Author's Note: Bahh, I was sad I don't write anymore, so I kind of shoved this out. I don't own School of Rock.

Warning: Abuse, homosexual relationship between Zack and Freddy

Zack breathed heavily, intertwining his fingers as he laid his head lightly on his desk. His computer flashed a bright screen on his face, making him look even paler than usual. He sighed and looked around his blank room, imagining how his life had so rapidly fallen apart.

Ever since the band broke up.

It wasn't Dewey's fault. It really wasn't. So he'd actually hit it big. A band called Tenacious D with a breakthrough. And then after that Katie moved to California. Larry was too busy because he found out that he was a great football player. Freddy had started his own band—Hearts Rendered Useless. School of Rock had started breaking apart and Zack couldn't do anything.

Sure, he still saw Freddy, Summer, his old friends at school. But high school—his junior year so far was completely worthless. Basketball hadn't started yet and he wasn't even sure he wanted to do it again this year.

And Zack hated to admit it. He almost didn't have friends anymore. He sometimes hung out with Freddy but the other teen was a lot more popular and could honestly do without him.

It was all because of his father. His insane controlling father who had driven his mother away, who demanded that he got straight A's.

Who beat him if he didn't.

Zack hid the bruises, hid the blood. He didn't need people to know. Besides, his dad wasn't always bad. It was just on his off-days. He'd never done anything serious—just smacked him around once or twice. He'd only really hurt Zack once, but then the next day he was really sorry. Apologized about seventeen times. Usually Mr. Mooneyham was pretty consistent. And besides, he was his dad.

Pulling his mind out of the dark thoughts, he grabbed his guitar from the floor and began absentmindedly playing. Strumming chords, he sang words to a song he'd written awhile ago.

Because now that was all that got him by.

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