Chapter 8

A month passed by.

Kyo and Haru saw each other everyday, and spent as much time together as they could…and still, they wanted more. They couldn't get enough of each other.

Black Haru hadn't made any more nighttime appearances, and although Kyo wouldn't admit it, he really missed those times. Meanwhile, Haru seemed to be so please that now he was managing to control his other side.

Haru had apologised again for the things that Black Haru had done, even though Kyo had admitted shyly that he enjoyed them all…sure they made out a lot and stuff, but White Haru had told him that he didn't need to feel rushed, that when Kyo felt ready for them to start doing those things again, he could tell him.

Well Kyo was sick of waiting. Haru seemed to have some strange idea that Kyo was traumatised by what had happened, and needed time to get over it. Sure, he was nervous and unsure, even a little scared…. but…

Kyo looked out his window as the full moon cast a glow over the otherwise dark night. I want you Haru, and I want you now!


Haru awoke to the feel of something, or someone, straddling his waist. He tried to move but found that his hands were tied tightly above his head …

Someone was laughing.

"It's payback time Haru."


Kyo took the time to laugh some more at the utterly shocked expression on Haru's face. Then he got down to business, slipping his hands under Haru's shirt, pulling it upwards.

"Kyo…what are you - " Haru started to ask.

Kyo bent down, inches from Haru's chest, his warm breath tickling his skin, sending his senses on fire, and his nipples tightened in desire. Haru closed his eyes, waiting for Kyo to do something, anything. He felt Kyo's hands hovering around the waistband of his pants for what seemed like an eternity. A muscle clenched in his jaw as Haru fought the urge not to struggle when all he wanted to do was rip his hands from their binds so he could have his way with Kyo…

Kyo smiled evilly, watching Haru's chest rise and fall as his breathing quickened. Kyo knew he was teasing the other boy, but it was so much fun. Ever so slowly, he inched Haru's pants down his legs, watching in interest as Haru hardened before his eyes. Haru felt his entire body quiver as Kyo moved inches from his cock and blew a stream of cool air over it.

"Kyo…!" he gasped tugging at his restraints.

"Yes Haru?" Kyo asked innocently as he very lightly brushed his fingertips up the insides of Haru's legs, skipping that area, over his hips, and caressing his sides. The touch was almost too faint to tickle, and yet just hard enough to make Haru's skin tingle, to make him heat up in desire, to have him begging for more.

"Kitten…please…. touch me," he said, trying to rub himself against Kyo. His breathing grew uneven. "I can't stand much more of this…"

"Now you know how bad it was for me!" Kyo said triumphantly. "When you were doing all those things to my body…when I ached to touch you so badly it was almost unbearable…when I wanted to reach out and do the same things to you as you were doing to me…."

"Untie my hands." It came out as a growl.

Deciding he had enough fun paying Haru back, Kyo gently untied his wrists. No sooner had he loosened the tie on the second hand than Haru lunched forward and in the next blink Kyo found himself pinned beneath a very horny Haru.

"Tonight I will make you mine." Haru declared, though Kyo knew it was really a question.

He gulped, nodding and in a flash, Haru somehow managed to remove all of their clothes.

Kyo wrapped his arms around Haru, pulling him closer, sighing happily at the feel of their chests pressed together, so close he could feel the thudding of Haru's heart quickening with his own. There was no need for more foreplay this time; both boys' had been craving each other for too long…

Haru rested his forehead against Kyo's tenderly, gazing into his lust filled eyes.

"Do you want's this kitten?"

Kyo nodded again, because that's all he could do. Haru pulled back grinning, and flipped him onto his stomach. Kyo shivered as the cold air made him feel the absence of Haru when the other boy got up for a moment.

Grabbing the bottle of lube that he kept in his room since he and Kyo had started dating, Haru returned to Kyo, his movements jerky, trying so hard to control himself, to go slow, when all he wanted to do was be inside Kyo as quickly as possible… Haru rubbed some of the lube onto his throbbing cock and knelt above Kyo, positioning himself at his entrance.

Kyo was blushing again, still he said, "What's taking so long?"

Haru thrust himself inside Kyo in one swift move.

Kyo stiffened at the sudden invasion and unexpected pain. I didn't think it could hurt this much… a tear slipped down his cheek.

"Kitten…." Haru managed to gasp, his hands in an almost bruising grip on Kyo's hips as he forced himself to remain still, to give the boy time to adjust.

He kissed the back of Kyo's neck gently, asking if he was okay. Kyo nodded as he felt the pain beginning to fade. He rose up onto his knees, pushing back, forcing Haru deeper, and hearing him moan in response. Haru reached his arms around and placed his hand's over Kyo's on the bed, lacing his fingers through his.

He noticed the pink tinge over Kyo's cheeks. "Don't be embarrassed Kitten," he whispered. Kyo only blushed more.

"You're so cute." Haru chuckled as they began to move together. "I love you so much…" He didn't see Kyo's eye glisten with another tear.

The pace was slow at first, slowly speeding up. Every gasp, every groan, every moan that escaped Kyo's lips excited Haru more and more.

Then he began to feel it, his already lust fogged mind, clouding over with the arrival of something he hadn't felt for quite a while….

Kyo let out a squeak of surprise as he was flipped over again, and found himself on his back, Haru pumping into him with an intensity that was frightening.

"H-Haru!" Kyo gasped, noticing he had become black.

"You're mine kitten. Mine." Black Haru pumped into him so hard that the bed was moving, the headboard hitting the wall. He reached down to grasp Kyo's cock, stroking him in time with the thrusts.

Kyo threw his head back, dizzy and weak, gasping at the added sensation. Never had he felt anything so incredible…and looking up at Haru…even if he was currently in black mode, he knew no one else could make him feel this way.

"Haru…I love you."

Haru stopped. Suddenly he was white again. Time seemed to stand still, and Kyo blushed further at the confession he had just made.

"Haru!" he cried. "Keep moving!"

A smile spread over Haru's face and he obeyed.

"Haru….I'm ….I'm gonna come"

"Will you…wait for me kitten? Please," Haru breathed, feeling himself nearing the edge.

Kyo nodded, and then they came together, in the most powerful orgasm either had experienced, and for a second Kyo could have sworn he saw stars. I thought that only occurred in fiction…

For a moment after, Kyo felt a wave of fear wash over him and he half expected Haru to get up and leave. But Haru was here to stay. He scooped Kyo against him, and pulled the sheets up over them. "I love you too, Kyo." He said. "I want us to stay together always."

"Okay," Kyo agreed as he closed his eyes, a smile on his lips. He snuggled closer to Haru…the one person who had managed to fill up the empty spaces within him…to take away the loneliness…the one person who had managed to make him feel whole.



Shigure's editor came bursting into his room, tears squirting from her eyes and slammed down a pile of papers on his desk. "TELL ME WHAT IS THIS?"

"Why that's my draft for my latest story." Shigure said, looking at her with big innocent eyes, which were useless next to the grin that was spreading across his face.

His editor stomped her foot. "You're supposed to write male/female romances! This is man on man!"

"Ah…don't be that way! I'm sure you would love it if you just read past the first page."

His editor, who didn't like change, continued to wail. "Why sensei, why did you do it!?"

"Well, you mean, aside from the fact that I knew it would annoy you?" Shigure leaned back in his chair smiling. "Let's just say…. I had some very strong inspiration."


Well, that's the end of my little fic, thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed, I hope to write more Kyo/Haru fanfics sometime in the future because they are just the cutest paring! And a big thank you very very much to all those who review :)