If you are reading my story Liberated Aficionado then this is like a missing scene from it. If you haven't read it then go do so. This fits in between chapter seven and eight and contains sexual content so you have been warned. If you don't like that sort of stuff then don't read it. It's as simple as that. Don't leave stupid flames complaining that this is gross and sordid as that's just a reflection of your personality as a sad little person who spends their time giving scalding reviews to people who don't care. You have been warned. Now if you're not like that then I invite you to review and enjoy the fic.

Daine silently shut the door and looked around the bathroom. She could hardly see anything because of the steam coming from the large shower in the corner.

So much for a 'cold shower' Daine thought amused. The large glass door was completely fogged up and she could just make out the large shadow of Numair under the spray of the shower head.

Noiselessly she made her way and stepped into the shower. Numair didn't notice her presence at first; he was standing with his eyes shut enjoying the feel of the water on his back.

Daine ran her hands up his chest and his eyes flashed open. He looked at Daine with an inscrutable expression on his face.

"I thought I told you to go to bed Magelet" he murmured.

Daine pouted "As if I could have gotten any sleep after you left me high and dry like that" she moved so she was under the spray as well, her curls dampening to straight and her makeup beginning to run. Numair ran his thumb under her eyes to remove the black smudges. Daine tilted her face into his hand and he sighed defeated.

"Turn around" he ordered squeezing some body wash into his hands. Daine complied and he massaged her back, the soapy lather making it easy for his hands to slide across her back. Daine sighed happily then reached back and undid her bra to give him more access. She tossed the discarded item out onto the bathroom tiles.

Numair stared at her bare back with the green-dressed goddess tattooed across one shoulder. Daine wriggled her back in a hint to get the back washing started again. He ran his hands down and found another tattoo of a large wolf with one fang broken in the small of her back.

"The goddess is supposed to be my ma and the wolf is a friend of mine in the orphanage who's front tooth is broken clean in half from a gang fight" Daine answered to his unasked question. "I created them myself. Every tattoo means something to me" Numair's hands slid to her small waist and he pulled he against his body.

"They're absolutely stunning. As striking as the person they're on" he growled lightly in her ear.

Daine has time to gasp before his hot mouth was on her neck. Nipping and sucking, it moved towards her shoulders leaving a trail of Goosebumps behind it. Daine quickly turned around just in time for his lips to come down on her own.

She wrapped her arms behind his neck and tangled her hands in his hair as his tongue plundered her mouth. Roughly he pushed her against the cool wall of the shower. He smothered her gasp at the sudden coldness with his mouth.

Again he left the haven of her lips this time to trail kisses across her jaw while his hand caressed her breast. Daine moaned as he rolled a pebbled nipple between his fingers. She actually screamed when his fingers were replaced with his mouth licking and sucking on the sensitive nub. His hand kneaded her other breast make Daine tremble against him.

One of his hands traced down her body. It hooked around her G-string and with one swift movement he removed it and threw the offending item out of the shower to join the bra. Daine whimpered as his attentions on her breast ceased. When his finger slipped inside her however tipped her over the edge. Daine involuntarily arched into his hand, craving more.

"Holy Fuck" she gasped out. Numair laughed; a rich sound that sent even more spasms into the young woman before him.

She caught his hand and lifted it to her mouth, sucking on his finger. Numair gazed at her enthralled. He felt her piercing graze his finger and shuddered. It was amazing the amount of emotions she could make him feel with a simple touch.

The movement drew her eyes to him and they fixed on his nipple. His right nipple to be exact.

Numair inwardly groaned and Daine looked up at him through her eyelashes "You have a piercing"

he returned the look "I wasn't always a stiff"

"Well you sure are now" Daine purred looking down at the obvious hardness. She bent forward and kissed his chest and then catching the piercing in her teeth, tugging slightly.

Numair reached behind himself and turned the water off. He grabbed two towels off the drying rail and tossed one to Daine, keeping the other to wrap round his waist. She stared at him with the towel still clutched to her body as he got out of the shower and walked across the bathroom.

He paused at the doorway "You coming?" he asked. Daine gave a husky laugh and followed him into the bedroom.

She pounced on him pushing him onto the bed and discarding the towels. She straddled his legs and glanced appreciatively up and down his body.

Numair leant back on his elbows "Daine?" she smirked, looking down at him

"Fair's fair" she said softly before her gaze dropped to his penis and she moved forward and dropped a soft kiss on the tip of it. Numair shuddered and with a devious smile she swirled her tongue around the head. Her tongue slid down his length and she took him into her mouth.

The throbbing motions of her mouth with the friction of her tongue stud scrapping pleasurably against his sensitive flesh was almost too much for Numair to bear and he managed to groan out "Enough…Daine"

He pulled Daine up and flipped them over before reaching over to his drawer and pulling out a condom packet. Daine examined it

"Studded? A bit of an extravagant cock sock for such a pedantic person such as yourself isn't it? Even if you are a closet nipple pierce-ee" Numair ignored her and put the aforementioned 'cock sock' on.

"I'm totally in lurve with you" Daine said.

"What?" Numair asked confused shifting so he was over her once again.

"Well there's like when you like a guy and something could be there. Then there's lurve which is when you like a guy more than like and could grow to be in love with him and love is-" Numair pressed his lips to hers effectively silencing her

"I know what love is magelet" he whispered thrusting into her.

Daine wrapped her legs round his hips as they rocked together faster and faster. Daine felt a pressure building in her lower abdomen like a balloon inflating and she scratched her nails across Numair's back though he didn't seem to notice.

The please came faster in waves now with every thrust until she was drowning in it. The balloon magnified more and more until finally it exploded into a tempest of euphoria and Daine screamed out her rapture.

A few seconds after her vision returned Numair came. She watched fascinated as his body gave a huge shudder and his nose crinkled. He rolled off her and they lay side by side panting.

"Wow so much better than a dream" Daine breathed once she caught her breath. Numair looked across at her and laughed.

He reached out and pulled her into his arms, half draped across his body. She closed her eyes and let the beating of his heart beneath her lull her to sleep.