This story is first told through Jackson's perspective. It is post Red Eye, about three months to date, give or take. After escaping from the hospital, he sets out to find someone that he has unfinished business with. Maybe some romance, though they both try to suppress it as much as possible. Rated M for the usual reasons because I'm not sure where this story will go. I don't own anything Red Eye, so don't sue. I don't own anything Harry Potter either; I just know that if I had a cat, I would name it Crookshanks because it's cool. So don't sue!


Coming for You

Chapter One - Escape

The pain was still in his damaged windpipe as he looked down the hall of the hospital before walking carelessly to the elevator. He pushed the button as if he had done it a thousand times before and exhaled the well-known impatient sigh of a visitor desperate to leave because he had spent too much time there. He touched the place on his throat gingerly where she had stabbed him with that godforsaken Frankenstein pen to make sure that his collared shirt covered it. The doctors had told him that he may have trouble breathing for a while, but without proper treatment, his windpipe could strain and tear, causing him to start coughing up blood.

Bastards don't even know what they're talking about, he thought. Got to get out of here. Good, no one's watching.

He pushed the button to go down again and wondered why technology could not invent a damn button that worked properly. Jackson Rippner tried to swallow and slowly blinked his shockingly blue eyes in pain as he finally stepped into the elevator. The pretty brunette intern in the elevator glanced up at him, but only let out a small gasp and smiled when she saw his beautiful ice blue eyes looking at her. He knew how good looking he was and that his breathtaking eyes were his best feature. He smiled his "I'm very polite, but not interested" smile at her and pushed the first floor button. Jackson looked down at his attire, relieved that they had not taken his street clothes as he straightened his jacket around his shoulders before glancing down at his slacks. He tried to cease breathing to the point of holding his breath until Michelle or whatever her name was got off on the third floor. He had not gotten a clear look at her name tag. He exhaled slowly after she left and resumed his raspy breathing given to him from none other than Lisa Reisert, the woman he had let get away in more ways than one.

That bitch did this to me, he thought as he clenched a fist in his jacket pocket. I'm coming to find you, Leese. You'd better be ready for me.