This is a Sorato fic. BOO TO ALL YOU TAIORA FANS! BOO! Sorry. You'll find, if you've read any of my work at all, that I like the Matt and Sora combo. For those of you who have never read my work, they're all poems or stories 'bout either Takari, Koushimi, or, (for the most part) Sorato. Anyways, this takes place just after Matt left and the group split. I think this is probobly what was going through Sora's mind.

I saw you sneak away,
Hoped you wouldn't go,
I need you here with me,
Because I love you so.

You made Mimi cry,
That made me kinda mad,
But I understand your reasons,
Your mom left you to your dad.

Part of me wanted to follow,
Stay there said the other part.
I knew you needed time to chill,
So I disobeyed my heart.

Now I'm devistated,
I don't know if I can go on,
"But if we're really Digidestined,
"We'll come back together."
Said Gatomon.

I tried to believe her,
Maybe you'll come back someday,
But if it were my choise,
You'd come back today.

Just a quickie I wrote on the seat of my pants. Please send me reviews! I must have reviews! There may be a sequel, if enough peoples request it, so let me know!
~ Sora Jade (I'm not Sora and Mara Jade DNA digivolved! Stop asking! That means you, Davis!)