeat.

Good. She had been afraid for a minute that it was dead. The poor thing, it really had received a hard knock on the head.

It had no collar, and there was no sign it belonged to anyone, so what to do…

Her landlord would never let her keep him, but she couldn't just leave it there, and she couldn't take it to the pound, so she had no choice. She just hoped her landlord wouldn't catch her. She'd keep it until she could find it a home, or until she moved somewhere where she could keep it.

Decision made she started walking towards her home, with the unconscious puppy in her arms. She dimly wondered what she would feed the puppy, and where it would sleep.

She looked down at it. It also needed a bath. How would she manage that? She didn't even have a bath, just a very small sink and a shower…

This would take some planning…

Rin walked up her street and paused briefly before coming to her building. She had no bag to hide the puppy in; so there was only one way to hide the poor animal. She just hoped that it wouldn't wake up, that would be awkward. She tucked the puppy up her tee-shirt and then wrapped her coat around her body and folded her arms.

The puppy was so small, that with the way her coat covered her and with her arms folded, the bulge was almost invisible. Her landlord wouldn't notice if he was standing watch.

Rin quickly walked up the alley and to the back of the shop, and then she hurried up the steps outside the shop. She grabbed her keys out of her pocket, awkwardly holding the puppy and hurriedly opened the door to the apartment above the shop. She shut it quickly behind her and locked it. Thank god, her landlord hadn't seen her.

Rin carefully pulled the puppy out from under her tee-shirt. The poor thing still hadn't woken up. It really must have smashed into the wall hard. She lay it gently on the couch, and then moved into the kitchenette area and took out the frozen meat to defrost.

She looked up at the clock, it was five thirty. She knew how quickly the time would pass, so she should really start arranging her apartment to suit the puppy. She should lay out some newspaper; find a towel so she could wash it and some kind of cushion to make up a bed for it.

She went out of the kitchenette and walked over to the couch. The puppy's ears flicked suddenly, and its golden eyes opened. It blinked sleepily, its gaze moved around until it saw her.

She was completely surprised by its reaction. It immediately rolled off its side onto its feet. It crouched; ears pinned back on its head, its eyes locked on her, all the while growling ferociously at her with its teeth bared and hackles raised.

She was rather shocked. She hadn't thought it would be unfriendly; she was wondering if it was rabid or something. But when she looked in those eyes she saw intelligence, not madness, fear and anger. Pity immediately softened her, the poor thing; it was just trying to protect itself.

"It's okay, I won't hurt you," she said quietly, she moved forward tentatively, the puppy continued growling, but it didn't move away. She took that as a good thing, "really, you don't have to be afraid," Rin continued. She kept walking forward until she was just a meter away from the still growling puppy.

Rin was starting to get a little anxious, if he got any louder, then her landlord might hear. It might be stupid, but she decided to tell the puppy the truth, "Look, please, just stop growling, if my landlord hears you, then I'm going to get in trouble," she believed that talking nonsense to animals was senseless.

Maybe inus didn't understand Japanese or any other ningen language, but still, they weren't stupid, they needed to be treated with respect.

She was very surprised when the puppy stopped growling, it was completely silent. But still bared its teeth and watched her very suspiciously.

"Thank you," said Rin with a big smile, "I really meant what I said, you have nothing to fear from me," she added. The puppy slowly lowered its hackles and covered its teeth, it still watched her suspiciously.

Sesshomaru had no idea what to make of this baka onna; she obviously meant what she said. He could smell everything she felt and sense it too.

This onna was truthful, naively so, and she had taken a stray inu straight into her home, no questions asked…

She really was a baka.

Kind of pretty for a ningen though, a nice face, long dark hair and big dark eyes, tiny, rather short and very thin. She seemed kind of familiar, had he seen her before?...

Nope, couldn't remember at all. Most ningens looked alike to him anyway.

He had nothing to fear from her, he could smell it. She was very simple and very gentle. Excellent, he could use her, even if she was only a ningen. If she took good care of him, then there was nothing more he had to do than stay put until his chichue found him and forced that hanyou to make his miko-bitch change him back.

The baka onna was reaching out her hand towards him; he pondered for a minute. If he seemed affectionate, then she would keep him and take good care of him. If he bit her, then she'd probably kick him out, and until that hanyou explained everything to their chichue, there was no point in trying to find Inutaisho.

Sesshomaru reluctantly allowed the onna to touch him, biting her would do no good. She ran her fingers tentatively down his head and caressed his ears lightly. Sesshomaru grudgingly decided that he actually liked her patting him, it was… soothing.

"Good… Fluffy," said Rin, the puppy gave her a rather cold questioning look, "well, you need a name, and your fur is very fluffy and nice," she explained. She privately added to herself that it was a name which fitted both males and females- she still had no idea what sex her new pet was.

Sesshomaru nearly fell over in shock; his fur was fluffy and nice? No one had ever said anything like that about his hair or the moko-moko in his hearing before. He probably would have killed them if they had.

Anyway he much preferred the name Sesshomaru to Fluffy, the two names couldn't have been much different Sesshomaru (perfect killer) and Fluffy…

Why of all people did he have to get stuck with a onna like her, who would call him something so gay sounding? It wasn't fair, that stupid hanyou and his baka miko-bitch of a girlfriend.

Rin continued patting her new pet, 'Fluffy', it was so cute, despite the serious and now peeved expression it wore.

"Okay, Fluffy, first things first, you need a bath, so come on," said Rin scooping him up and pressing him against her shoulder, above her breasts, her chin resting on his small, soft head .

Sesshomaru liked being clean, but being given a bath by some onna he didn't know was not to his liking. The trouble was she had a point, he was dirty and sweaty, he could smell it, and he couldn't blame her. He couldn't stop her either, he was too scared she would kick him out if he really upset her, and he had no idea where he was, all he knew was he was in some dingy little apartment.

Rin walked into the bathroom with her puppy in her arms. She paused for a minute, thinking, before she set the puppy down on the floor, shut the door and pulled out two towels and a bathmat. She then stripped down. He wouldn't fit in the sink, so she was going to have to shower him, and that meant getting wet.

Sesshomaru stared at the ningen onna, what on earth? He thought he was getting the bath, not her. To his annoyance he found that he didn't really mind her stripping, he couldn't actually keep his eyes off her. Stupid hormones.

She wasn't a big onna, but still, he watched her take of her bra, you definitely couldn't call her flat. He knew his eyes were probably the size of saucers, but he couldn't seem to tear his eyes away.

This was all so stupid. She reached out and turned the shower on, and mesmerized he watched the water drops which sprinkled her skin run all the way down her body. All the way down…

Well, his situation could certainly be much worse.

"Do you think we went too far?" Kagome asked.

They'd told Inutaisho and Izayoi that Sesshomaru was staying the night with Kouga. Ayame had told Kouga to go along with the story, or else no make out sessions for a month. He'd spun a very convincing tale for Inutaisho, complete with a Sesshomaru impersonation.

Inuyasha shrugged, his arms comfortably wrapped around her, "Sesshomaru is a mean bastard anyway,"

"But still, we have no idea where he is, something bad could have happened to him," said Kagome.

"You know that the spell will only last until dawn, he's smart, very smart," said Inuyasha rubbing his still sore hand, "he'll be okay," he ignored his own inner twinge of guilt and his private worry.

The pair stared up out of the window at the stars.

"I hope he is alright, you know, not being mistreated or anything," said Kagome.

Sesshomaru was in ecstasy, he was clean, he was pampered, he was well fed and he was dozing off in the kirei, baka onna's warm lap. What more could a inu ask for?

The thought came unbidden: a ningen body…

Especially for when she showered with him…

He twitched his ears to get rid of such disturbingly perverted thoughts. He'd definitely been hanging around Inuyasha's perverted friend Miroku far too much.

Her hand was now gently rubbing his ears. Sesshomaru gave a high pitched whine, and leaned his head into her hand. Kami, that felt good.

Rin smiled down at her pet, she had been a little worried about him during the bath. At two points he'd actually had nose bleeds- at the two points when she was hugging him into her breasts. She had eventually decided that it must be a side effect from his earlier incursion with the wall. It wasn't like a inu could be a hentai.

She looked at the clock, it was already after eleven- shit she had school tomorrow. She shifted herself off the couch with Fluffy nestled in one arm. He looked up at her enquiringly- yes she had, during the shower, worked out that her pet was male.

"Time for bed Fluffy," she said and she carried him to her bed. She couldn't be bothered to make him a bed so late at night and she'd forgotten about it earlier.

Rin put him down gently on the end of the bed. She quickly set about pulling back the sheets and arranging the pillows, when that was done to her satisfaction she grabbed the puppy and jumped into bed with him.

She cuddled him close to her, like some kind of teddy bear. Sesshomaru found it hard to be annoyed with her though, especially when she kissed him on the forehead before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep. He stayed awake a few moments more before closing his eyes and falling asleep beside her.

The dawn light rested on two figures in Rin's apartment, one was Rin herself, and the other was the inu youkai sleeping in her embrace.

Rin woke up first, feeling very comfortably warm. She was very surprised to see Sesshomaru, the hottest boy in school, asleep in her bed, with her arms around him and his head resting on her…chest.

Now Rin was Sesshomaru's fan as much as the next onna (every onna in the school and many out of school were big fans), but even a fan has problems with her idol sleeping in bed with her, using her chest as a pillow, especially without her consent.

Sesshomaru did not have such a pleasant awakening, in fact it wasn't pleasant at all. He was comfortably warm, his pillow was soft and it smelled good

"HENTAI!" and suddenly his head was ringing. It wasn't just the scream; her tiny fist had somehow knocked him back into the wall, and his head really ached.

Rin suddenly noticed that said popular hunk was also naked. Completely naked. Her face turned the colour of a ripe tomato, and she turned away.

"DAMNIT ONNA! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?" yelled Sesshomaru coming to himself and getting up from his slumped position on the floor.

"HEY BAKA, YOU'RE THE ONE WHO SUDDENLY APPEARED IN MY APPARTMENT!" Rin automatically turned around to face him in her anger. Big mistake, her face tomatoed again, and she turned away.

Sesshomaru noticed this and looked down, his grin was rather wicked, "What's the matter chibi-chan, can't handle me?"

Rin's fists clenched. The automatic retort which rose to her lips was completely untrue "I've seen better," -where the hell had that come from? She'd never seen a naked man before, and she certainly hadn't seen a better built man in clothes.

"NANI?" Sesshomaru didn't like being mocked, "Who?" he demanded.

Rin thought fast, of course she had set herself up for that one, she chose the safest answer, "It doesn't matter, you don't know him anyway,"

"I won't believe you then,"

"That's your choice, it doesn't bother me," she answered calmly.

Sesshomaru almost ground his teeth in frustration, damn this baka onna, why did she have an answer for everything?

Rin was getting very tired of talking to him without being able to look at him, "you should find the bathroom, it's the furthermost door, in there should be a robe or towel you can use to cover up," she directed him without turning around.

"So it really does bother you to see this Sesshomaru like this," Sesshomaru's cocky attitude was back with bells on.

"I just thought that you might like to wear something when I kick you out of my apartment, so all those fangirls of yours don't grab you," said Rin quiet calmly.

Sesshomaru was silent for several minutes; she was so different to his fangirls. Those creatures were worse than any youkai- rabid and terrifying. They filled his nightmares. He was always scared that they would catch him naked. That was his worst nightmare, especially if they happened to be in his room. He'd already had court orders taken out against the lot of them; they couldn't come within five kilometers of his home.

Rin heard Sesshomaru's steps and the creaking of the bathroom door as he opened and closed it. She breathed out and in deeply. Then she remembered something. Fluffy.

Her poor puppy must have been terrified by Sesshomaru's sudden appearance. She looked around for the poor creature.

Sesshomaru leaned against the shut door, kami, how had this gotten so complicated?

Then he heard the fatal call, "Fluffy!" that baka hanyou and his baka miko, they really did tend to complicate everything.

Just waking up in the baka onna's room naked was complicated enough, but no, he also had to have been a puppy and her pet the night before.

As if that wasn't bad enough, he was also going to get to walk the streets, in a robe/towel in plain sight of his rabid fangirls. Oh how he despised that hanyou and his miko-bitch.

"Fluffy, where are you?" the onna sounded tearful, "Fluffy,"

Why did he feel so guilty when the onna called out for her puppy? It wasn't his fault, it was the hanyou's fault and his miko-bitch's.

He really did hate to hear the onna sounding so upset though. What was wrong with him? Was it a side effect of the miko-bitch's spell? Probably. She'd think it was funny, that malicious miko-bitch, so would Inuyasha.

Rin had thought that Sesshomaru looked sexy enough without any clothing on. But she decided now looking at him that it was a toss up between a towel wrapped around his waist and nothing on at all. He truly was the most gorgeous being in the world.

"So I see you found something to wear," said Rin quietly. The silence felt awkward, and she tried to fill it up, but kami that had been a pathetic comment.

"Yes," Sesshomaru shrugged and casually seated himself across from her at the kitchen table. That killed the conversation completely.

She had a half full mug of coffee on the table in front of her and she was sitting with her arms wrapped around her knees on the couch. She was still wearing her pajamas and her long dark hair fell in a loose tangle around her shoulders.

"How did you get in here?" Rin asked, finally coming to ask him the question he had dreaded, and then she asked the question which she believed more important and he believed more terrifying.

"Oh and have you seen my puppy, Fluffy? He's this high," she held her hands about thirty centimeters apart in the air, "he has silver fur, golden eyes, red whisker marks on his cheeks and a blue mark in she shape of a crescent moon on his forehead," she paused, he could feel her eyes upon him, "you know he kind of looks like you,"

Sesshomaru could feel the sweat beading upon his forehead. Surely she hadn't worked it out by herself. The baka onna simply shrugged it off with a smile. He breathed a sigh of relief, she was such a simpleton.

"Well," Sesshomaru didn't have much of a choice. As much as he hated to admit it; Inuyasha had bested him in this round, "my brother Inuyasha and his miko-bitch Kagome were annoyed with me for interrupting a make out session. So the miko-bitch cursed me to be a puppy…" he trailed off.

Rin's eyes were wide open and she had stopped moving, finally she breathed again, "please tell me your joking," she said in a small voice. Apparently she'd worked it out, perhaps she was not a complete baka.

He shook his head.

"I can't believe this," Rin sounded a little panicky.

"I didn't want to either," Sesshomaru agreed.

He was surprised when she started crying and buried her head in her hands. He felt even more guilty. Stupid miko bitch, stupid hanyou getting him in this situation. Baka onna for crying.

Actually why was she crying? She wasn't the one who had been turned into a inu!

"I'm sorry," she managed between sobs, "I don't even know why I'm crying," she said crying even harder, "I guess I'm a little surprised,"

Sesshomaru looked at her, ningens; especially the women were very strange creatures. He believed that it all came down to the curse of Hormones.

Translation of Japanese words

Baka- idiot

Chibi-chan- little one

Hanyou- half demon

Inu- dog

Kami- God

Kirei- beautiful

Moko-moko- fluffy thing that Sesshomaru wears over his shoulder

Miko- priestess

Nani- what

Ningen- human

Onna- woman

Youkai- demon

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