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'Yeah, same to you Malfoy!' Hermione yelled. 'I bloody well don't want to share the same common room with you either!' She stormed into her room. Malfoy went to his door across the hall.

'Damn Granger,' he muttered.

Hermione slammed her door instead of using a hex on him that could have gotten her expelled. She collapsed onto her bed and screamed into her pillow. Bloody moron! She thought angrily. Thinks he can rule the world. Oh Wait. When he joins the Death Eaters that could be true. She sighed, lay back, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Hermione woke up in the morning from the sun shining through the windows. It looks like it will be a goo-Hey! I don't have bay windows in my dormitory, she realized with alarm. Then she realized that she was in a large king-sized, four poster bed with curtains, emerald green curtains. And there was someone in the bed with her, his or her arm around her exposed waist. She jerked away, sitting up. He was a man with long blond hair.


The man woke up suddenly, and sat up, looking as disoriented as she felt. Hermione screamed and he yelled, "What the bloody-" He was cut off by a small child, who leapt into the bed and hugged him fiercely. Hermione's stomach lurched.

No! We're not...married.

'Mummy!' the girl cried, throwing her arms around Hermione's neck. Hermione automatically returned the hug. Well, that answers that question.

'Aria wants some pancakes for breakfast,' the girl said.

'Go and get the house elves to make some,' Malfoy said with forced calmness.

'And don't talk about yourself in the third person,' Hermione couldn't help adding.

As soon as the door shut again, Hermione jumped through the curtains of the bed and landed with her feet on the soft carpet.

Malfoy went around the bed and confronted her. 'What the bloody hell is going on?!' he shouted.

Hermione grabbed her wand and locked the door. Malfoy had his wand at the ready as well. 'What are you doing?!' he hissed.

'I don't want that poor little girl to think her parents don't love each other. I'm sure we can figure this out and leave and, well, what do you know about this?!' she demanded.

'Right. I did this. That's rich. Every offence intended, Granger; I will never want to ever be in bed with you.'

Hermione turned red. 'Well, then how did we get here? It's not like I would do something like this!"

Just then, an owl at the window interrupted their little fight. Hermione backed up to the window and opened it, never letting Malfoy's wand out of her sight. She let the owl in and took the letter. Hermione opened the letter and began reading it aloud. 'Dear Mr. and Mrs. Draco Malfoy.'

'No. No way. I am not married to you,' Draco refused.

' "Shut up and listen." '

'Excuse me?! You cannot talk to me like that! I am a Malfoy!'

'That's what the letter says. "Shut up and listen," ' Hermione told him, glaring. She continued, ' "I have decided that you two should find out what the fates have in store for you. It has been prophesied that you two will marry to bring unity to Purebloods and Muggleborns. You seem to have needed a push in the right direction because of your incessant arguing. Therefore, you will live as a married couple, alone in Malfoy Manor with your daughter, Aria, until such time as I deem fit for you to come back. Yours Most Sincerely, Albus etc., etc. Dumbledore." '