Song fic alert! The song's "I Don't Like Anyone" by Jessica Andrews. Words in italics
are the song, and it's always in Kari's POV. I don't own Digimon. I love a good Takari!
Suki says we're all goin' downtown,
So what's my problem?
I don't wanna socialize!

Kari flopped down on her bed; Yolei and the others had invited her to go on a picnic in the
DigiWorld, but she'd declined. She wasn't sure why, she didn't feel sick, just not feeling
like being around other people. Well, not all other people...

Why don't they leave me alone?
Bad boys, jealous girls,
Been there, done that,
I just wanna fantasize!

Kari sighed. She'd finally been able to admit it to herself, she liked TK. But Davis kept
getting in the way. She giggled, thinking about having Angewomon use her Celestial
Arrow to blast Davis.

A-ahh-ahh, a-hh, ahh, ahh,
Staring at the ceiling
Thinkin' about you.

She smiled as she also envisioned TK kissing her, but that could never happen. TK
probably thought she was no more then a best friend, and it was almost certain he liked
someone, she'd noticed the dreamy expression on his face lately.

A-ahh-ahh, a-hh, ahh, ahh,
It's a freaky feeling,
What can I do?

She had to tell him! But it might ruin their friendship, and it meant to much to her to risk
it. She just couldn't stand not telling him, but she couldn't actually tell him either.

I don't like anyone
The way I like you!
I don't go anywhere
If you're not there too!

That was why she hadn't gone to the Digital World today, TK was sick with the flu and
wouldn't be there. It was lucky for her no one suspected she was so head-over-heels about
him. Well, no one except Gatomon, and she'd promised not to tell anyone.

It's not as if I'm hard to please,
You're the only one good enough for me!
Those others just won't do,
I don't like anyone but you!

But what if TK did like her the way she liked him? It would be a dream come true. She'd
had a crush on him ever since she first met him during the battle with Myotismon.
Actually, they'd gone to the same school, she'd just never made friends with him.

They think I'm a little obsessed,
Out here sending mounds of telepathy.
I'm concentrating on you.

She sighed, all this thinking was giving her a headache. She might as well go and tell him!
She got up and grabbed her coat. Then she began the seven block walk to the Takashi

I wanna give you everything,
But if I do will you think less of me?
Ahh-ahh, ahh, ahh-ahh.
Everybody else just wasting my time!
Baby can't you tell we're two of a kind?

She knocked on the door and TK answered. He was wearing nothing but a pair of
Patamon boxers and Kari thought he looked rather cute. "Hi TK." she said nervously.
"Hi Kari. Is there some thing you wanted to tell me?"

I don't like anyone but you...

"I...I hope you feel better TK."