A/N: Felt this deserved an (incredibly short, slightly cheesy) pseudo-conclusion. I say pseudo-conclusion, because nothing is really concluded. This is the first new Beyblade fic I've written for about two years, so forgive me if it's a little rusty.

Rei wasn't sure what he had expected to change after that night- after the awkward confessions that they had both bottled up for so long.

He knew, of course, that they wouldn't suddenly be holding hands and going on dates- that wasn't Kai and therefore it wasn't what he wanted from Kai. The trouble was he wasn't exactly sure what he wanted.

He knew, anyway, that he wanted (and rather enjoyed) the kisses that came at night in either his own or Kai's room while everyone else was so busy getting ready for bed and setting things up for the next morning to worry about where they had gone.

He knew he wanted Kai's hands on him everywhere at once- in his hair, on his face, over his chest, grabbing his waist, his ass (he had stopped blushing at that), running up and down his back underneath his shirt and, that one time that had made Rei jump back in surprise, down his trousers.

Hell, it wasn't even just his hands he wanted. He wanted every inch of bare skin Kai possessed touching his own- lips and chests and arms and bellies and cocks and legs and backs. He had waited long enough, after all.

He especially liked the kisses that came during the day- just a fleeting press of lips behind a wall or a tree or in an empty room.

What he didn't want, though, was for Kai to change. He knew, not even subconsciously, that he wouldn't. Wouldn't suddenly start spouting sweet nothings and giggling. That was silly. Rei didn't want declarations of love or roses and chocolates, he wasn't a girl, after all, and it would make them both feel awkward.

Rei wasn't sure he wanted anything more than he already had. Kai was Kai, he always would be. Without that certain coldness (Rei hesitated to call it even that), without staying that one step removed, he wouldn't be. Those private smiles and kisses and touches didn't infringe on that, somehow, neither did Kai opening up to him almost imperceptibly slowly. Rei liked it that way, had liked it that way even before that night by a hotel pool when he had felt hot with anger and confusion and had just let the words burst from his mouth.

Rei wasn't even sure what Kai wanted from him. This thing was so new and bewildering- if he couldn't even figure out what he himself wanted and needed, how was he supposed to read Kai? How was he even supposed to figure what the rest of the team would think of it?

There were too many things to think about, too many emotions and too big a future. He would make do with what he had just now; make do with the kisses and touches and whispered conversations. If he felt he wanted something more, he would ask. If Kai shot him down, so be it. He would recover.

But for now, he would take this one step at a time, and hope that Kai was marching to the same rhythm.