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There are those stories which have sad endings and those that have happy. One leaves you to sob about death, torture and misfortune. The other lets you sigh with relief as things turn out all right in the end.

Farewell – noun

An expression of good wishes at parting

Leave-taking; departure: a fond farewell.

A party given to a person who is about to embark on a long journey, retiring, leaving an organization, etc.

Reunited – verb

To unite again, after separation

To bring or come together.

Sometimes we have to let people go to find them again in the end. If everyone is connected then surely we can come together again.


"You need to get over it!"

"Kurogane-san stop this!"

He could hear the voices clearly of the people now trying to tell him it was over, he didn't listen though. Kurogane had knocked out several of the intruder guards, not caring whether they lived or died in the end.

Several hallways were covered in splashes of red, some which belonged to him. They had been let out of the hall, ordered to return to dorms, after the other students had been 'taken care of' in their own terms.

Kurogane hadn't listened he'd lashed out and taken down several people.

"Kurogane! It's over what are you going to get from this?"

"He's long gone. They all are!"

He wouldn't believe it, he'd made a promise that no harm would come to the blond male. He'd never once broken a promise and he was determined not to start now.

Kurogane had originally been heading for the main gates but had soon changed his mind. The halls leading towards the head teacher's office were still unlit, untouched. The dark haired male was sure that the two faced teacher and the other man were sitting, laughing at the pain caused.

"Kurogane! Stop this!"

"Get back to your dorms now!"

Even the teachers were yelling now, though they chose not to follow or even attempt to stop his way. They merely shouted, called after him.

He kept running.

He slid to a fault outside the office, not bothering to knock, and kicked the door open. Several plates and photo frames were sent leaping off the nearby walls. Inside sat the two men that had caused the mistake throughout the school.

"Ahh well if it isn't Kurogane-kun. How are we today?" The teacher smiled lightly as if nothing had happened in the past few days, possibly months.

"Don't give me that shit. After what you've done your lucky I'm not one to go on a killing spree." The student retorted spitefully.

"Young man they are in a better place." The other man smirked slightly. "They were lucky enough to have an education."

"Who the hell are you then?" Kurogane snapped, glaring at the man.

"MY name is Fei Wang Reed. I'm a trader." The man nodded slightly. "Those students have things they need to be doing now." There was a slight grin across his face, a smug grin.

"You Bastard! How can you trader people? They have free rights!" Kurogane was tempted to start hitting the man but decided against it for the possibility that police might get involved.

"Where they are from it is legal, technically it still is." Fei rose from his seat and picked up his hat from the desk. "They might come back to the country one day if you're lucky. Chances are they won't remember any of this." He promptly placed the hat on top of his head and left.

"How could you let him do this?!" The dark haired male turned round to the head teacher. "Why would you?"

"We were funded, it is a shame that relationships were made. We must move on. Now Kurogane-kun I suggest you return to your dorm before I change my mind about calling security." The head teacher turned to a stack of papers at the end of his desk without another word.

Kurogane left the office as told and walked back to the dorm rooms in a trance like state. He'd broken a promise because he couldn't stand up to a well known person or the possibility of jail.

No one talked about that day. The day that several students had been broken, students that were no longer able to make friends.

"Do you believe in fate Kuro-rin?" Fai glanced up from his book, his usual upside-down position on the sofa.

"You mean Hitsuzen?" Kurogane glanced up from his papers.

"Hitsuzen? What is that?" The blond asked quietly, turning himself around to look at the other male.

"Inevitable. I guess one example would be that you are tied to someone." The dark haired male tapped the end of his pencil on the table. "Even if you're both taken apart one day you'll find eachother again."

"You learnt that from Yuuko right?" Fai asked walking over to the other male. "It sounds nice…to be able to find what's lost…"

"It is…I don't plan on losing you though." Kurogane smirked as he felt the other man lean over his shoulders.

"Just incase." The blond smiled sweetly.

"Kurogane it's nice to see you've got a job now." Yuuko remarked, he trademark Clow following. "I didn't think you'd get the grades."

"High fashion models shouldn't be in a fitness room, you'll get those clothes caught." Kurogane remarked.

Several years had passed with no word from those students that were taken. No one heard of Fei Wang Reed, nor was the head teacher kept in office.

Things had changed, people had changed.

"I have some good news for you." Yuuko and Clow exclaimed together.

"Is it about how you're leaving the country?" The dark haired male couldn't help but hope.

Ever since Doumeki and Watanuki had moved to another part of town they only talked every few weeks. Syaoran had left to continue training in sports; he'd taken Sakura with him.

Tomoyo worked closely with Yuuko and both were normally around to add torture to his life when they could.

"No. I have someone for you to meet." Yuuko spun around and Kurogane silently hoped she'd fall over one day on television.

"I don't care you witch." Kurogane retorted very tempted to throw a nearby weight at her head.

"I'll tell him to leave then after he flew the whole way out to see you." Yuuko sighed slightly before allowing a grin to take over her face at the male's face.

"What are you playing at?" The male questioned, he still didn't trust the woman or her 'shadow'.

"You can come in." The woman called out, almost instantly the door opened and a tall blond walked into the room.

"Come Clow I think we better leave these two alone." Clow nodded and the two left the training room, although they leant against the door once it had been closed, trying to listen in.

There was a silence in the room, an unnerving silence that Kurogane couldn't fine the words to fill. The other person kept their head low, nervously shuffling their feet.

"It's nice to see you again Kuro-puu." The person lifted their head up, brushing a few stray hairs out of their face. Bright blue orbs almost glowing.

"Fai?" Kurogane questioned in disbelief. The idea that this was just a twisted dream crossed his mind several times.

"It's me." Fai smiled, stepping forward a few steps. "I guess you were right about two people coming back together."

"I didn't think I'd see you again…" Kurogane pulled the small male close to him. "I thought you were honestly lost forever…"

"You're acting out of character." The blond joked, pulling away slightly. "I'm a free person now. I wanted to see if you'd moved on or not…" he paused slightly, "To see if you still remembered me."

"I never thought of moving on." The taller male replied quietly. "I was waiting for you to come back."

"I hear Yuuko is hosting her own reunion party. How about we go?" Fai grinned hopefully, grabbing the other male's hand.

"Sure. As long as you don't go away." Kurogane smirked.

"I'm never going anywhere again, I promise." Fai leant on the taller male's shoulder.

They say that you should value your friends above passing love interests. If you finally find your one true love then no matter if you're separated for years you should come together again…

There is always a special person for everyone.