Chapter 26 - Time to Run

The cloud-covered morning was damp and cool as Jackson walked Lisa out to her taxi. No words were spoken between them on that dreary morning, and Jackson almost preferred it that way. To hear her voice whisper into his ear would have been too much for him to handle as he could only stand to be away from her a few short moments. He noticed how pale she was and embraced her quickly as they stood beside the open door of the taxicab. Her eyes were sad as they gazed into his, and he kissed her several times before letting her get into the taxi. She rolled the window down and gazed up at him as he held it until the last possible moment.

"Go to your friend's house," he had told her the previous night. "Don't tell anyone where he lives, not even me."

She had tried to interrupt, her beautiful face puckering with worry.

"No," he muttered, putting a finger to her full bottom lip. "Not even me, Leese."

All other protests had been muffled by his passion kisses as he peeled her pajamas from her body.

Jackson stood long after her taxi had disappeared around the corner, just staring through the haze of the cloudy day. Unsure of how long he had indeed been standing there, he eventually turned to walk back into the hotel. He secured himself in his hotel room and grabbed his cell phone to dial a familiar number.

"I'm ready," he said as soon as the line picked up. "We need to meet."

"Jackson!" a condescending voice replied. "We've been looking for you."

"I'm aware of that."

"Meet us at our place. 8:00." Click.

Jackson closed his phone and flopped down on the bed. He stared at the ceiling, concocting a strategy. He would make peace with his bosses and return the money given to him for the botched job. He would then tell them that Lisa was in no way part of the botched job, just an innocent bystander at the wrong place at the wrong time. Then, they could do with him as they pleased. At 7:30, he grabbed his jacket. He headed out to his car and sat for a moment once inside. He drove through the sparse Parisian streets. "Our place" turned out to be several places around the globe, the current place being a building whose front was a business for creating 300 thread count bed sheets. Jackson pulled into the parking lot and killed the engine. Several of the mignons were outside grabbing a smoke. They greeted him cheerfully as he approached.

"Jackson! Haven't seen you in ages!"

"How's it going?"

Jackson nodded as he opened the side door to enter the building. He floated through the factory and into the elevator, where he pushed level 5. None of the factory employees were allowed on level 5, and Jackson was immediately taken into hold as soon as he stepped foot on the floor. The grunts took him to a large office with two doors and a double sided mirror. Several chairs surrounded a small table like an interrogation room as well as what looked like a medical table with straps lain across it. Jackson knew that his body would soon warm that table. He sat in one of the chairs and waited.

His boss entered a few minutes later, folder in hand. He set his gun on the table and gestured with a smile for Jackson to do the same. The smile did not reach his eyes.

"So, Jackson," he said as he tapped the folder. "We've been looking for you for quite some time now.""I know that," Jackson replied. "And I want you to know that the only reason I ran was because I thought that it was about the botched job in Florida."

"No, no, no," his boss said, waving it off as if it were a fly. "Botched jobs happen. We don't like it, but they do. Luckily you were able to cover it up with a little help from us. But you do know that you must make amends."

Jackson nodded.

"Now about this Lisa character-" his boss began.

"She had nothing to do with this. Just someone at the wrong place at the wrong time."

"Funny you should mention that," his boss replied just as the door opened.

"Hello, Jackson," a female voice said.


I wonder what you're thinking right now. Haha. The last few chapters have been very slow for me, but things are going to pick up again. Will update very soon, promise!