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Going Home

As I lay here in the bed of pain and torture I think back

On all that my life has been about

Lies that's what it's been all lies

Lies to cover up the pain and scars

Lies to hide the embarrassment of being abused

Lies to cover up who has been doing this to me

Well not the lies can stop

Stop because I'm finally going home

Home to the ones that love and want me

Home where there isn't any hurt or pain

Home where my true Father loves me and wants me

The only thing that I do regret is leaving my friends behind

Maybe someday we'll meet again and the truth can come out

As I close my eyes the pain disappears and tranquility takes its place

As I look around all I see is people who will always love me

They will never judge me and make me do bad things

I am now at peace and will never be afraid again because

I'm finally home.

A/N: No one has the right to do what was done to Joey but it is still happening and someday I pray that it will stop...