Haunted By Voices

By melissa

Dated On November 17,2006

(( Between Whispering Voices Thru Heir Apparent 11))

Chapter One :

Voices is what haunting me, voices are now distracting me, remove your voice from my head, Why ME?" thought Nick as he now rubbed his temples as he sat upon the rocks of mountians on the beach.

"Nick are you Alright?" asked Udonna as she now appeared .

Nick now jumped seeing Udonna.

"Im fine, if you excuse me i'm late for work" said Nick as he avoided Udonna for some reason

Voices, I hear them eveytime I receive a headache. I cry at night when I dream, A chyld is being taken from his mother's arms as a man , a cloaked man runs thru a forest. It seem's that chyld is me, Why? Why am I being taken away from my Mother

That Morning:

Nick Russell arrived at work as he rubbed his temples as he was now greeted by cheerful friends as he walked to the back room to clock in for work. The three friends looked to each other as they wondered what was wrong with Nick.

Madison now followed Nick as she sighed. "Nick is everything alright?" she asked as she now stood at the entrance of the backroom.

"Im fine," he answered as he walked out of the backroom as he was now caught by the arm and pulled back into the back room with Madison.

"Huh, hey!" yelped Nick.
"Nick talk to me ,maybe I can help you, something is bothering you and I can tell," said Madison with a concerned voice.

" You won't understand Maddie" said Nick as he turned.

"Try me Nick," smiled Madison as she walked closer to him. "I am your Friend and always will be" she whispered as she walked back to work.

"I wish it was more than that Madison, I wish it was more than that" he thought as he walked out to go to work on the new inventory.

He tried to work but the voices that were now kept inside him as they echoed fiercely.

" They don't trust you, no one wants you around, Come to me Red Wizard , I will help you

" said the voice as it contiued echo thru his mind.

It was like if this man wanted Nick, but for what?, his mind, his power, His Inner Strength, something was wrong and Nick could feel it upon his spine, it was like as if this man knew what he wanted and it was his Power of the Mystic .

"AH!!Ahhhh!" cried out Nick as he dropped Cd's from the CD rack as he now closed his eyes to lure the pain away from his head.

Xander, and Madison made their way to nick as he held onto his head as it was now pounding.

"Nick, Nick are you alright?" asked Xander as he knelt over to his Friend as he looked him over.

"Nick its me Madison open your eyes," she whispered.

As nick opened his eyes there she saw flames, the flames of the Pheonix.

"I have to go," said Nick as he now stood and ran out of the Rock Proium as hedecided to hide in the Alley way.

"Nick" I heard the voice again, but this time He knew who I was, How?, How did he know my identity.

"Come young Wizard, I will help you " said the voice as Nick closed his eyes as he now rested his head against the cold bricks .