Chapter 32 – New Year's Day, January 1, 2007

"Happy New Year," he whispered to her, each word felt against her lips, before he kissed her.

Cheers rose around them and though Lindsay could feel the sound vibrating through her ears, she couldn't hear it over the rushing of blood in her brain. He was kissing her thoroughly, nothing just friendly about it. Part of her was apprehensive about how every one would take their relationship, but that part had been ruthlessly shoved aside for the part that enjoyed Danny's mouth on hers.

It took Adam "accidentally" running into them to stop the kiss. He continued to gaze down at her as they moved to Auld Lang Syne now playing through the speakers around the room, grinning from ear to ear. Once the song ended, they made their way back to the table they shared with their co-workers. Stella was grinning like Danny and Flack looked a little disgruntled. Lindsay knit her brow in confusion.

"Flack? What's wrong?"

"You guys couldn't have gotten together a week earlier could you? It had to be tonight."

She knew she was blushing, could feel the heat rising in her cheeks.

"You guys bet on us?" Danny asked, though he felt he should have known better.

"Stel won," Adam defended immediately, pointing an accusing finger at the curly-haired woman.

Danny and Lindsay exchanged a glance. "Well, I don't know if I'd say tonight made it official," Lindsay said coyly.

The looks that passed around the table were telling of their anxiousness. "When?" Hawkes finally asked curiously.

Danny looked down at the brunette that had crept closer to his side, wrapping his arm around her snugly. "Eh… two weeks?"

"Sounds right," she agreed with a serious nod.

Stella's face dropped.

Flack looked up hopefully. "Do you have an exact date?"

"Its before Christmas Day, I win," Adam said happily.

"Two weeks is the eighteenth," Hawkes spoke up. "Was there anyone that had the eighteenth exactly."

"They really went all out with this," Danny whispered in Lindsay's ear.

She shivered at the feeling of his breath. "I'm feeling slightly embarrassed."

"We've been waiting forever for this to happen," Flack responded petulantly, having overheard Lindsay's comment.

Meanwhile, Stella was flipping through her date book where apparently she'd jotted down the days everyone had placed their bets on. When she reached the week of the eighteenth she paused, shock registering on her face.

"Who is it, Stel?" Adam asked, almost jumping on the balls of his feet.

Stella glanced up and around the room, her eyes alighting on the team from the morgue. "Sid."

"What?" Hawkes, Flack, Adam and even Danny and Lindsay said together.

"Sid guessed the eighteenth and the week of," Stella repeated in disbelief.

Danny and Lindsay cracked up laughing at the depressed look on their colleagues' faces. She scooped up the money Stella had sitting in front of her and tugged Danny along with her over to Sid.

"Detectives," he greeting them happily. "Happy New Year." He stood to kiss Lindsay gently on the cheek.

"Happy New Year to you too," Lindsay replied with a smile. "This belongs to you."

He looked confused. "For what?"

Both Lindsay and Danny grinned as he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, his head resting along side hers. "You guessed right."

A grin spread across Sid's face. "It's about time."

They laughed as they stepped away. Danny led her into the lobby, pulling her close once they were in a corner, out of sight of the ballroom. "I have a feeling I'm going to like this year," he said, smoothing her hair away from her face.

She grinned, pushing herself up to meet his mouth. "Me too."

Sorry, had to throw in the bet there.

So this is done… technically. I'm rethinking the way I'm going to do the sequel and if I'll just post the chapters in here instead. This is my first story that's gathered almost 300 (or 300+? I don't know anymore) reviews and I'm tempted to keep it going and seeing how it'll fare. I have some really sweet ideas but I won't be posting every day like I have been. I'll date them, but they won't be daily.

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