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Epilogue: Changing

Jessica's POV

I would scream, I would yell. They would hit me, they would whip me. What happened? My life was starting to turn into a blank. It's a clean break. I couldn't remember anything any more. Every time they would give me a shot I couldn't remember anything all I knew was violence.

"She is ready for the injection." Jane said as Caius walked in. He grabbed the shot and walked over to me. I hissed and snapped.

"Jane…" He said. She pushed her power full force on me and Caius took the opportunity to shove the shot into my neck.

"Rise you monster." He said and kicked me. That's how they tried to make me do things… beat me. I roared in pain and stood.

"Good." He said to him self. He had an idea in his eyes but I didn't know what. He leaned into me and tried to kiss me. Before I knew what I was doing, I ripped the chains from the wall and threw him to the ground.

"Impressive, Jane, tell Aro that the weapon is ready." Caius looked evil. Aro rushed into the room.

"Let me see her in action." Aro said. Some one walked over to me and tried to slap me. I grabbed their throat and slammed them against the wall. I squeezed their neck until the crack satisfied me.

"Are you sure she's not too dangerous?" Jane asked.

"No… but I know she is what we've been waiting for… Now she just has too… how should I say… snap a hundred humans." Aro said as he laughed. I closed my eyes and fell to the floor. I couldn't even remember who I was. What the fuck did they do to me? Me, kill thousands of people? I'm a weapon. Of mass destruction.

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