Everybody who knew Hermione Granger knew that she was a very brave girl indeed. But as the final battle was waging around her, Hermione gasped out loud, her hand quickly covering her mouth to muffle a cry of despair and terror. Her wand had just flown from her grasp into the waiting hand of Bellatrix Lestrange.

Bellatrix smiled manically, her black eyes glinting like onyx. She crooned to Hermione, "Aw, is da wittle Mudblood scared widout her wand?" Hermione realized how weak and stupid she must look, so she put her hand back by her side and straightened her back, staring defiantly into Bellatrix's eyes. "Kill me then." she challenged the Death Eater. "I'm sure Voldemort will be quite pleased with you."

Bellatrix winced slightly at Hermione's use of the Dark Lord's name, then sneered,"Oh, I'll kill you, no doubt about that. But first let's have a little fun."

Hermione had never felt so helpless in her life. Why had she allowed herself to get distracted from her dual with Bellatrix? A wayward curse spun past her hair, missing her by inches, but Hermione barely noticed. She was concentrating too hard on not breaking down and begging for mercy.

Bellatrix, meanwhile, had raised her wand and held it at Hermione's throat. She muttered a strange curse, and a line of turquoise light shot out the end of the wand. Hermione did not cry out even as the pain seared through her. Before the curse had started to work, however, an orange curse crashed into the turquoise one, causing Bellatrix to jump in surprise and Hermione to be enveloped in a bright glowing light.

It seemed to Hermione that she was spinning backwards while a loud cold wind rushed by her ears. It was an odd sensation, and Hermione wondered, horrified, what was happening to her. Suddenly her feet struck hard ground and before she blacked out, Hermione vaguely thought that the place she had landed looked very much like the Great Hall.