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* * *

Piccolo wiped at his brow and ground his teeth nervously. He had purposely slowed down, and was only a mile from Andrea's apartment. The warrior flew high above the city and cradled his flowers protectively from the wind.

Piccolo had no idea what he was going t o say to her. Do I just show up at her door uninvited? Is that allowed? The Namek bit his lip and frowned. How do I do apologize? Will she forgive me? I don't know. Piccolo shook his head. I can't go through with this; I'll just back out now, Piccolo thought self-consciously.

Just be yourself, don't act all superior. Be polite and nice.

"No one was asking for your advice Nail," Piccolo snapped.

Fine. I understand a lot more about women than you do. I know exactly how you can sweep the girl right off her feet, but if you don't want to hear it...

"You, undoubtedly know nothing," Piccolo shrugged. "But... you might as well mention it," he said casually.

Oh ho ho, now who wants my help? Yep, that's right, the mighty Piccolo needs Nail's assistance. I guess someone thinks he's desperate. What do I hear, is it an apology coming on? What was that... for being so rude to me all this time, wait say it again Piccolo.

"Forget it. I'll do this on my own, beat it."

I'll settle for a simple sorry...


You are so stubborn; it's like trying to wring an answer from a rock. I must say, you and Andrea are going to have some great arguments later on, that's one thing you both share in common. You each have the personality of an ass.

"Watch it boy, you're treading on thin ground, what are you saying about Andrea?"

Did I say mule? I meant regal ladylike persona, that's it.

"Yeah, well we'll argue later, as long as I can get her to talk with me again."

Piccolo flew over the city and stopped in front of Andrea's building. He walked through the halls, ignoring surprised tenant stares, and climbed three flights of stairs. Finally he found her room, 37, and knocked uncertainly. Piccolo heard footsteps inside and then the sound of a lock being turned. Fear choked up at him and he quickly swallowed it down. The knob turned and a woman opened the door. She had short, light pink hair, close to the color of Andrea's. She resembled her but it was not the same woman.

"Uh, I must have the wrong room number," Piccolo began apologetically.

"No, you have the right apartment sir. You must be Piccolo, Andy's right, you do stand out! She's in the bedroom," she pointed behind her. "I'm her sister Clarisa. I came over from the States for a visit. Andy's told me a lot about you; she'll be thrilled to see you. Won't you come in?" Clarisa opened the door wider and Piccolo stepped in uneasily.

"Would you like something to drink?" She said, heading towards the kitchen.
Piccolo shook his head and looked around the apartment.

Clarisa eyed the Namek and then smiled. "You know what, I just remembered. I have a prior engagement somewhere else. And maybe after that I'll go finish some shopping. I can see you want to be alone with Andy, so I'll leave." The woman smiled again and picked up her purse. "Flowers, that's good," she pointed approvingly at the weeds in his arms. "Have fun, and just a word of advice," The woman turned back to him, "Lighten up, you look like you're headed for a funeral."

Piccolo hated being told what he should do. He nodded curtly.

Just keep quiet killer. Nail said sarcastically. She's leaving.

"By the way..." Clarisa added slyly. "Our parents aren't really that bad, they'd make good in-laws," she laughed.

Piccolo paled and then cocked his supposed eyebrow. "What has your sister exactly told you about me."

"Oh, nothing much. Bye!" She smiled impishly, ducking out quickly and jogging down the corridor towards the elevators.

"Nail, you and Andrea's sister should get together. You're both nosy, like to tell people their business and have way too much energy."

She didn't seem that lively to me...

"Trust me, perky is written all over her personality," Piccolo gave his trademark half smile.

Really, you think we'd hit it off?

Piccolo shook his head and closed the door. "I was kidding Nail. The fact that you're dead ring any bells..." he muttered.

Again with THAT!

"One track mind," the Namek sighed.

Piccolo heard a voice behind him.

"Clarisa, who is it? Tell them I'm sick, I don't want anyone's pity party," Andrea called to the living room.

Piccolo was silent and noticed the sound of bedsprings as she got up. Andrea stood with her back to the living room. He was just about to speak when she beat him to it.

"Clarisa, have they gone? Was it just a salesman?" Andrea waited a few seconds. "You know sis, you'll tell me if Piccolo shows up right?"

His green ears perked up.

Still facing into the bedroom Andrea continued to speak with 'Clarisa'. "I mean, I know, he doesn't like me and thinks I'm just some inferior female, but you should have been there when he helped me to fly. It was like Piccolo was a whole new man and I can't get him out of my head. Don't laugh, he's driving me crazy. I feel so different when I'm around him and I wish he would stop by, even for a minute. If Piccolo came just to hurl more insults at me I wouldn't care. I love his voice and I like it when he calls me Andrea. Andy's a fine nickname but it wouldn't sound right coming from him. And you should look at him. Piccolo's so handsome, and when he had his arms around me it was like magic. I never wanted him to let me go," she moaned dramatically.

Piccolo slowly came up behind her. Andrea had her eyes closed and she braced her arms against the doorframe. He stood at her back, smelling her natural perfume. Piccolo raised his hand and tentatively ran his fingers through her hair. The strands slid like silk against his touch and he sighed. Piccolo slid his arms around her hips and turned her around.

Andrea opened her eyes in surprise. Seeing the Namek, she let out a small gasp.

"Hi," Piccolo said deeply, bringing the flowers up to her face.

"What are you doing here P-Piccolo," Andy asked, taking the snapdragons.

"I just stopped in for a visit," he answered, lowering his forehead to hers.

"Uh, how long were you standing there, behind me?"

"I picked up from, tell the salesman to get lost," he smiled down at her.

Andrea turned red and lowered her face.

Piccolo tilted her chin up and smiled.

"I-I'm really glad you're here," she stammered

"So I gather."

She blushed again and Piccolo took her hand.

Andrea leaned closer to him; the flowers became pressed between them.

"Did you mean all that stuff you said?" Piccolo whispered. Their foreheads were touching and Andrea's cool breath blew gently against his cheek in an unconscious sign of intimacy.

Andy nodded. "I'm sorry," she murmured.

Piccolo gave a sad smile. "Andrea... I lied that day you came to see me for answers. I panicked. I was afraid that I had hurt you, or that you were offended about our flying lesson. But when I held you in my arms I-I... never wanted to let you go. It felt so right..." He hugged her tighter. "And now it's like a part of me is missing. Don't apologize, I'm the one who's sorry." Piccolo drew back a little and brought a hand up to Andrea's face. He touched her cheek.

She looked up at him in surprise and saw open candor on his face.

"Piccolo..." Andrea rested her head against his chest and closed her eyes.

"Do you want to get out of here? I'd really like to show you someplace special," the Namek took her shoulders. "That's another reason why I came by."

Andrea lifted her head and read the unmistakable fear of rejection in his eyes. "I'd love to," she smiled. "Just let me put your flowers in water." Reluctantly Piccolo let go of her and Andrea moved to the kitchen sink.

* * *

"Wow, it's beautiful here," Andrea inhaled deeply and gently landed on the mountaintop. Piccolo followed behind her and they sat together. They were hundreds of miles from even the smallest farm and Andrea took in the vastness.

"I spend my time here training. Solitude helped to clear my mind before something came along and distracted me from everything else," Piccolo said looking down at her.

You old smoothie.

"The sunsets here are lovely... maybe we can uh... come back... sometime... together." Piccolo wiped sweat from his nervous hands and kept his eyes glued to the woman beside him.

"Yeah, I think that sounds great," Andrea smiled and turned her gaze away from the sky. "Thanks for bringing me to this mountain Piccolo, it's breathtaking."

"You're welcome." Piccolo stared at her face and felt himself falling into her green eyes. The emptiness he'd felt for the past weeks had disappeared and Andrea's body sitting so close to his sent a welcome warmth through the lonely Namek.

Andrea smiled again and standing up, began walking to the mountain's edge. She leaned way over and gazed down towards the bottom. Andrea took a few meandering steps. She glanced back at Piccolo and then whistled.

He eyed her uncertainly.

She winked and suddenly walked off the rock lip, dropping from view.

"Andrea!" Piccolo jumped to his feet and raced to where she last was. With his heart in his throat the Namek looked below. The woman floated underneath the mountain's edge, laughing.

"Did you forget I can fly Piccolo? You should have seen your face," Andy giggled some more and her eyes flickered with playfulness. "Come here," Andrea reached up and pulled Piccolo down from the mountain. He stumbled and then gained his balance in the air.

"I'll get you for that, " he said, swiping at her.

"You'll have to catch me. Last time, I left you dusted!"

" You did not! I caught you twice woman!"

"Yeah, but you cheated. If you play fair I'll beat you anyday."

"You're on."

"Alright!" Andrea immediately sped away.

Piccolo blinked, and then grinning, followed after her.

Andy looked behind her and saw a green flash close down on her. I'll show him, she thought. Up ahead Andrea saw a thick forest. I can lose him in there; she smiled and flew down towards the trees.

Oh, no! Piccolo looked forward and saw where Andrea was headed. What's she doing? There's no space to fly in those woods! "Andrea!" he called frantically. "Andrea, turn back! You can't go in there!" She didn't hear him and she went in through the first stand of thick trunks.

As soon as she got past the opening wall of trees she realized her mistake. Andrea couldn't maneuver at all and a few moments after she entered, branches began slapping at her. Andy had no room to move away from their assault and one tore across her face.

Not this again! Her mind shouted in protest. I will not be beaten up by a bunch of plants. I've got to land, she thought to herself purposefully.
Andrea slowed and tried to move downward. A huge tree limb loomed out from nowhere and punched her right in the chest. Andrea struggled for oxygen and pushed against the tree.

What did I ever do to the green family, why me, she asked herself.

After a few rasping breaths she used the log as a lever and swung herself down. Gradually Andrea lowered herself while the bark rode up her shirt and scratched at her stomach. Andrea managed to reach the forest floor but found a river running below her. Her feet touched some sleek rocks, poking from the surface and she fell into the water.

What is this?! I'm never going swimming or hiking again, she thought, complaining into her own head. The strong current carried her across more rocks and several ripped along her legs. Andrea let loose a string of curses and tried getting up. She stepped backward and her heel ran into a large stick, stuck just under the surface.

"Aaahhh!" Andy toppled backward into the river and banged her head on the sandy bottom. Andrea sat up and planted her hands in the riverbed. "I'm not moving from this spot," she gritted her teeth.

After a few cold, dripping moments she let out a loud yelp.

"Oh my God! Something just bit me!" she screamed. Andrea looked fearfully down into the pool and saw several small fish congregating around her shoe. "What were they doing, chewing off my fingers! Filthy little..." Andrea whirled around. "I've got to get out of this river."

Andy tried to wade to the edge of the bank but the current fought against her and she lost her balance again. As she toppled into the cold river she looked up into the sky and saw a large figure swoop down towards her. That better not be some killer bird, Andrea thought, or I'll have a barbecue.

Strong arms reached for her and lifted her out of the water.

Andrea looked into the face of her rescuer and smiled. "My angel," she murmured gratefully.

"At your service," came a deep reply.

"Thanks Piccolo," Andrea put her arms around his neck and he floated towards a clearing. Gently, the Namek set her down. Piccolo removed his cloak and draped it across her shoulders. Andrea pulled it around her and looked up at him sheepishly.

"Sorry, I should have realized that the forest wasn't safe, and I know, I should've checked with you first," Andrea looked down at the ground.

"You're lucky you got out of there. Yet again you need me to come down and save you from the mess that you've made for yourself. Andrea, the words caution and safety are lost on you," he growled and frowned down at her.

She stood up and looked him straight in the eye. "I know, I'm sorry and I won't act so rash next time, I promise. We were just fooling around."

"That's not the point. You are careless and one of these days some branch that hits you will be aimed for your head," Piccolo crossed his arms.

"What do you mean!?!" Andrea began to get angry. "I apologized. That is the point, I said I would be more careful from now on. I get the picture Piccolo; you can forgive me. Or maybe that word isn't in your vocabulary," she shot back, her temper starting to flare up.

Piccolo threw up his hands. "Andrea, stop being so selfish! You're just looking at this from your perspective. Every time you act reckless and lose yourself you put my nerves through hell. Why don't you think about the people you're affecting with your actions? God!"

Andrea instantly cooled down. She looked up at the Namek and for the third time in one hour could read plain emotion on his face. He had been worried.

"Piccolo... I'm really sorry... really..." Andrea laid her head against his chest.

He put his arms over her back. "It's ok..." he sighed.

"No it isn't. I will be careful. Next time nothing goes through my head I'll think of you and use it as an anchor," Andrea raised her eyes.

"Thanks," Piccolo smiled and cupped her face with his hand.

His thumb traced the outline of her lips and he looked at her, uncertain.

Andrea took his hand and held it up in front of her. She raised her own and pressed her palm to his. They curled their fingers down together and held tightly. Piccolo and Andrea gazed at their joined union and grinned at the special link.

The tension and stress that had appeared the day they had gone flying returned. The atmosphere grew thick around them. Never letting her palm go, Piccolo raised her chin and Andrea pressed her free hand against his chest. They leaned closer and closed their eyes. Opposite charges pushed them forward and caused electric attraction. They unwound their fingers and moved to touch each other. Andrea slid her arms up over his bare shoulders and he pushed the bulky cape off from her small frame.

"Piccolo..." Her words were strained with feeling.

They moved closer and again time stopped. Everything seemed to slow and they knew only the existence of the one in their arms. Suddenly, those magnetic forces couldn't be contained any longer and their lips met. The touch was soft at first but they both responded to the long awaited contact. Their kiss deepened and a private intimacy sprung up around the couple, surrounding them in their own world.

They broke for a moment and their foreheads connected. Another understanding passed between them.

Finally. Nail muttered.

Piccolo ran his hand up Andrea's arm and smiled at her shiver. Andy pulled him closer and they shared another kiss, longer and bolder this time.

- Two Weeks Later -

"I still can't believe it! Piccolo and Andrea, who would've guessed? The man has a girlfriend," Goku shook his head and wolfed down another plate of noodles.

"I know, it really is bizarre. What that woman sees in that green alien, I can't guess. Goku, maybe he's got her under some kind of trance," ChiChi went into the kitchen to find the fish platter.

"Aww ChiChi, don't say that. They're both really happy, I saw them flying together yesterday. I'm glad for Piccolo, the isolation wasn't good for the guy."

"Oh well, at least with a girlfriend he won't be over here all the time distracting Gohan," ChiChi shrugged. "There's a silver lining,"

"Uh... yeah... well umm... about that. You see, Andrea and Piccolo invited Gohan to spend the day with them. I said yes because he's been working so hard and I thought he needed a break. Everyone does once in awhile. He just left for Andrea's place," Goku cringed, preparing for his wife's screech.

"What!?! Goku you didn't!" Right on cue.

"Heh, heh," he smiled nervously. "Yeah I did. Are you mad?" He was answered with silence. "Please don't yell at me," he whimpered. Goku's eyes grew big as his wife stepped from the kitchen. "ChiChi, what are you going to do with that mallet?"

"Just stay very still dear...I wouldn't want to break anything permanently."

"Nice ChiChi... please,"




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