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Kyyubi speaking

Naruto talking to Kyyubi



Warning: Lemon in first chapter!!! This story will jump ahead a lot because I want to write the Christmas part and I want to finish it before christmas.

A SasuNaru Christmas: Chapter 1

"Sas…" Naruto moaned out as Sasuke sucked on a hardened nipple. Naruto had his fingers threaded through Sasuke's soft jet black hair as Sasuke pleasured his body.

/God what he does to me…it's too bad that I can't help him accomplish his only other goal in life. / Naruto thought sadly before being ripped from those thoughts when Sasuke put his mouth over his rock hard cock and began to suck at the tip and playing with it with his tongue.

I can help you with that kit. You just enjoy what your lover is doing to you because he will soon be leaving you.

Sasuke squeezed the base of Naruto's shaft to stop him from cuming to soon.

"Sasuke…" Naruto growled out in warning.

"Not yet dobe, I want us to cum together." Sasuke said as he reached into the night table drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. Coating his fingers thickly with the cool substance he rubbed his hands together to make it warm. Then he nudged Naruto's legs apart further and settled between them before having Naruto wrap his legs around Sasuke's waist and Sasuke inserting one slicked finger into his entrance. Sasuke watched Naruto's face carefully for any signs of discomfort before inserting a second finger and beginning a scissoring motion. Sasuke pushed in one last finger before beginning the in and out motion with them looking for that one spot that would make his lover see stars.


/Found it. / Sasuke thought with a smirk before removing his fingers and slicking his cock with more lube and placing his tip at his loves now stretched entrance.

"Are you ready Naruto?" Sasuke asked looking into his lover's eyes for any sign of fear or nervousness. All he found was love and lust in those clouded half lidded blue eyes. Naruto gave a small nod to Sasuke and willed himself to relax as Sasuke pushed himself into Naruto. Once Sasuke was all the way inside he paused for a moment to that Naruto could adjust to his size.

"God you're so tight…so hot." Sasuke gasped out trying with all his will power not to slam into that tight heat.

"Ahhh…Sas...Sasuke…m...move." No further words were necessary because immediately Sasuke started moving in and out of Naruto. Naruto put his arms around Sasuke's neck and held him close making Sasuke's lower body rub against his erection every time he would move. Sasuke then angled his thrusts so he could try and hit Naruto's prostate.

"Oh god Sasuke…" Sasuke then made sure to keep thrusting in at that angle so that he would continue to his Naruto's prostate every time.

"Sasuke…I…I'm gonna…" Naruto never finished that sentence because Sasuke kissed him with an Earth shattering kiss sending him over the edge into orgasm. Naruto's inner walls clenched around Sasuke's member making the tightness tighter around him sending him over the edge right after Naruto. For a few minutes they lied there with Sasuke still inside Naruto just recovering from their activity. Once they caught their breath Sasuke carefully pulled out of Naruto causing him to whimper at the loss. Sasuke lied down next to him and pulled him close and the blankets over them.

"I love you Naruto so much."

"I love you too Sasuke. I don't want you to go on your mission. Just stay here with me."

"I wish that I could love but you know that once Tsunade says I have to go I have to go. Besides I'll be home by Christmas so don't worry." Then there was a moment of silence between them until Naruto broke it.

"Sasuke I'm sorry." Naruto said with tears in his eyes.

"For what Naruto there is nothing that you need to be sorry for."

"I can't help you accomplish your goal. I can't give you an heir or any child."

"Naruto I gave that up when I decided to be with you and to marry you. I love you Naruto so much. If I had to choose one or the other I would choose you above everything." Sasuke said wiping Naruto's tears away with his thumb and just holding him.

"What if I could?"

"Naruto if you could miraculously have children because of the Kyyubi then I would be even more happy than I am right now." Naruto smiled at his answer and snuggled up to him. Naruto soon fell asleep in Sasuke's arms not knowing that Kyyubi was going to temporarily take over his body to talk to the Uchiha.

"Sasuke." A voice that wasn't exactly Naruto's called out. Sasuke's body stiffened slightly because he knew that the Kyyubi was talking to him.

"Don't be afraid Sasuke I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to give you what you both want. I can see that you really love him with all of your being and I will grant his wish to bear your children."Then the voice faded and Sasuke relaxed and embraced his dobe.

/I'm going to be a father…/ Sasuke thought as he fell asleep not wanting to get up in the morning.

The next morning Naruto woke up to an empty space next to him which told him that Sasuke had left for his long term mission.

/Nine months without Sasuke…what am I going to do/

You're going to go to Tsunade and allow me to talk to her.

Why would I do something like that?

Because moron it is important information that I have for her that she must hear.

What information do you know that I don't?

Fine I will tell you. Naruto I have given you the ability to bear children so that you and your lover can be happy.

Oh…you what?!

Idiot just take me to the hokage. Naruto did just as Kyyubi said and went to see Tsunade. When he got there he banged on the door as loud as possible.

"What do you want brat?!"

"I need to talk to you." Tsunade got out of her chair and opened the door allowing Naruto into the room.

"Ok so what do you want I'm busy."

Long time no see Tsunade.

"Kyyubi…" Tsunade was speechless.

I have a request Tsunade. You need to relieve Naruto of his missions for the next nine months.


You are not going to believe this but Naruto is pregnant and with Sasuke's baby. He knows already of course as does Naruto. I can not afford Naruto to get hurt because all of my chakra will be being used to keep this child alive. Tsunade was completely baffled by all this but did not want to start anything with Kyyubi so she just nodded her head and smiled a small smile before she watched Kyyubi disappear and Naruto's eyes return to their blue color.

"What did he say Bah-Chan?" (Spelling?)

"No mission for nine months and training is at a minimum intensity until your fourth month then your training is even less until your fifth month after that no training at all."

"No missions or training?!"

"We cannot afford you to get hurt Naruto because all of Kyyubi's chakra is going to be used to keep the baby alive." Naruto pouted but nodded an okay before taking his leave and going back to the Uchiha compound.

When Naruto got into the house he just sat down on the couch and thought to himself.

/I'm really going to be a "mommy". I can't believe that me and Sasuke are going to be having a baby together. There is so much we still have to do/

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