Chapter 1

The unlikely arrival of guests

After the sorting Dumbledore stood to make his speech. "Welcome friends new and old, as everyone know Mr. Filch has asked me to add a few more items to the list which everyone know you will be able to see it on his door."


Everyone looked to find the owner of the voice but as to everyone amazement no one had the nerve to say that.

Dumbledore cleared his throat "We have a new Defense against the Dark Arts professor this year allow me to introduce Professor Umbridge."

The Fat toad looking witch stood to make her speech when she did her little cough it sounded like "hem hem" " Its good to be back here at Hogwarts I hope that all of us will become friends, this year is going to be exciting…"


"Who said that?" Umbridge stood there scanning the students trying to find out who was saying those things.

Dumbledore stood up as everyone looked at him for an answer but he wasn't looking at any of the students instead he was looking at the ceiling following his glaze everyone seen that there was some strange light then a circle formed in mid air. No one has ever heard of this kind of magic something like this would be very restricted. The circle flared up there was electrical energy and lots of light coming from it during their temporary blindness they heard a load crashing sound followed by the sound of someone was painfully gasping for breath.

When their sight returned they saw a boy no older than 12 or 13 lying in a creator he has blonde hair and amazing golden eyes. He was dressed in strange clothes because they were that of what a muggle would wear. He had black pants, a black shirt, a black jacket, and a long red coat. He wore black combat boots and white gloves. Most of his clothes were ripped wounds could be seen though them, there was also blood covering his entire face and some one his clothes weather it was his blood or not it was a horrible site to see.

He then snapped his attention to the ceiling and let out a long blood curling scream, he blacked out from the loss of blood no one moved to help him everyone was stunned from the scream that was let out from the young boy it sound like he had a lot of years worth of pain and fright in him. (Take the scream from Ed in the first episode in English) Everyone twinge from the hearing it some placed their hands over their ears to block out the noise but it still penetrated their ears.

Finally Madam Pomfrey tried to make her way to the child her first intention was to give the child some medical treatment she found a hand holding her firm she turned to look at Dumbledore knowing it was him. "Why are you stopping me from helping that child?"

"I know dear Poppy but there is something else that needs to be done first, well everyone please go to their common rooms where dinner with take place there, the teachers and my self will settle this matter here." Dumbledore said.

No one made a move to leave some were still trying to comprehend what has just happen, most were pitying the small boy, while others were thinking that this was the work of the Dark Lord. "If no one leaves now then there will be 2 months worth of detention and 20 points lost to each person who lingers here." Dumbledore stated with a strong voice.

Madam Pomfrey was treating the child enough so he could be levitated to the hospital wing. The teachers were discussing the matte at hand.

"This boy here should be handed over to the Ministry there is a chance that he is a spy for he-who-must-not-be-named. I strongly recommend that you listen to me on this one Dumbledore." said Umbridge.

"I do believe that this young lad should stay here this way we could heal him but also integrate him away from the Dark Lord's followers, Dolores this way on one could apparate here to take him away." said Dumbledore.

"Excuse me Dumbledore but if you want this child around so you can question him later I strongly recommend that you let me take him to the hospital wing so I can give him some proper treatment that he needs." said Madam Pomfrey.

Dumbledore nodded to the nurse and she stormed off with the child floating about a foot off of the ground. "Severus could you please watch over the young lad to make sure that he doesn't try to leave, I will set up a couple of other teachers to start a route to watch over him."

Snape nodded and took off following the school nurse thinking over the events that just happen. "How in the world that boy appeared here and what was that strange circle doing there I have never seen it."

There was a scream from Madam Pomfrey everyone raced up to her to see what she was screaming about what they saw there wasn't exactly what they thought it should be. The child's right arm and left leg was replaced by mechanical ones. There was nothing they could due but start at the limbs in shock. But there was one thought that was on all of their minds "What could have happen to him that he lost his limbs?"

In the Gryffindor common room Harry, Ron and Hermione were discussing what had happen in the Main Hall, they found out that the boy was taken to the hospital wing but there was no way that they could get to him because from looking at Harry's map all on the teachers were surrounding the him. One thought on Harry's mind was why his name didn't show up on the map, this started to confuse him because all it showed for the boys name was nothing but question marks. This has never happen before that map is suppose to show everyone's name and where they are but here was this short kid who's name didn't appear.

"Harry, Harry have you been listening to a thing that I have been saying?" asked Hermione.

"Ummm… no I haven't sorry I been thinking on why haven't the kid's name appear on the map it's like he doesn't exist here or something." said Harry.

"I can see your point but what I was talking about how horrible he looked I mean that he looked like someone kicked the crap out of him and left him to die. Those cuts seemed to be very bad and there was a lot of blood on him." said Hermione looking sorry for the kid.

"Bloody Hell I think that they should take him to the Ministry there people could treat him and find out who and what he is, to survive something like that is totally unreal. There is no way that someone could fall at that height and survive do you think that he could work for V-V-V-he-who-must-not-be-named?" asked Ron looking very worried.

"I don't know but I think that we should keep an eye on him just in case he tries something funny, but I don't have the slightest clue on how we are going to get a good look at him with the teachers guarding the hospital wing." said Harry.

"Harry, what is with you tonight I mean that every time we try to start up a conversation you are spacing out and you hardly eaten anything." said Hermione.

"It's nothing my mind started to race with questions when that boy had showed up there are some answers but I believe that Dumbledore will hold back anything about that boy until he comes to." said Harry.

"I know what you mean Harry I want to know what that circle was I haven't heard or read anything about something like that. I don't even think that Dumbledore knows what that was because of his expression when he saw it." said Hermione.

Mean while back in Dumbledore's office.

Dumbledore started pacing back and forth in his office racking his brain on what that circle is and how it came to be. Even in all his years he has never came across anything like that, it maybe some type of new magic that someone has developed. He walked over to his Pensieve, drawing out the memories that happen this night seeing that child when he showed up and when he was in the hospital wing. Who is this strange child? How did he come here? What was that circle about? These questions were going though Dumbledore's mind driving him mad. "I'll have to wait for my answers until that boy wakes up"

During the morning meal everyone flinched from the long, bloodcurdling scream filled the air (take the scream from Ed in the first episode but have it in Japanese I believe that one would fit here better) everyone was looked at each other wondering who was screaming thinking that it cold be the ghost peeves playing his usual jokes but no one have heard the ghost screaming. Then a second scream came this one was longer and rose in volume which everyone had to cover their ears the first scream were freighting enough but this second one was even more terrifying.

Even during class the screams could be heard and each time each one was longer and loader than the last. The professors knew where these screams were coming from but each and every student was trying to figure out who or what was making the screams. First class of the day was Transfiguration everyone had a hard time constraining on their work even Hermione was trying to get her work done but it was a no go with the screams interrupting her train of thought, class soon ended. Everyone hurried to their next class Potions.

"So Hermione it looks like that you had a hard time with that class. Man I thought that you were going do ok in there but now I don't know." said Ron.

"Well its hard to work with all that screaming going on, just when I start to do the spell the screaming would interrupt me and I loose my train of thought." said Hermione.

"I don't know even Professor McGonagall was having a hard time trying to teach with screaming, each time she would flinch, and there will be a look of pity on her face. I think the Professors know what is causing the screams…. We better hurry or Snape will take points from us for being late to his class." said Harry

The trio started to run to their next class before the bell rung, everyone was waiting for the professor but he wasn't there, everyone was outside in the hall waiting to get inside. The Slytherins there waiting along with the Gryffindors, from the looks of things the door was locked and there wasn't any note on the door. Nearly headless Nick came floating to the class.

"I'm here to tell you that your Potions Class for today has been cancelled, everyone must either go to the library or to the Main Hall to do their studying." said Nearly Headless Nick.

"Why has Professor Snape cancelled his class for today?" one of the Gryffindors asked.

"Professor Snape is caught up with some very important matters at this moment he doesn't have the time right now to do his class, o and by the way he also said that he wants everyone to write a five pages on Strengthening Solution. Which is due next class." said Nick

Harry and his two friends were heading toward the library to start writing Snape's pages before their next class because if he and Ron didn't get a start on it now then they won't do it and there would be an argument with Hermione because of the loss of house points and their grades.

Just as Harry stepped a foot into the library the scream came. Knowing that he should go to the library to do his papers his curiosity got the better of him.

"That's it I had enough of this I want to know where these screams are coming from and who is making them." Thought Harry.

He took off as to where he believed where the screams were from going down hall ways and taking the stairs he stopped listening for the scream to happen again.

"Harry I believe that we should go back to the library this will only get us into trouble." said Hermione.

"I agree with her for once mate we need to go back. I don't want to have any detentions on the first day again like our second year." said Ron.

"Look all I want to know is who is making those screams and why they are screaming I know that the ghosts do that but they haven't acted like this before even Moaning Martel hasn't screamed like that." said Harry.

Ron and Hermione were thinking of dragging Harry with them to the library so they won't get into any trouble when the scream came a chilling them to the bone even hearing them from the distance they are freighting but hearing them this close were horrible it sound like someone being tortured each scream has the sound of pain and sorrow in them.

Harry raced off toward the sound following it as the screams were becoming loader he knew that he was getting closer toward the source, he stopped in front of the door that was to the hospital wing. As he was reaching for the door he couldn't but help thinking that someone was in serious pain. There was a sudden pain coming from his arm and he heard Ron and Hermione gasp behind him as he turned to the source of his pain he found none other than Professor Snape there gripping his arm.

"What are you doing here Potter I don't think that you are injured by how fast you came running up here." sneered Snape.

"I uhhh don't feel so good and wanted to see Madam Pomfrey to make sure that I don't have anything…" said Harry.

"Well you look healthy enough and I don't think that you need to up here I want you back into the library where you should be no questions asked. Do I make myself clear?" asked Snape.

"Yes sir" said Harry.

"And by the way 20 points form each on you for not following directions." said Snape with a smirk on his face.

The trio turned to leave to head back towards the library to use what little time they had left for the papers. When the scream came from behind the door Harry turned to look at the door to see a shiver run down Snape's back even these screams scared the hell out of him.