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There are many words that can be chosen and said to refer to certain people and in some cases these words would leap to mind.

Maniac – noun
1. A raving or violently insane person
2. Any intemperate or overly zealous or enthusiastic person.

Psycho – noun
1.A psychotic or neurotic person
2.Psychopathic; Psychoneurotic

Of course dictionaries aren't the best explanation for people who aren't book worms. Those stupid books place difficult words into explanations so you end up looking for strings of words before you totally understand.

"Are you actually reading a dictionary?" The brown haired boy asked from his seat on the sofa.

"Not reading. I'm looking up a few words that were written on my English test." He refrained from called the younger male an idiot.

"Which word?" The boy asked as he made his way across the room to the kitchen.

"Ignoramus, boisterous and…" The older of the two skimmed through the notes his teacher had made, "Degraded."

"Lets see then…Ignoramus is an extremely ignorant person." The boy paused and glanced at the other male to see a blank expression, "Ignorant is lacking in knowledge so…I'd say the teacher is saying your stupid." The brown haired boy fought the urge to add that they were right since that would have earned him a week in the hospital wing.

"So boisterous?" The older made a note to get back at the teachers on the next inset day.

"Boisterous…hmmm…In simple terms it means rough and loud. The people classes as that are normally people tha-" The boy paused and decided not to finish his sentence seeing as his room mate had already resorted to snapping pens.

"Oh and Degraded. That's rather odd since it's to lower dignity or estimation. You sure it's not degrading?" He called from the kitchen as he poured himself a drink.

"You have a look then." The older male called out as he flopped onto one of the armchairs. "Looks like degrading to me.

"You're right it is degraded. Who's your teacher?" The boy turned his attention to the person sitting not to far from him as he sat back down on the sofa.

"Mr. Man-hair." Came the reply from behind a cushion.

"Man…hair? Is he that new one that doesn't know what hes going on about?" The chestnut boy threw another cushion onto his room mate's face.

"That's the one." The voice was even more muffled now that two feathery objects were blocking the sound.

"Kurogane-san…I was wondering if you'd heard the news?" The younger male said out of the blue.

"Hmm?" The dark haired male sat up slightly with the objects still stuck to his face.

"Yuuko-san was talking about it with Clow-san. They said something about a new batch of students." The boy placed his cup down on the side table.

"Those two are the biggest gossips in this place. I don't see the fuss with a few more students anyway." Kurogane paused. "Syaoran, don't you think that Yuuko is a bit screwy anyway?"

"A bit I guess but Clow tends to keep her under control." Syaoran glanced across the room at a few pictures on the windowsill. "I wonder if anyone interesting will come, maybe even share this dorm with us."

"You've got to be joking, besides I bet Watanuki and Doumeki will be coming back here." The dark haired male smirked; he followed his companion's eye line to the pictures.

They were taken when the two other males were still at the school. They left on a course and were due back that month.

"I also met the Modoki twins this morning. They said some special students were coming, ones that already bought their rooms." Syaoran added as he tore his gaze from the picture frames, "Some real high class people too."

"We'll see. After all it's not how rich you are here, it's how you cope in these conditions." The males paused and stretched, "Pass the phone I feel like having pizza tonight."