My first ever Scrubs story! Hope you like it. I'm trying to make it as Scrubs-esque as possible! Hope you don't find this chapter a little too bitty! Plus, Turk is slightly out of character in this chapter, but he's just stressed out.

I don't own Scrubs, or any of it's characters.

Italics are JD's thoughts - original eh:)

Working in a hospital you get to meet all kinds of different people. Optimists (flash to the Todd, chatting up a sexy female nurse)... Pessimists (flash to Tedd banging his head on the table chanting "why doesnt he just kill me now?")... Narcissists (flash to doctor Cox admiring his own reflection, grinning with satisfaction) Then there's the people who carry all of these traits... (flash to Kelso talking to a patient smiling "Don't you worry there sir, this heart attack will not kill you! Good news eh? Now all we need to worry about is that huge tumour swelling up in your lungs waiting to devour your last bit of health!" He turns and looks in the mirror giving himself a pleased wink.)

JD shakes his head bringing himself out of his thoughts. He is the devil... Anyway, from time to time someone comes into the hospital who seems to cleanse out all of the negativity.

"Good morning JD!"

"Ah good morning Mr. Dawson. How's the old ticker today?"

"Right as rain, son!" He replied with a beaming smile

My God, how does he get his teeth so white?

"How's my favourite doctor?"

Excited at the attention from his patient, JD bounced towards Mr. Dawson and sat on his bed like an eager little child waiting to hear a story.

"Oh I'm just great! You know, busy busy day! But I'm going out with Turk tonight to celebrate not being on call!"

"I bet you get a lot of girls when you're out don't you? You handsome devil!"

He's psychic!... He can read my hopes and dreams...

JD nodded happily.

"Oh well, I'd better get to doing rounds. See you later Mr. Dawson!"



"You want one don't you?"

"No... it's ok" Dammit why'd you say that??

"Not even a little bit?"

"Oh go on then!" Genius, the "I don't want one" ploy works everytime!

Mr. Dawson laughed while handing JD a "sugar-free" lolly and putting an "I've been a brave boy" sticker onto his scrubs.

Ah, thank God for sick dentists...

"Thanks Mr. Dawson!" The chicks are gonna dig this.

"One more thing JD..."


"Don't ever lose your innocence. People will try to bring you down, make you as pessimistic as they are, because they know they cannot touch you. They respect the fact that you just accept things, and others as they are. There is loveable quality to you JD which can sometimes make you an easy target. People know you couldn't hurt a fly so they may take advantage of it. Ignore these people JD, they will only cause you heart ache and grief. Stay smiling."

Geez, I wasn't expecting that.

"Thanks Mr. Dawson" I walked out of that room knowing it was going to be a good day. What a nice man, if not a little strange.

As I stood at his bed side looking at his lifeless body I recalled those words. I will commit them to my memory word for word. Dont lose your innocence. What did that mean?

Dr. Cox approached JD from behind.

"You be ok?" I'm not sure

"I'll be fine"

"Good... by the way, Shirley?... I've just selected you to cover the graveyard shift tonight. Karl called in sick, so look happy." Bastard.


2 hours later

"Fine?!!" Oh no, I forgot about Turk. "JD don't even pretend you forgot!" Damn you mind reader!

"Ok, maybe I didn't forget. But we can go out another night can't we?"

"Dude, do you realise how little time we get off call? You gotta stick up for yourself man! Tell Cox you're busy!"

"Come on!! Why does this matter so much? Like I said we can do it another night"

"What? So you don't upset Cox? What about me JD? Do you realise how many times you've let me down because he's got you on his leash? It's pathetic." I'd never seen Turk so upset or offended.

At this point Carla decided to jump in.

"Baby, leave Bambi alone. You know what he's like. Let him work if it makes him more comfortable."

Turk just shrugged off Carla's attempt to diffuse the situation.

"You're dissin' me man, all 'cause you got your head so far up Cox's ass you can see out his mouth!" Right, I'd had enough.

"You know what? Screw you Turk!" Turk looked surprised I could even get annoyed and eyed me questioningly. I carried on, it was too late to back out now. "Yeah. Screw you! You know you put just as much pressure on me! "Act cool JD, chill out JD, dang we need to get you some dancin' lessons JD!" You're supposed to be my best friend, like brothers! Start acting like it..."

JD walked towards the door shaking his head, obviously shaken by his outburst.

Oh great, more confrontation. "Get out of the way, Turk."

"And if I don't?"

"Turk, baby, come on. Let him go."

All of a sudden I saw Turk round on Carla, I'm sure he wasn't going to hit her or anything, but he shocked her and I didn't like it... so I grabbed him by the arm. It wasn't my best moment ever but I wasn't going to have him falling out with Carla over me.

"What the hell do you think you're doing man?! Don't scare her like that!"

JD pulled Turk around with an almighty yank which was answered with a huge clenched fist to the face. He felt like he'd been hit with a brick. Stars appeared in his vision causing him to lose balance, on his way to the floor he cracked his head on the table. Then all went black.