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Chapter Three: Family/Sibling Issues

Sess and Rin had managed to halt their activities on the floor long enough to make it to the shower, only to begin again. At ten fifteen they finally managed to get their act together, or rather their attire. Sesshomaru his towel- which managed to fall off several times, and Rin her outfit, which Sesshomaru kept threatening to tear off.

She looked great with the outfit on, but Sess who'd seen her naked, several times now thought she looked better without it. She wore a knee length lavender dress, with spaghetti straps and white sandals. The white jacket she wore over it managed to cover the worst of the red marks on her neck, but they were still pretty obvious, even with concealer.

As for Sess, well, concealer and a towel couldn't conceal anything on his pale skin. He preferred to flaunt his markings, it seemed like he was proud of them. Perhaps it had to do with being male, and having an ego, or being a youkai and being possessively jealous.

Rin decided to take a change of clothes with her incase there was any ripping at his house- or on the way there. Actually the only thing which kept her dress on her body at the moment was the fact that Tottosai was coming, not that Sess cared about getting caught making out.

Jealousy. He didn't want another man to see her in any state of undress. They were still discussing whether or not a bathing suit was undressed or not.

They'd already established she couldn't let another man see her in her underwear, but swimwear was another issue, even if it wasn't a bikini, and Rin was fast loosing ground. She didn't really mind though, at least it showed he cared a lot.

She looked over at him and smiled, she still couldn't believe he wanted her. Well, she could believe it, they'd showered together, but it was still mind blowing that the hottest boy in school adored her.

He came closer, she didn't mind that at all, in fact she reached out and grabbed him, pulling him close. His hands ran all over her while his tongue explored her mouth, she loved the feel of his body against hers. Of course her jacket found its way to the ground, and the straps on her dress slipped down her shoulders, and then the dress seemed to slip down her body.

She pulled her mouth away from his briefly "Sess, your driver," she tried to remind him.

He impatiently covered her mouth again. Screw Tottosai. If the old yarou was late, then Sess could at least have some fun while waiting for him.

Rin didn't really mind, as long as he followed the rules. She clearly stated that she didn't mind nudity and touching, but sex, whether it be oral or actual intercourse was not something she was ready for yet.

He'd agreed to that, but in the heat of the moment several times in the shower she'd wondered if the boundary wasn't getting a little blurred. They didn't seem to be able to cool down their relationship though, no matter what they did. Even cold water had not had much effect on them. She just hoped his self control wasn't going to run out and that she wasn't teasing him too much.

Rin lost all rational thought, completely swept away in the passion of his kiss, kissing him back just as heatedly.

Tottosai chose this moment to ring the doorbell. The two teens jumped apart startled.

Rin guiltily grabbed her dress off the floor, pulling it on quickly, carefully adjusting the straps to hide her bra. Then she pulled on her jacket, and ran her fingers through her hair, horribly embarrassed by the thought of this stranger knowing she'd been making out with Sess.

Sess didn't look worried at all, despite the obvious red markings over most of his torso. He smoothed his hair, by running a hand through it, and it fell neatly into place. Rin watched enviously, if only her hair behaved like that.

She walked over to answer the door, opened it and said, "Good morning," to the elderly gentleman waiting outside, "are you Tottosai-san?"

"Hai, and you must be Rin-san," said Tottosai bowing.

Rin returned the bow, "it's a pleasure to meet you Tottosai-san," she said, giving him the honorific as well to be polite.

"Likewise Rin-san," he seemed a little amused by the red marks all over her pale skin, which were still very obvious. Especially considering Sess had some, and they were much more obvious- well Sess seemed to be flaunting them, not even trying to conceal anything.

She felt herself nervously fingering her neck under Tottosai's gaze, "it's okay, you can just call me Rin," she said. The honorific made her feel very uncomfortable.

He gave her a kind smile, "Such a sweet young onna,"

She smiled back at him, suddenly feeling more comfortable in his presence. She just knew that this nice old man wouldn't tell anyone about her and Sess's relationship and that he wouldn't judge her for it either.

"Tottosai, are you going to give me my clothing?" asked Sesshomaru rudely interrupting, "or must this Sesshomaru walk to the car in a towel?" he added sarcastically.

Rin looked at him like he'd reverted to his true form. Sesshomaru almost growled, what did she expect? How dare Tottosai smile at her and speak to her like that! How dare she say that Tottosai could call her by her name! How dare she smile at the old man like that!

Tottosai held out the bundle of clothing, "here you are Sesshomaru-sama," he said. The smile disappeared from his face.

Sessshomaru snatched the clothing from the old man and stalked into the bedroom with a scowl.

Rin blinked, where had all this come from? She looked at the old man in pure astonishment, which must have been obvious on her face, and he gave her a wink, "you'd better go assure him that you're not into necrophilia," he whispered.

Rin's mouth fell open and she actually began laughing, "He was jealous?" she half questioned.

Tottosai gave her a look she couldn't interpret, and gestured towards the bedroom and Sesshomaru.

She composed herself, before walking off to her koibito of three hours, eight minutes and five seconds. She was surprised by the heavy dark aura around him. Jealousy was no light matter it seemed.

Sesshomaru was buttoning up his white shirt, an expensive looking item of clothing. She loved the faded tight black jeans; too bad they weren't tight enough to tell her if he preferred boxers or briefs… or nothing at all. She shrugged that thought to the back of her mind, she'd wonder about that later, and she'd probably get an answer too.

Sesshomaru had just finished buttoning up his shirt and was about to tuck it into his jeans when he felt a pair of gentle arms wrap themselves around his waist. A warm body was pressed against his back; he could feel the side of her face against his back as well.

"You know that you're the only boy I'm interested in, but just so we're clear- Tottosai-san isn't my type," Rin said softly, squeezing him gently.

"What have you done to me?" he asked her softly. His hands closed over her hands, covering them with his.

Rin was silent for a few minutes, "what do you mean?" she asked.

"I've never felt anything like this before. If I didn't know better I'd say you were a Tennyo or a sorceress who trapped me," Sesshomaru suddenly said.

It all made sense to Rin in a sudden rush. In a sense this was a first time for Sesshomaru too. He'd never felt this way before, and he didn't know how to deal with it. He was scared. This was all happening very fast, unbelievably fast. She'd never believed love was something that could just suddenly appear, she'd always thought it grew slowly over time.

"It will be okay Sess," she whispered closing her eyes leaning fully into him, "I won't hurt you, I promise" she said.

Sesshomaru could feel the tension in his body just ease away under her touch and from her soft words. If only time would stop and they could be like this forever.

Inutaisho was surprised when he came home. His servants were all crowded around the window to the garden his late wife (Sesshomaru's hahaue) had tended.

"Oh aren't they so cute?" asked Shuga- Myoga's wife.

His current wife, Izayoi, was pressed close to the window, "they are so sweet, I just can't believe it!" she said.

Several of the maids looked like they were in tears.

"What is going on here?" he asked.

Everyone turned to look at him, and stepped back from the windows.

He saw the scene they were admiring and almost had a heart attack from the shock. Sesshomaru was sitting beside a pretty ningen onna; his arm was around her shoulders. The onna leaned against him; she was playing with his hair, running her fingers through it.

The look on his son's face, gentle and so… happy, that was what shocked him the most.

Would the real Sesshomaru please step forward? What had happened to his son?

The onna said something, smiling at Sesshomaru; he said something back which made her laugh. The faint smile on Sesshomaru's face surprised Inutaisho; it was unlike the other smiles which normally sent everyone running for cover. It was uncertain and soft, two words he'd never associated with his son.

Inutaisho decided to step into the snake pit. He deliberately walked outside into the garden to join his son and this onna. She was obviously Sesshomaru's koibito, she couldn't be anyone else.

The thought that she was genuinely Sesshomaru's koibito had never crossed his mind when he was teasing his son this morning. The words 'Sesshomaru' and 'relationship' didn't belong in the same sentence.

He couldn't remember the last time he'd walked into the gardens that his late wife had loved so much. They were as beautiful as ever, full of white and red rose trees, as well as Sakura trees, a rich grassy lawn and an elegant white marble fountain.

"So Sesshomaru, will you introduce me?" Inutaisho asked.

Sesshomaru jumped, he'd been so relaxed that he hadn't paid any attention to his surroundings. He glared at his chichue for daring to surprise him like that.

The onna at Sesshomaru's side underneath the blossoming Sakura, gave Inutaisho a brilliant smile. Inutaisho couldn't fault his son's taste; she was quite a knock out.

"This is Yamamoto Rin," said Sesshomaru, watching his chichue guardedly, "Rin, this is my chichiue, Sato Inutaisho,"

"Pleased to meet you Sato-sama," said Rin smiling and bowing awkwardly from her sitting position beside Sesshomaru.

"Pleased to meet you too Rin-chan," Inutaisho said bowing as well, "and please just call me Inutaisho," he added giving her a smile.

Sesshomaru's eyes went from golden to blood red. Inutaisho realised too late that jealousy was dangerous.

Rin looked at Sesshomaru, apparently as startled as Inutaisho by the boy's sudden outburst of jealousy.

She suddenly smiled in understanding, "Sess, you know that the only person I am interested in is you," she said turning her full attention onto him.

Red eyes faded into golden eyes, which still stared at her suspiciously.

Inutaisho was puzzling over the use of the nickname 'Sess'. No one had ever been able to give Sesshomaru a nickname before. She really was someone special.

"Sess, Inutaisho-sama is not someone I find attractive," she looked over at Inutaisho, "no offence," she added hastily before turning back to Sesshomaru, "the one I care for, the one I like is you," she said, her hand coming up to caress his face.

Sesshomaru leaned forward and possessively kissed her. Inutaisho was rather stunned by the lustful display. He hadn't had any idea that Sesshomaru had hormones. He heard the women still spying from the window gasp in surprise.

Sesshomaru's hands roved all over the onna's body, while her hands tangled in his hair, wandering around his shoulders. She pulled his face and consequently his body down on top of her. His hand wandered up her thigh, slowly pushing her skirt up.

It seemed that Sesshomaru and Rin had completely forgotten that they had an audience; not only the women watching from the window, but Inutaisho was still standing less than a meter away from them. All of them had their mouths hanging open at this point in the lustful display.

Inuyasha, Kouga, Kagome, Ayame, Sango, Miroku and Shippo chose a bad time to come home from school. Or rather to enter the house. Naturally they were curious to see what had distracted the entire household.

Behold, Sesshomaru making out, very passionately with a onna, practically at his chichue's feet.

Inuyasha and the others were officially freaked out. They wondered if Kagome's spell had drastically unbalanced Sesshomaru's mind. Inuyasha actually felt faintly guilty.

He got over the initial shock at seeing such a display and walked over to Izayoi, "Hahaue, what's going on?"

"Oh, Inuyasha," Izayoi started, "well umm… that's Sesshomaru and his… umm girlfriend," she said gesturing to the garden.

"Sesshomaru has a girlfriend?" Shippo asked.

"So it seems," said Izayoi, then her attitude changed completely, "that reminds me. Inuyasha, did you and Kagome really turn poor Sesshomaru into a inu?" she asked turning her full attention onto them.

Inuyasha was in trouble, and he stuttered trying to find an answer that could get him off the hook, if it existed "well- I…"

In the garden Inutaisho saw the entrance of his youngest son, "Sesshomaru, your little brother is home,"

Sesshomaru and Rin continued making out, Sesshomaru didn't even look as though he'd heard his chichue. Inutaisho wondered what would piss his oldest son off more. Missing the chance to be mean to Inuyasha? Or missing the chance to make out with Rin?

"Sesshomaru?" he tried again.

Sesshomaru's hands were battling with Rin's; she was trying to pull her skirt a little further down.

"Sesshomaru?" he tried again, he was beginning to get a little annoyed.

Didn't they need to come up for air some time soon? That was definitely an extraordinary lung capacity.

"Sesshomaru!" he tried again. Didn't Sesshomaru know it was dangerous to annoy a taiyoukai?

Rin rolled Sesshomaru over so that she was on top. Apparently she was more… 'dominant' than she looked. Well it explained how she could control Sesshomaru so well.

"SESSHOMARU!" this was his last attempt.

The couple reluctantly parted, or more accurately, Rin managed to get Sesshomaru's tongue out of her mouth. Sesshomaru shot his chichue a distinctly annoyed look, while Rin went bright red remembering that not only Inutaisho had been watching, but the women by the window too.

"Inutaisho-sama," she murmured looking at the ground. What the hell had she been thinking to make out like that with Sess in front of everyone? They really had to have a low opinion of her by now, her blush went even brighter.

"Sesshomaru, I just thought you might like to know that Inuyasha has arrived," said Inutaisho.

Sesshomaru's annoyed look disappeared, a gleefully evil one replaced it. It made Inutaisho shudder, while Rin looked a little surprised at the evil smile.

"Just give me five minutes Rin," said Sesshomaru pulling himself out from underneath her. She let him get to his feet and watched him as he walked off to the house. She finally pulled herself together and she walked very quickly after him, avoiding all of the adults' eyes. This was so embarrassing.

Inuyasha was still wondering how to explain exactly what had happened to his hahaue, or at least get her to take his side.

A new voice cut in and solved his problem, while damning him at the same time, "The truth is Izayoi, that I caught Inuyasha and Kagome in his room at an embarrassing moment. So in revenge Kagome turned me into a inu, and then Inuyasha took me to school and tried to shut me into my locker," that was Sesshomaru's voice.

Inuyasha stared at his brother, what the hell? He looked at the garden where Sesshomaru had been making out with the onna about two seconds ago. It was empty, so it really had been Sesshomaru.

"INUYASHA!" Izayoi was clearly not happy with her son.

Sesshomaru's cold golden eyes glared daggers into Inuyasha. It seemed he was holding a grudge. Inuyasha wasn't the only one who looked scared, Kouga and Kagome looked just as terrified as he was, while the others looked quite scared too.

Inutaisho entered the room to find Rin standing with her back to a wall near Sesshomaru, who was glaring fiercely at Inuyasha. The terrified looking Inuyasha was also being glared at by Izayoi. While a nervous looking Kagome, Kouga, Sango, Ayame, Miroku and Shippo were all standing behind Inuyasha, well away from both Sesshomaru and Izayoi.

"I just don't know what I am going to do with you! Why do you never behave?" Izayoi was in full angry mode, making speeches at the top of her voice. Inutaisho was aware that the staff who'd been at the window were standing behind him witnessing the scene.

"Actually Izayoi, chichiue and I already worked out a punishment for Inuyasha," said Sesshomaru silkily.

Inuyasha had the feeling of dread similar to a cat's when it is one inch above a full tub of water and about to be dunked. Sesshomaru's expression showed absolutely no mercy whatsoever.

"What is the punishment?" asked Izayoi.

"No Ramen for six months, and Kagome is not allowed in his room for two months,"

In the stunned silence that followed Inuyasha had to concede that Sesshomaru had been creative as well as cruel. There was no way he could get out of this punishment when Inutaisho had already agreed to it. Kagome realised that she had also in effect been punished.

Kouga was not sure whether or not to be relieved. Sesshomaru hadn't mentioned him, so maybe he didn't know… the angry glare directed at him told Kouga that he was probably going to meet with an unfortunate accident in the next few days.

Shit, baka inu-kuro and Kagome using Ayame like that. He'd only made one phone call, and now, he was doomed!

"Hahaue, you can't let him do this!" Inuyasha complained.

Izayoi looked at her son, "I'm sorry Inuyasha but Sesshomaru and Inutaisho have decided, and I think that it is a fair punishment," she said.

"You know you really are a heartless bastard!" yelled Inuyasha at Sesshomaru.

"I'm a heartless bastard! You turned me into a PUPPY!" yelled Sesshomaru, walking forward to stand right in front of Inuyasha.

Inuyasha glared up at his aniki, "I can't see a big difference aniki," he said, "you're just a whining pathetic puppy in both forms!" he yelled.

A red eyed Sesshomaru punched the hanyou, and Inuyasha fell onto the floor. Everyone else watched in stunned silence, surprised by Inuyasha's bad judgement.

Kouga quickly stepped in, grabbing Sesshomaru's arm "Okay, Sesshomaru, now let's calm down," he tried to pull the taller boy away from the grounded Inuyasha.

"Stupid whining bastard," Inuyasha spat from the ground.

Inutaisho winced, perhaps after today he'd only have one son. Well it might not be a bad thing; he'd save hundreds on repair bills every month.

Sesshomaru was being held back from smashing Inuyasha into the ground by Kouga, only just. But then Sesshomaru chose that moment to get revenge on Kouga. Needless to say that Kouga went flying.

Inuyasha was obviously going to say something stupid again, but this time Kagome intervened.

"OSUWARI!" Inuyasha went crashing straight into the floor.

"Damn kotodama," Inuyasha swore before pulling himself out of the floor. He looked at the cloud his brother and Kouga had disappeared into, "kisama, I'll get you for this," he growled

Sesshomaru and Kouga were currently in a serious fight, there was a large cloud around them, the sounds of punches and groans of pain could be heard. Inuyasha waited two seconds before throwing himself straight into the cloud.

Rin was watching the cloud around the three boys as anxiously as everyone else, unlike most though she completely supported Sesshomaru. Inutaisho like most of the rest of the audience was torn between his sons and Kouga.

The fight ended two seconds later, Kouga and Inuyasha had been beaten into the ground, and were completely covered in bruises. Sesshomaru was triumphantly standing, breathing hard, but barely bruised.

Miroku chose this moment to get himself into Sesshomaru's bad books, he walked right over to Rin, "excuse me, but I think you're in my class aren't you?" he asked, grasping her hand.

The quality of silence in the room changed again. The youkai all saw Sesshomaru's eyes change from gold to red in less than a second. He was pissed. No one was allowed to touch his onna, especially not that hentai!

"Yes, I'm Yamamoto Rin," Rin tried to remove her hand from Miroku's, she knew Sess would get very angry if she didn't. She'd forgotten all about Miroku's reputation though.

"Well Rin-chan," all the youkai winced at Miroku's choice of title for Rin. Chan was far too personal; Sesshomaru's hair was now flying in the violent youki which surrounded his body. The ningens had also realised that what Miroku was doing was very unwise.

"Miroku," Kagome and Sango both tried to warn him.

"Just a minute," Miroku said, barely looking at them, and not even noticing Sesshomaru before turning his attention back to Rin.

Everyone, even the household staff exchanged worried looks, surely he wouldn't. Even he had better judgement than to do this right here, right now in front of Sesshomaru, no matter how cute the onna was.

"Rin-chan?" Miroku asked staring at her like there was no one else in the room.

"Hai?" Rin had a bad feeling about this, he was holding her hands, clasped firmly in his. This seemed very intimate, almost like he was proposing.

Everyone else had the bad feeling that they had clearly overestimated Miroku's intelligence. That feeling was born out by his next words.

"Would you bare my child?"

The shocked silence was suddenly filled with an angry roar. Sesshomaru was definitely not happy. Rin broke out of Miroku's hold, desperate to stop Sess from killing the relatively innocent hentai. Miroku noticing that Rin had her back to him and also had a very nice ass just couldn't resist.

"HENTAI!" Rin shrieked feeling his hand caressing a place it had absolutely no business being. He was obviously not a relatively innocent hentai. Not by a long shot, and now he was going to pay for it.

It turned out Sesshomaru really didn't need to bash Miroku's head in. Rin did all the work. The rest of the group watched in amazement as four solid thwacks later Miroku fell dizzily to the ground. For such a delicate onna, her punches sure packed a wallop.

"Let's go," she grabbed Sesshomaru's hand and walked out dragging the surprised youkai behind her.

Inutaisho had to give her credit; she was very good at getting Sesshomaru to do what she wanted. She had saved Miroku from certain death and her presence was probably the reason that Inuyasha and Kouga were not dead. Sesshomaru had beaten those two up much worse before for relatively more minor reasons. He'd held back so as not to lose her regard for him.

Inutaisho looked at Miroku, it didn't seem that she minded violence though. Sesshomaru would probably work that out soon too, he sighed, peace between siblings just wasn't made to last.

He almost felt sorry for Sesshomaru, it certainly looked like Rin was going to be the dominant one in the relationship. He knew what it was like to be in a relationship with a strong willed woman (as did Inuyasha. It really was a dog's life- hell, but it was also heaven at the same time.

The next day Sato Sesshomaru (the acknowledged school stud) surprised the entire school by walking to school with an arm around the quiet Yamamoto Rin. He sat beside her during class, ate lunch beside her, growled at all the onna who cursed her and glared at all the boys who eyed her. He even kissed her passionately in front of his classmates, not caring about giving everyone a free show; actually he seemed to revel in doing that.

Rin walked home with Sesshomaru, his left arm was around her shoulders, pulling her body against his. She rested her head against his body. She loved being with him like this, she loved him full stop. It had been five months since the whole inu-nudity incident.

"Say that we'll be like this forever," she whispered to him.

"We'll be like this, together, forever," he said.

She looked up at him and smiled, "You sure you won't regret being bound to a human forever?" she asked.

"Never," he said, he stopped walking, "I love you," he whispered leaning forward to kiss her.

That surprised her, he'd never said that before, but looking into his molten gold eyes she responded truthfully.

"I love you too," she whispered just before their lips met.

The End.

Translation of Japanese words

Baka- idiot

Chan- a suffix indicating a close relationship, often used by girls and when addressing someone younger.

Chichiue- father

Hahaue- mother

Hanyou- half demon

Hentai- pervert

Inu- dog

Kami- God

Kirei- beautiful

Koibito- Lover

Miko- priestess

Nani- what

Ningen- human

San- a suffix considered polite, often used for addressing people who you don't know well.

Onna- woman

Osuwari- sit

Youkai- demon

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