She Stands with her Green Soldier
By: Discord

~ A/N: Hi again! I'm still practicing my DBZ romances and here's a new one. I thought it was about time that Piccolo got a girl of his own so I decided to do some matchmaking. A new female character is introduced as Krillian's girlfriend, but since this is a story about Piccolo you can guess who she ends up with! ^_^

*I know Nameks are asexual but let's pretend they still like women, to clear away any doubts. I mean come on, I need some hope.* ^_~

*And no, I didn't name my character after a piece of kitchenware or an article of women's lingerie, (like Pan & Bra.) I totally made Andrea up.*

* For those of you who read this story posted at the Dragonball Love website this is a new over hauled revised version with lots of edits and alterations.*




"Now keep your eyes closed and just think of the sky. Slow your breathing and relax. Conjure up in your mind that whole realm of blue, it's a brilliant expanse of heaven that's always been beyond your reach." He took her hand in his own and his thick green fingers dwarfed her palm. "Picture floating upwards, imagine yourself lighten and simply lift off, as if you were finally allowed a chance to touch those heavens. Are you lighter Andrea?"

"Yes..." came an uncertain response.

"Good. Can you see the sky?"

"No, my eyes are still closed."

"I mean in your mind." The Namek said dryly.

The young woman shook her head. "I don't think this is working."

"Alright, we'll try it again. Remember Andrea, there is a ki in every living thing. You can fly if you want to, you just need practice."

"Right." She brushed her pink bangs from her face and squared her shoulders.

"Take a deep breath and let it out slowly." He waited a few moments to hear her exhale and then continued.

"Good, now consider a faraway place that you've always to go to. Just think of racing off there for a casual visit traveling among clouds and beside birds. You could fly there Andrea. Feel the wind in your face and taste the damp fog as it slowly falls from you. Do you see the sky now? Reaching down to take you up into its cool expanse of blue?"

"Yes, yes I can!" The young woman kept her eyes closed and tugged at his sleeve, smiling.

The man returned her triumphant smile. "Now find your ki. It's power lies deep within your chest." He pushed his hand against her lower rib cage. "Right there, feel the warmth from your body, the life force inside of you." He removed his hand and Andrea placed hers where his fingers had been.

"I can do it Piccolo." She whispered. "I feel my ki."

"Excellent Andrea. Now, in your mind, think of flying upwards, imagine you just jump up and your feet never come back down. Do you see that in your head?"

"Yes, and I feel it from my chest."

"Good girl." The man nodded his head in approval. "You can open your eyes now." He gave the woman beside him a half smile.

Her eyelids fluttered open and were greeted by the sight she had just imagined. She floated above the ground, high in the air, surrounded by a field of endless blue. Andrea was still holding the Namek's hand and they both levitated among clouds that were now eye level.

The young woman screamed.

Her teacher's smile broadened. "Told you you could do it." he chuckled.

"Piccolo, get me down from here, I don't know how to fly! I'm gonna fall!" Andrea wobbled, tottering unsteadily in the air. A swift wind current came up at her and she lost her concentration, dropping like a stone down through the sky.

Piccolo frowned. Andrea dangled below him, kept from falling only by his firm grip.

"Help me Piccolo, my hand is slipping!"

He shook his head and easily pulled her up. The Namek tucked her under his arm and began to descend.

The young woman started to shake, "Why did you do that!?!" she yelled at him. "I could've been killed." She glowered up at Piccolo, her fear turning to instant anger.

"Pipe down Andrea, you're fine. I knew this was your first time out, that's why I was here to catch you. Although..." he glanced at her disappointedly, "I didn't expect I would really need to. I figured you wouldn't lose your train of thought once you were up in the air, but I guess I shouldn't have expected so much. You are after all, only a weak human female, and were built to withstand less pressures. I shouldn't have tried teaching you something beyond your capabilities. Females prove themselves to be inferior creatures. You've wasted my time." He shrugged his shoulders and turned his head.

"What!! So I fall once and that's it!? You said anyone with ki could fly. And what does my attempt have anything to do with my being a woman? Do I not have ki? Did you lie to me? I'm built to withstand less pressures? What are you talking about?!" Andrea asked hotly. She hated being talked down because of her sex.

"You couldn't handle flying, you're just a woman. I overestimated you." Piccolo hefted her more securely under his arm and Andrea's face went red.

He's just trying to get a rise from you Andy, don't let him push your buttons, she rationalized. But when she thought of her dismal attempt at levitating, anger surged up inside her.

"Oh I get it! You're a narrow minded sexist!! You don't want to give me another chance."

He gave another half smile and patted her side patronizingly.

She felt her fury reach a peak. "You arrogant... chauvinist pig!" she shook with growing ire. "I bet you wanted me to fail from the beginning, just to prove to your ego how 'inferior' females are."

Piccolo gave her a doubtful look. "Or maybe you just don't have it in you to fly Andrea. Did you ever think of that?"

"How dare you call me weak!" Andrea clenched her fists. "And you look down on me because I'm a human! Nameks aren't faultless and you can't make yourself a lord over me! I'm sorry if my first time in the air outside an airplane I didn't do loops around you. Boy, I've got a lot of nerve, just being myself. Jeez Andy, you should act more like Piccolo, now there's a real man. He could show you a thing or two," she said, in a voice of vicious sarcasm.

"In the first place, you asked me to teach to fly! So don't blame your shortcomings on me. If you have a problem with my lessons that don't even bother trying," he growled.

"How can I learn anything from you when you treat me as an inferior. You're acting like I'm not competent enough to fly!" She yelled back.

"Well..." Piccolo rolled his eyes and Andrea gritted her teeth.

"Stop acting like you're better than me, you're not perfect damnit!"

"I don't make myself out to be perfect woman, but I can control my emotions a lot better than you. You're practically foaming at the mouth." Piccolo smiled as Andrea reddened with embarrassment. "And self control is a step closer to perfection that you'll never have," he added, with a note of vindictiveness.

"I want you to put me down right now!" She couldn't stand being touched by this intimidating bully, the thought that he had saved her life fleeted from her mind.

"Fine, if that's the way you want it," he said, and simply let go.

She had been mumbling "Yeah that's right, and another thing..." when he released her.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh! I meant when we landed!" she screamed as she fell.

"Next time you'll have to be more specific," he gave another half smile.

Andrea landed hard on the ground, right on her butt. She had fallen from only a couple hundred feet from the air. "Ouch!" She rubbed her back and looked up. The Namek floated a hundred yards above her. He scowled down at her.

"That is the end of your training. It's obvious to me that you have no talent in the easiest of skills, flying, so it would be pointless for me to continue. I guess you'll have to stick with getting a driver's license like everyone else. I'm done with you." He swished his cape and flew off, leaving Andrea staring at his energy trail, stranded in the middle of a forest.

"Yeah, you heard me, get lost you Namek jerk!" She shouted after him. Slowly she got to her feet and felt for where it hurt the most. That bruise is going to be nasty in the morning, she thought sadly. Andrea hung her head.

"I wish I could prove you wrong Piccolo," she whispered to herself. "I'm not of lesser value just because I'm a girl. I don't care what you say; I'm better than you think I am. All I to wanted to do was learn how to fly, so I could spend more time with Krillian and Gohan." She frowned. "But I guess I just don't have it in me."

Defeated, she turned to go, to find her way out of the thick woods, when she looked up at the sky. Her eyes brimmed with tears and she quickly wiped them away. Don't cry because of him Andy. He didn't really mean what he said, you know you could fly if you really tried, she told herself

"If I tried," she whispered again. An idea formed in her head and she smiled. "Maybe I could... wait... no," she shook her head.

Andrea watched the clouds float past lazily. What if...I might...?

Stop being so chicken, she scolded herself. Go on, assert yourself Andy... I'll show Piccolo, she thought to herself. I'll learn how to fly without him and establish that I'm just as much a person as he is and I disserve his respect. This isn't a matter of pride though, she thought. I'm going to prove for myself that I'm just as good as Piccolo.

She nodded her head in determination and hoped that Krillian wouldn't be upset if she missed their date.


Several hours later, with the sun sinking behind her, Andrea jumped off the tree again for the umph-teenth time. She landed hard in the grass and glared angrily up at the branch.

"Damnit!" She said, in pure frustration. Andrea got up and pounded the tree trunk. "Why can't I do this!" She leaned her forehead against the tree and sighed heavily. I've got to be calm she thought. Wrapping her arms around the wide trunk she took a deep breath with her face right up against its bark.

Andrea could smell the earth and the outdoors on it and she closed her eyes.
After slowly counting to ten she stepped back from the hardwood and walked to the center of a small clearing.

"I'm going to keep trying until I get it. I know I can, and when I learn to fly I'll do circles around that Namek," she said, determined. "I'll make it this time, I will."

Andrea visualized what Piccolo had said to her before and took his advice. Be calm; empty your mind of anger. Andy took another deep breath and relaxed. She shrugged her shoulders and put her arms down at her sides. She envisioned the calm sky, turned a dark blue with the fading sun. Andrea imagined herself flying, soaring beside birds and gliding over a deep ocean. Just think of yourself as getting lighter, Piccolo's words echoed in her mind.

Behind her closed eyelids she could see herself leave the ground and gently buoy up past the treetops. Andrea floated up to meet the clouds; she spread her arms and caressed the warm air. She glided up, surpassing the tree cover to give the sunset a gentle kiss. Andrea could feel a light breeze raise the fine hairs on her arm, and she could sense warmth from the dwindling light. Surprised, she opened her eyes and realized she really was in the air.

Andrea hovered high above the forest and the east winds rustled the leaves below her. Wow, how did I get up here? I don't even know how to fly. She looked around, amazed. Andrea was among the velvety, deep blue expanse of space and she didn't understand it. This is incredible; I can't believe I'm really up here, she thought, dazzled. I don't have any idea how to fly, so what I'm doing up here? I'm going to fall, I just know it, she thought to herself worriedly.

And as soon as she began to think of the impossibility that she was floating in the sky, her matter won over her mind. Reality tapped her on the shoulder and pulled at her leg. Andrea's small control over her ki gave out and she lost her balance. One moment the young woman was up in the air, supporting herself through her consciousness and the next instant her doubts took root and there was nothing left to hold her up.

She fell.

Andrea didn't even have time to scream, as her shock turned to horror and she plummeted downward, racing towards the ground. Andrea fell face up towards the sky and the wind whistled against her back. Her pink hair streamed around her face, whipping her cheeks and blocking her vision. She hit the tree line with a violent impact and continued her descent. Andrea fell into the forest, breaking tree limbs as she rammed into the trunks attached to them. The leaves caught in her hair and the branches scratched at her skin. She cried out in pain, as she smashed her face into a particularly hard oak. The boughs pummeled her chest and piercing pains ripped through her system as different parts of her body were assaulted. Andrea fell from one last tree and crashed to the ground. She rolled across the clearing and lay on her back. She panted heavily and waited for her fibers to come back from numbness. When her feeling returned, she clenched her teeth to keep from blacking out.

"God that hurt," she muttered.

"I think that's enough flying for one day." Andrea propped herself up on her elbow and spit up some blood. "Definitely," she said, wiping her mouth.

Wincing, she got up and limped out of the forest. As she walked, she picked out small sticks and bark from her hair. Andrea threw the bits of greenery on the ground and muttered about cutting off the entire mess. She held her right side, favoring the left as she progressed, flinching with each step. Before Andrea left the final edge of woods she turned and looked behind her.

I'll be back to fly again she thought, and facing forward, staggered home.

A dark figure sat on a rocky ledge, and watched her leave.

"That girl has some spunk," he said grudgingly, "but she doesn't have the talent to back it up." The man rose, and shaking his head, flew off to the remote hideaway he called home.