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August: Sasuke's Return

Feet pounding against the Earth was all that Sasuke heard as he continued to run through the forest back to Konoha.

I think that we're going to get through this home free. I can't wait to go home and see my dobe. I've missed him so much that it's been driving me crazy.

Sasuke led his men quickly through the forest trying to get home without anything happening not only to them but himself. Darkness seemed to fall quickly over the forest and before they knew it they were forced to settle in for the night because of not being able to see and the risk of attack was too great to keep moving. Each of the men took turns sleeping and keeping watch over each other. It was Sasuke's turn to keep watch when a branch cracked in the forest. He quickly stood up and faced the source of the sound.

Why now when we're so close?

Sasuke crouched into a fighting stance getting ready to attack who ever would come from the brush.

"Sasuke it's so nice to see you." A smooth, low voice said from the darkness.

"Show yourself!" he yelled into the forest. A low laughing was heard and then a cloaked figure appeared into the moon light.


"Sasuke. My how you've grown into a powerful man."

"What do you want? Why are you here?" Sasuke still had not relaxed from his fighting position. He could not trust his brother in the least considering that he has killed his entire family for no particular reason.

"To end your life of course. I should have killed you then you know, but you always left a soft spot in my heart Sasuke but I cannot leave one Uchiha left. I'm sure that you understand. I have a mission to obtain the fox demon and I know that you of all people will be standing in my way of that goal.

Naruto...the baby. I can't let him get them.

Sasuke quickly made hand motions and let his chidori fly at Itachi.

"Now now you know that won't work on me little brother. Look at you still as weak as ever aren't you."

"I will not let you hurt him Itachi." Sasuke attacked again and again trying to get a good hit on his older brother.

What happened to you. Why did you kill everyone. You used to be such a good older brother and now look at you. Sasuke thought after finally landing a fist to Itachi's jaw.

"Sasuke!" It was one of his team mates coming to look for them. Sasuke could not risk their safety. Itachi took this chance to make his escape from the battle and by the time that Sasuke looked back to where Itachi was standing he was gone.

"Sasuke. What are you doing way out here?"

"I thought I heard something. Come on lets get the others and keep moving." Sasuke returned to where the other members were and then they were on the move to get back home.

He could have finished me off but he didn't...why? Question after question buzzed through Sasuke's head as the team ran through the forest.

"Hey guys not much further now. If we keep going we'll get there by sun down." One of the men said. Sasuke had the feeling of joy spread through his entire body. He would get to see his Naruto again. This only made Sasuke push himself harder to run faster.

With Naruto:

This morning started off like any other morning in the Uchiha mansion. Naruto woke up alone, lonely, and sad.

Sasuke's side of the bed doesn't even smell like him anymore. Naruto touched his hand to Sasuke's pillow wishing that it was the dark haired man next to him.

I should probably wash these. Sasuke's going to think that I have really gone insane if he ever found out that I haven't washed the sheets. Naruto quickly stripped the bed and made his way to the washing machine. Naruto did not have any plans for the day so he thought that he might as well straighten up a few things around the house. Naruto seemed to have really let the place go over the past few months.

"Maybe I can call Sakura and she can help me." Naruto waddled his way to the kitchen and picked up the phone.


"Hey Sakura it's Naruto...I was wondering are you busy today?"

'No why?"

"Well I was wondering if you would mind helping me out over here...hehe it seems that I've let the place go a little bit and I really need some help."

"I'll be right over Naruto." With that Naruto hung up the phone and decided to start on his breakfast. Before he knew it there was a knock on the door. Wobbling over to the door Naruto opened it to find Sakura standing there along with Hinata, Lee, and Ino.

"Thank you guys so much you have no idea how long it would take me to do this with this thing in the way" he gestured towards his growing belly.

"Not a problem Naruto. We are more than happy to help." Hinata smiled.

"Just point us in the direction of the cleaning supplies and we'll get started!" Sakura exclaimed. Naruto pointed to the kitchen cabinet and then the cleaning madness began. By the time that everyone was finished with their tasks not only were they tired but it was almost sun down.

"Next time don't let the house get like it was today." Sakura scolded Naruto and all he could do was nod.

"You have no idea how much I really appreciate you guys doing this for me. Now I can be a little happier since the house is clean and fresh. Here as a thank you I will make you guys something to eat before you all leave." Everyone readily agreed and sat in the kitchen while Naruto made them dinner.

"When is Sasuke coming home Naruto?" Ino was the one to speak this time.

"Not until December this time. It's horrible and I'm completely miserable." Naruto said as he stirred what was in the pot before turning to look at everyone.

"I just miss him so so much and I really have no way of talking to him because he hardly gets any mail that I would even be able to send out. It's been a long few months."

"I'm sorry Naruto. I'm sure that he'll be here in the next few days. Just you wait and see. It won't be much longer I'm sure that he misses you too." Sakura put her hand on Naruto's shoulder out of comfort before each of them went back to eating their meal.

Soon after everyone helped clean up all the dishes and then Naruto was once again left home alone.

"Sasuke..."Naruto said as he trudged back upstairs to their bedroom to get ready for bed.

At the Gates:

Sasuke and his men had just arrived home from their mission. Immediately they went to see Tsunade to give her the scroll that they were sent out for and to get their debriefing.

"Welcome back gentlemen. That was a quick and successful mission. I am glad to have each one of you home safe and unharmed." By the time that Tsunade was finished with the men it was well past sundown as Sasuke made his way through the quiet town back to him home where his love waited for him.

When Sasuke entered the home he was surprised to see that everything was still in order and looked like everything was just cleaned. What disturbed him was that the entire house was silent.

He couldn't have gotten here before me. There is no way that he would have gotten into the town. Everyone is on alert for him.

Sasuke ran upstairs and into their room. There was no sign of Naruto. The bed was even still made.

Don't panic he has to be here somewhere.

Sasuke calmed himself and once he did he finally noticed that the bathroom light was on. Quietly he opened the door to find his love slowly washing himself off. Sasuke could not help the smile that spread on his face at the sight of Naruto.

I could probably use a shower myself

Sasuke quietly stripped his clothing and pulled back the shower curtain.

He really needs to pay better attention...what if someone was to attack him

Sasuke made a mental note to remind his dobe of that later. Right now it was time for him to get reacquainted with his lover. Sasuke put his arms around Naruto and felt him gasp and stiffen for a moment before completely relaxing into the arms that held him.

"Hello dobe."

"Teme you're home." Naruto said with a sigh of contentment before really listening to what he said. Naruto turned around and looked into the eyes of his love and grabbed a hold of him. Sasuke could not be happier in this moment..or maybe he could because at that moment he felt something push against him.

"Was that..?" Sasuke's eyes were wide as he stared at Naruto. All Naruto did was nod and watched as Sasuke placed his hands on his growing belly.

"That was our baby Teme." Naruto had the biggest smile on his face as Sasuke looked at him with awe.

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