Brooke stormed into her room and angrily threw herself onto her bed. She was thankful that Rachel was out doing God knows what…or who. Brooke furiously wiped her tears away but they refused to stop falling. She couldn't believe him, couldn't fucking believe him. It was official; the father of her babies was a total jackass.

Her babies. Brooke felt herself smile despite herself. She lightly ran a hand across her still flat stomach, completely amazed that two babies were growing inside of her. And then she started crying again. He just didn't get it. This would kill everything between her and Peyton. All the years of friendship, good times and bad, and this would officially end it. There would be no making up after this. None. At that moment Brooke Davis felt more alone then any other time she had in her entire life.

"Hey whore I'm home!" Rachel called walking up the stairs. "You'll never guess who I just finished fu—Brooke what's wrong?" Rachel asked laying down next to the crying red-eyed brunette.

"Lucas…Peyton…didn't tell her…twins" Brooke managed to sob out.

"Okay Brooke, I have many umm…skills if you will, but understanding incoherencies is not one of them. Brooke calm down okay? Deep breaths."

Although to the outside world, it may seem as if Brooke and Rachel weren't all that close, in reality they were. They understood each other in a way that no one else could. Haley was great and everything, but she didn't understand Brooke the way Rachel did, because Brooke was Rachel at one time.

Brooke took a few deep breaths. "We went to the first doctor's appointment…told us we were having twins…went to talk after…still hasn't told Peyton…she almost heard, he lied, I stormed off."

"Is he really that dense?" Rachel scoffed. "Peyton is going to figure it out eventually and it'll be so much worse for him than if he just told her."

Brooke wiped her eyes. "I know. And he just doesn't get it. He doesn't get how guilty it makes me feel every time I look at her, or talk to her. His twins are growing inside of me, and its not like they weren't together when they were conceived, oh no we got it on while he was still with her."

"Brooke I'm sorry. But wait hold on did you say twins?"

Brooke gave a small smile. "Yeah twins. Lucas seemed pretty shocked, but they run in my family. My mom was a twin."

"Wow. That's…well that's pretty amazing."

"And scary as hell."

"So what are you going to do about Peyton?"

"I don't know what to do anymore."


"Hey Brooke, come in." Nathan smiled opening the door to the apartment.

"Hey Nate."

"So twins huh Davis? Why does Lucas always feel the need to one-up me?"

Brooke laughed. "I don't know. You'll have to talk to him since once again we aren't on speaking terms. Is Haley home?"

"Yeah she's just getting changed she'll be out in a minute."

"Okay," Brooke replied giving Nathan a small smile.

"So why aren't you on speaking terms with Lucas?" Nathan asked taking a seat on the couch.

"Because your brother is an ass. Did you know he didn't tell Peyton yet? Seriously there isn't much longer for him to hide this. I'll start to show soon, especially since I'm carrying twins and he invents some bullshit lie about fighting about who loves her more? Please, he could of at least come up with something good! Like we were fighting about the war in Iraq!"

Nathan raised an eyebrow. "The war in Iraq?"

"Shut up Nate, its better then the bullshit lie he fed her. Urgh I can't believe him. We're having a fucking baby, two fucking babies, and he can't tell Peyton I'm knocked up!"

"So you tell her."

Brooke groaned in frustration. "Haley! Are you done yet?"

"Yes. Nathan what did you do?" Haley asked coming out of the bedroom.

Nathan threw his hands up in the air. "I didn't do anything. Brooke is crazy."

Both Haley and Brooke shot him a death glare. "Why don't you go hang out with Lucas, okay Nate?" Haley asked kissing him quickly.

"Don't mention him by name!" Brooke exclaimed.

"Are you sure she won't kill me for associating with him!"

"Nathan I swear to God—"

"Nate just go okay? We'll be fine." Haley smiled kissing him quickly. "I love you."

"I love you too, Hales. Brooke, its been…well it's been interesting," Nathan said ducking out the door to avoid the pillow Brooke threw his way.

"So I got the gist of what happened. I have to say you are right Brooke. I love Lucas to death, but he can be such an idiot and an ass."

Brooke giggled. It was always great when Haley joined in on her Lucas bashing. "I know. And like seriously we can't play these games anymore. It isn't just us anymore. In seven and a half more months we're going to have two little babies who need us to show them the world and we need to be past all the petty bullshit otherwise we are going to screw up these babies so bad. And believe me, I do not want my children to be as screwed up as I am."

"Brooke, you are not screwed up."


"Want me to talk to him?"

"Please? He seems to listen to you."

Haley laughed. "Believe me it doesn't happen often."


A few hours later Haley walked into Lucas's room.

"Hey Hales." Lucas smiled setting aside the book he was reading and sitting up.

"You really are an ass Lucas." Haley smiled back.

"You too?"

"Of course me too. I can't believe you didn't tell Peyton yet! Do you know how unfair this is to her? Do you know how unfair it is to Brooke? Lucas this isn't good for her. She's pregnant for Christ sake and all you're doing is adding stress to her life!"


"Don't you 'Haley' me! I know that means you're going to tell me what I want to hear then go on to do exactly what I don't want you to do. I don't get how you can be such an ass sometimes! I mean its not like Dan raised you, so its not his influence. Maybe the ass gene is genetic or something."

"Haley this is none of your business!"

"Oh but it is Luke! Don't you get it? Brooke is my best friend that isn't related to me. And this is hard for her Lucas. Lucas you have no idea how hard this is for her. You need to talk to your girlfriend, Lucas. This isn't fair to either Peyton or Brooke."


"Peyton, hey come in!" Haley smiled opening the door to the apartment trying to hide her surprise.

"Are you busy Hales?" Peyton asked. She shuffled kind of nervously.

Haley shook her head and ushered Peyton inside. "Can I get you anything Peyt?" Haley asked.

"No thanks," Peyton replied forcing a smile and taking a seat on the couch. She began to fidget, crossing her legs one way, changing her mind and crossing them the other way, and fidgeting with her hands.

"Is something wrong?" Haley asked lowering herself down into the chair across from her. As the months went on it got harder and harder for her to sit down like a normal person.

"Yes…no…yes. Haley is…is…there something going on with Lucas? Is he…is he…is he cheating on me? He's been acting all weird and I just…don't know."

Haley felt the color drain from her face. She knew what was going on, but it wasn't her place to tell. Struggling to keep a neutral expression on her face Haley spoke. "Peyton I'm sure its nothing. He does have a lot going on right now between his mom, and school and college next year I'm sure he's just stressed out. Don't worry about it."

"Are you sure?"

Haley forced a smile onto her face. "Positive."


Brooke lay on her bed mindlessly flipping through the channels on the television she shared with Rachel in their room. Rachel was downstairs doing God knows what. She heard the doorbell ring and Rachel answer it.

Figuring that it was another one of Rachel's conquests Brooke rolled onto her side and continued her mindless channel surfing.

In reality she was avoiding her thoughts. She was tired of thinking, and of worrying, which is all she had been doing since she found out she was pregnant. Of course in Tree Hill nothing could ever be simple and the past was always doomed to repeat itself.

She was so lost in the television and her thoughts that she hadn't noticed him enter the room.

She jumped when she heard him clearing his throat from the doorway. Her eyes instantly began to narrow. "What are you doing here Lucas?" Brooke asked sitting up on the bed.

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to tell Peyton."

Brooke stared at him for a few minutes. "You're not lying to me to keep me happy are you?"

"No. I'm going to tell her later on tonight, I swear. Anyway I have to go. My mom needs help at the café. I'll see you tomorrow?"


Lucas gave Brooke a small smile before he ducked out of her bedroom door. Brooke waited until she could hear his footsteps on the stairs before she collapsed back onto her pillows. Her head was reeling, she didn't know what to think. She needed Haley.

Forty five minutes later the two were walking around the mall. Haley was carrying a bag with some clothes for the baby and Brooke had bought a new pair of shoes.

"Wanna sit?" Haley asked. She knew that something was wrong with Brooke the moment she stepped into Brooke's car, but had decided not to press it.

Brooke nodded and the two found an empty food court table. "So Brooke what's up? Something is on your mind I can tell."

Brooke took a deep breath. "Lucas told me he's going to tell Peyton about the babies tonight. And although I'm relieved that we won't have to hide it anymore, I'm scared to death too. This is going to really hurt her Haley. Probably more than she'll ever know," Brooke replied.

"I know Brooke. But the truth is you and Lucas are having these babies, and she's going to find out either way."

"What babies?" Peyton asked with a slight tremor in her voice.

Both Haley and Peyton whipped their heads around. There standing right next to Brooke was Peyton, and neither of them knew what to say.