Mother, Sister, Sora

Yes, I know, very short. Sora reflects on how she has to take care of everyone. I don't own Digimon. For those who don't know,
onii-san is a respectful tital for an older brother.
I'm expected to look after them all. So who's gonna look after me? I can't let my feelings out, ever. I'm the strong one.

As the child of love I'm supposed to love all. I cuddle them when they're lonely, hold them when they cry. I can't cry, at least, not in front of them... But I do, at night, when everyone else is asleep.

TK once told me he thinks of me as a second mother. Mimi says I'm the sister she never
had. Everyone looks up to me, but who do I look up to?

It's easy to wish for a younger sibling, Tai once told me he wished for a little sister and a couple months later Kari was born. But how do you wish for an older sister or brother?

As I sit here by the fire, everyone else is asleep. Silent tears slide down my cheeks. I wish I had an onii-san, like Kari, or TK. They don't know how good they have it.
Dedicated to my own Onii-san, who I'll never meet, who will never read this fic, and whose name I'll never know. He lives forever in my heart.

I'm already there, Take a look around you, I'm the sunshine in your hair, I'm the shawdow on the ground. I'm the whisper in the wind, I'll be here till the end, I'm already there.
~ "I'm Already There" Lone Star