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Very random story and most likely many if not all characters will be OOC. Flame if you want, I really don't care. ON WITH THE STORY!


Pooh Bear Is My Hero: One day Sasuke was walking to the bookstore to pick up the newest book in the Icha Icha series for his sensei, Kakashi. Little did he know, that one trip would change his life.

"Who's there?" Sasuke yelled, looking up at the sky.

Pooh Bear is My Hero: I am the narrator, Pooh Bear is My Hero! You may call me Pooh Bear for short!

"The who?" Sasuke asked the voice in the sky.

Pooh Bear is My Hero: I am the one who will be controlling every aspect of your life for the next few days!

"What are you talking about, and what do you mean my life will change forever?" Sasuke asked as he walked into the bookstore.

Pooh Bear is My Hero: You will find out soon enough. So anyway, Sasuke began looking at the books, trying to find the one he was sent to g-

"Must you announce EVERYTHING I do?" Sasuke asked in an annoyed tone.


"Or what?" Sasuke asked with a smirk on his face.

Pooh Bear is My Hero: Or THIS! Sasuke then walked over to the fireplace in the store and tripped, falling in. He was then consumed by the flames.

"Wow, look at that! NOTHING HAPPENED! Guess you don't have as much power as you thought." Sasuke said with a smug look on his face. Suddenly, Sasuke started walking over to the fireplace. He tried and tried, but couldn't stop himself from walking. He had no control over what he was doing. Sasuke then tripped and fell in, being consumed by flames.

"AAAHHHH! Pooh Bear, save me! I promise I will never interrupt you again!" Sasuke begged.

Pooh Bear is My Hero: Fine... Sasuke was freed from the fireplace.

Sasuke fell out of the fireplace, still on fire. "AAAHHHHH!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. He then rolled around on the floor, attempting to put the fire out.

Pooh Bear is My Hero: Sorry! Let's see, oh, I KNOW! The owner of the shop appeared with a fire extinguisher in hand and used it to put the fire out. He used up the entire can to put out the fire. He then began beating Sasuke with the empty can to put the rest of the fire out.

The owner of the store suddenly appeared with the fire extinguisher and sprayed Sasuke with it and when he ran out, he began beating Sasuke with the can. When the owner finished, he left to go back to the counter, leaving Sasuke on the ground, moaning in pain.

"I swear I'll kill you one day Narrator person, thing, whatever you are!" Sasuke yelled.

Pooh Bear is My Hero: That's not a very nice thing to say! Punishment time! I love this part! Sasuke got up and rammed himself into one of the bookshelves. He then fell over in pain again in front of the bookshelf. The bookshelf then collapsed on him.

Sasuke got up and rammed himself into the bookshelf, not even bothering to try and stop himself for he realized by now that it wouldn't work. He then fell on the ground and the bookshelf collapsed on him. All that was heard from Sasuke under the shelf was a loud "UNGH!"

Pooh Bear is My Hero: Sasuke pushed the bookshelf off of him and found a yellow book. He picked it up, read the cover, and decided to buy it.

Sasuke did as the Narrator stated and read the title of the book, "Finding Your True Self: Are You Really Insane? 50 Ways To Learn If You Are Or Not. Why am I buying this?"

Poon Bear is My Hero: This is the thing that will change your life forever!

"What are you talking about? I'm not insane!" Sasuke protested.

Pooh Bear is My Hero: That's what you think... Sasuke walked over to the counter. The owner grabbed his fire extinguisher and whacked Sasuke in the head with it one last time to make sure the fire was out. After he was sure it was out, the man took the money Sasuke offered him for the book. Sasuke then left with the book in his hand to his house..

Sasuke walked to the counter, against his will yet again, got whacked in the head and yelped in pain, paid for the book, and left as the narrator said he would.

Pooh Bear is My Hero: And this is where our story unfolds!


Very strange, I know. I just wanted to try something entirely different from my other two stories, so here it is!

Pooh Bear Is My Hero