Sora lay sobbing on her bed. She'd finally been able to admit it to herself, she loved
him. Now, because of her, his very existence was hanging on a thread.

She had asked him about his favorite memory from the Digital World. He'd said he'd
show her. He took her to where they'd finally defeated Piedmon. She was going to tell
him she loved him, the time was perfect. Suddenly, an evil Monochromon had jumped out
of the bushes at her. He had pushed her out of the way and taken the Volcanic Strike
square in the chest. Leomon had arived and beaten back the Monochromon and Sora had
taken him back to the real world and then to the hospital. It was not certain whether he
would make it or not.

Sora wiped her tears and got up. She found the keys to her car, a shiny blue mustang,
and drove to the hospital. She went to his room and sat by his bed, just as she'd done for
the past week. She couldn't stand to look at the starch white bandages covering his chest,
so she closed her eyes and began to sing softly.

"You are my love,
My hope,
My courage,
My light.

You gave me friendship,
And knowledge,
I could never hope to achieve.

You were reliable,
Always by my side,
You were sincere with me,
So please don't say good-bye.

You were kind to me.
With genuality.
You were my sweet angel.
Please don't say good-bye.

I can't live without you,
Without my love I'm nothing but some girl.

Please don't say good-bye..."

Sora opened her eyes and looked down at him, tears threatening to overtake her again.
How she wished to look deep into his azure eyes again and tell him the words he may
never hear; I love you.

She closed her eyes again and forced the lump out of her throat. She felt a hand cover
hers. She kept her eyes closed, not daring to hope.

"I love you too," came the faint words. And then they were surrounded by doctors and
nurses and Joe, who didn't really fit into either catagory, and his hand slipped off hers.

"I'll come see you tomorrow," she promised, getting up to leave. Matt nodded.
I don't own Digimon. I wrote the song, so I guess I own it.