One Tree Hill


Summary: AU Season 4 episode 9 a little different outcome and Nathan's fault. Laley Brathan and others. oneshot

Disclaimer: I do not own One Tree Hill but I do own the idea of switching up the couples and my story.

It's my entire fault. Nathan Scott thought as he sat on floor of the hospital. "Nate! Are they okay?" Brooke questioned running to Nathan and kissing him on the cheek and hugging him. Nathan started to cry he didn't care if Brooke saw. "It's all my fault Brooke. I made the deal and now my brother and his wife." Nathan smelt Brooke's hair. He never could tell what the smell was but he always enjoyed it. He let his brother down and now he was paying for it. Nathan remembered when it was just him and Brooke making there way in Tree Hill then Peyton and him started to date until she chose Lucas over him.

The worst thing of it all was Haley. Brooke hated the way Peyton picked Lucas over Nathan so she started to hang out with Haley. Brooke even talked Haley into tutoring him and he helped Haley and Brooke move in together before his brother married Haley.

"It's not your fault Nate. No one knew Dante would be back." Nathan got pulled out of his daydream to the sound of Brooke's voice. "It should have been me not them." "You're right it should have been you. Now Lucas and Haley are paying for what you did." Peyton stated as her and Rachel walked to them. "It will be okay Nate. Haley is up and now all we need is Lucas." Nathan smiled at Rachel ever since she moved to Tree Hill she had caused drama but lately she was nice to almost everyone.

Haley sat at Lucas's bed side waiting for him to wake up. There was a knock at the door. "Not now Peyton." "Haley…he told me that he loves you." "Well Peyton I rather hear that from him and not the girl who is in love with him even though he's married."

Peyton walked out of the room and she knew Haley was right. "I love you Lucas." "I love you too." "No I'm in love with you." "Peyton I'm in love with Haley."

Haley took Lucas by the hand. "We need you. Your son and I need you. Lucas please wake up." Karen watched Haley and remembered back when they were kids. "This Haley girl seems nice." Dan stated as he drank his coffee. "Lucas seems to like her a lot." Karen saw Dan heading for the door. "Dan let them play."

Rachel sat in the waiting room thinking of how much Lucas helped her. "Rachel don't!" "Why it seems like every guy in this town is gay." "You'll find someone trust me."

"Trust me Nate." six year old Lucas said to his brother who was going to make a slam dunk. Five year old Nathan made a slam dunk and then fell to the ground. "See only some scratches." Lucas smirked at the hospital. "Why did you do you it?" "I trust you."

Brooke laid her head on Nathan's shoulder. "So the best friends are back together?" Questioned Lucas as he went to the fridge for a drink. "Yeah we are so Broody where's tutorgirl?" "She's waiting in the car. She's not ready to face mom and dad."

Late at night Nathan sat up still holding Brooke waiting for news. Just then a doctor walked over to him. "He's up and he wants to talk to you."

Nathan slowly walked over to Lucas. "Hey big brother I'm sorry." "Nate it's my fault. I'm your big brother. I should have helped you. I knew it would be alright." "How?" "Cause I trust you."